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Super Bowl Betting Odds


Football fans, it’s that time of the year we have been anticipating. The NFL series is ending, which means it’s time for Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl is set to kick off on the 13th of February at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

After many competitive matches and endless hard work, Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals have reached the NFL Finals.

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When the game actually began, the Kansas City Chiefs were at the best Super Bowl odds and the reigning champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, closely behind them. But as the games unfolded, a lot changed, and the Rams and Bengals climbed up the ladder.

If you’re looking for reliable odds regarding the Super Bowl to make some winning bets, here’s everything you should know.

Super Bowl: Moneylines

The moneyline is the simplest and easiest bet you can place on the Super Bowl since you have to determine who the winning team is and place money on them. For example, the Rams are at a -200 favorite, so you need to bet $150 to win $200.

Whereas the Bengals are the underdogs with +170 odds, meaning you need to bet $170 to win $120.

Super Bowl: Point Spreads

You might know of point spreads as lines or handicaps too. These bets are also based on odds of around -110 in general. However, this number can be changed based on the bookmaker’s preferences.

How the point spread with +X works is that you have to add the X points to the final score to determine your overall outcome. This is generally used for the underdogs. You will subtract the X from the final score for the favorites to determine your total outcome. The team you’re betting on must make more points than its opponent after the positive or negative handicap is applied to cover the total spread.

Super Bowl: Future Bets

Future bets are the highest paying bets in any series, including the Super Bowl. These bets are placed on the events that are yet to happen and aren’t just specific to the winner of the game. It applies to the conference, division, league, etc.

The most happening future bet for the Super Bowl LVI currently is who the MVP of the event will be. The odds for this are as follows:

  1. Matthew Stafford +100
  2. Joe Burrow +225
  3. Cooper Kupp +600

While Stafford is currently leading the MVP board, his final performance at the Super Bowl will be the deciding factor. However, doing some research on his past matches can help you make some good and confident bets. For example, if his performance has been quite consistent throughout the league, then there are high chances he will nail the Super Bowl too.

Teams ready for match

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