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2022 UEFA Champions League: Teams To Bet On!


In recent years, the UEFA Champions League has transitioned to becoming one of the most popular football leagues in the world. The league attracts the most famous and highest-paid players. The fanfare received by the champions league is out of this world which is why it’s safe to say that the league is equally famous among sports bettors. Many experienced, as well as new bettors, bet on the league to try their luck at scoring a big win. Here are some of the most promising teams for the 2022 Champions League.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has shown great consistency in the Champions League Tournaments and is considered one of the top teams in terms of talent and experience. The team is a tough challenge for any opponent. For the 2022 UEFA, Bayern Munich’s chances to win the league are at 7/2. They were quite good in their group stages, scoring 22 goals and winning all 6 of their matches. The team is listed as favourites on multiple sportsbooks and is considered number one in terms of odds.

Manchester City

Man City finished 3rd last time and has shown consistent performance in all of their matches. Currently, their odds are at 11/4 on leading bookmakers. The chances of them lifting the UEFA trophy are great this season, judging from their performance in the group stages. They have clearly made use of their experience as previous year’s runners-up in scoring big against tough opponents.

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Liverpool ranks high because the entire team is in form this season. They have already grabbed the top spot in Group B and have entered the knockout stages. As of now, they’re considered European royalty and are a difficult opponent to beat. The team’s odds are currently at 5/1 on various sportsbooks, and they seem like a strong contender to win the Champions League 2022.


While Chelsea has continued to show great performance and consistency in the last run, they are still a bit behind in terms of odds. Right now, they’re listed at 7/1 and have played well in the group stages scoring 18 out of 18. These stats make them a difficult opponent to face, and their chances of reaching the finals seem high.

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