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2022 Esports Betting Expectations: Things You Should Know


We’re currently living in a golden age of esports. Like online gaming in the 2000s, rap music in the 1990s, and pro wrestling in the 1980s, esports have finally gone to mainstream pop culture adoption from a mere underground movement over the last decade.

Here, we discuss things you should know about esports:

Why should you bet on esports in 2022?

Something for everyone

Fans of Valorant, League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, and CSGO always have a fair share of stuff to bet on. However, we’ll see other esports markets in 2022 as well. As the entire industry continues to grow, we’re bound to see not just better specials’ coverage but better event coverage too.

More specials than ever before

The quality of available esports specials keeps on increasing every year. We’re bound to see the same tradition continue this year. With more bookmakers joining the esports betting ecosystem, competition will compel them to enhance their specialty markets.

Return of LANs

Last year saw the result of some LAN events. However, 2022 is bound to have more LANs than ever (unless we see a huge number of cancellations). LAN events eliminate lag as a deciding factor and improve competitiveness. This is why LAN events have a much better betting presence.a man playing a game

Many esports events await in 2022

The esports industry has a lot more to offer in 2022, especially if you’re interested in 2022 esports betting. With the likes of LoL Worlds, Dota 2 The Internationals, CSGO Majors, and many other events returning in a single calendar year, 2022 has all the makings of a special.

New Call of Duty season, new seasons of FIFA leagues, and let’s not miss out on games like Overwatch and Rocket League. While we’re not aware of the exact dates yet, these events are bound to be scheduled soon, and with them, plenty of betting lines too.

With that being said, 2022 esports betting season will be jampacked with high-quality content; this is something we can guarantee without the slightest bit of hesitation.

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