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3 Best Odds for the US Ice Hockey Playoffs


Stanley Cup has received a lot of hype and for all the right reasons. Ice Hockey is one of the most exciting games, and the playoffs are always worth watching. Now that the championship is about to end, the playoffs have come down to a few teams.

Here is a closer look at the betting odds of the most loved ice hockey teams in the playoffs.

Vegas Golden Knights

Betting Odds: +155

Vegas Golden Knights are expected to be one of the strongest contenders of the Stanley Cup. The team is in the final four after defeating two teams in the West Division. Vegas Golden Knights already had 82 regular-season points.

The team is experienced enough to bring down any other team in the upcoming matches. Vegas Golden Knights might be the first one of their franchise to win the cup.

New York Islanders

Betting Odds: +650

New York Islanders is another top-4 team that already had 71-points during the regular season. New York Islanders is one of the toughest teams on the field as they have already won four Stanley Cups from 1980-1983.

The team is expected to be in the finals, and their tough standing might even lead them to raise the trophy in their hands. With several ups and downs in the past games, the New York Islanders are expected to improve and appear as a leading contender in future games.

Montreal Canadiens

Betting Odds: +900

To fans’ surprise, the Montreal Canadiens have not lost a single match in the series. Although the team only has 59 regular-season points, they are still performing better than a lot.

Major thanks for the team’s strong standing on the ground goes to the team’s goaltender Carey Price. If only one team member continues to play this well, no obstacle can stop Montreal Canadiens from winning the series.

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