Online Betting on Heroes of the Storm


Blizzard Entertainment’s game “Heroes of the Storm” is one of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games people love to place bets on. It is very similar to other MOBA games and is formatted by micropayments. The funds are used to buy heroes (characters), skins, creatures that are used in the game and are called ‘mounts’.

Heroes of the Storm has two types of betting the classic gambling as well as the esports stakes. HotS is played on the Blizzard website. Although HotS is commonly referred to as a MOBA, Blizzard likes to refer to it as a "hero brawler."

How It Works


The teams have to compete for the main prize in Heroes of the Storm. It allows for the selection of a stake for various outcomes. Outright stakes are the ones people usually pick. You try to predict who among the competitors will win the event with the bet you have placed. Participants can also wager on the outcome of a single match or a series of matches.

Furthermore, team accomplishments have a monetary value. Team growth and accomplishments are also on the line. You may bet on a team making it to the elimination round but losing in the second match. Each stake has its own set of odds, which a bettor must consider before making a wager. The stake’s odds are determined by the popularity of the competition. Team compositions are an important factor.

In HotS, teams can get an edge over their opponents just by selecting who they want to play. In addition, without any gold in the game, players are unable to acquire things that allow them to scale faster than their opponents. This is something that can influence a player’s ability to lead a team and makes things a little more balanced. Returning to a game is thus dependent on more criteria than in previous games. Pay close attention to the people of your team.

Even though HotS is a relatively new game and might not have the same attention or recognition as other games like Counterstrike, bettors and gambling enthusiasts have a demand, and therefore, storm betting sites are now available in the online betting markets.

The storm betting sites now have been running for quite a while and have been offering excellent bonuses for beginners and offering reasonable odds for the veterans in the online betting world. If you prefer sites that offer good bets and have been placing bets on tournaments, we have ranked such storm betting sites, and you can check them out.