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2022 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Predictions


We’re cutting it close to the NCCA men’s lacrosse championships 2022. Now’s absolutely the perfect time for online sports bettors to learn about the predictions and odds for this season. This year, the lacrosse games are set to take place in East Hartford, where your favorite teams like Johns Hopkins, the Orange, and more are ready to set on fire!

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So let’s dig deeper and learn some exciting predictions and odds for betting on the NCAA Lacrosse Championships 2022.

1. Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse May Make Some Noise

Don’t be surprised if this happens. Somehow, Syracuse has always failed to perform well despite the amazing talent it possesses. However, with the addition of stunning players like Gary Gate as midfield attacker and Dave Pietramala as defensive coordinator, online sports bettors can expect some heat this season.

However, there are bold predictions that the team may stay one more year away, notably for the first time since 2007. Gary Gait has stated that the team will work its way up as it proceeds through the conference.

2. Reprisal from the Ivy League

The Ivy League Men’s Lacrosse was dearly missed during their two-year gap in the pandemic. This year, the team is surely eager to bring back the action on lacrosse fields. While there may be some hard slates in out-conferences, your bets can work out on Penn and Yale standings.

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3. Chris Gray’s Stellar Career Points

Gray has been playing like a shining star whether he was in Boston or North Carolina. The player has proven to be one of the top-favorite players in NCAA Lacrosse games over the year. The graduate attack-man is predicted to put a striking range, being more than up to the competition.

The NCAA Lacrosse games bring a new series of predictions, odds, and questions every year. While you may find many of the predictions toppled, but that’s the unique quality of college lacrosse events.

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