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Horse Racing Throughout History and Its Modern Impacts


Horseracing has been popular for many decades now. It’s an ancient sport with a long history, unmatchable historic moments, and robust value for the fans. Horseracing dates back to 4500 BC when horses were domesticated by the people of South Asia.

Petting, feeding, and breeding horses is also an ancient practice and was first brought to life by the horse-loving Asian tribesmen. They used horses for traveling and material movement purposes and soon discovered the joy of horseracing.

Initially, the Greek Olympics launched the chariot horse racing as well. This was a popular sport through the Roman reign, but horseracing’s popularity eventually overshadowed it.

Ever since, this sport has been ruling around the world. With millions of fans, enthusiastic bettors, and seasoned jockeys, horseracing is undeniably an unforgettable sport. Horseracing was, at a point, referred to as the sport of the kings. While it evolved with time, the basics of the sport remained the same. Today, we can easily spot horseracing fans and bettors across the UK, US, Asia, and the Middle East.

Horseracing in the US—Delving Deeper

While it’s a no brainer that there are amazing jockeys who ride precious horse breeds at different sport occasions across the world, the sport holds some extra worth in the US.

Horseracing is considered a specter, a widely-attended, enjoyed, and cherished sport by American citizens. News reports from the archives show that more than fifty millions spectators attended horseraces in 1989. During this long, extremely rewarding horseracing battle, fans and betting lovers wagered approx. nine billion USD on their favorite horse, jockey, and teams.

In addition to the US, horseracing is uber-popular in Canada, Gulf nations, Australia, and across the Great Britain. In primitive England, horses were galloped by expert jockeys to validate their maximum pace to budding horse-buyers. Knights also used to conduct and ride horses to help kings of the past make decisions about buying a horse based on its form, health, speed, and agility.

In this detailed blog post, the experts at the Betting Sites Ranking have shared deep insight on horseracing, its history, and betting best-practices. So let’s delve into the details right away!

When and Why Did Horseracing Popularized?

Reports and historians reveal the pioneer of horseracing matches was held in the Newmarket. This place was considered the main hub of horseraces in the English history. Moreover, the French recorded their first ever horserace in 1951. This race was a pure result of a wager between two French aristocrats.

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While it’s extremely challenging to find out the true pioneer of horseracing, we can safely say the Greek Olympic Games in 40 BC was the starting point. These extensive, global gaming event welcomed horse-riders from across the world to participate in different race matches. From solo riding to four-legged chariots, people enjoyed horseraces of all kinds. And it wasn’t long afterwards, when horseracing trend started to penetrate in Persia, China, and countries in Middle East and Africa.

Horseracing, as we know and love it today, is a modern form of a very ancient sport that has evolved, progressed every passing day.

Modern Outlook of Horseracing

Horseracing slowly advanced through the years and gained dramatic traction along the way. There was no point in which horseracing lost its popularity and love among the fans and riders. The 12th century is known to be a revolutionizing age for horse riding sport. During this era, many crusades took place that involved high-class horse breeds and horses from the Arabian countries.

In the next century, the number of precious Arabian horses and stallions grew and their owners started selling and exporting horses across the country. The main market for expensive horse breeds was in the UK where horseracing had been making a major comeback.

Till the 16th century, horse trading remained a popular activity, which also played a pivotal role in popularizing horseracing globally. Arabic horses were bred and fed with quality food and were taken care of by professionals. They not only possessed unmatchable flexibility, but also showcased speed and endurance.

Classic English horseraces were initiated in the 18th century. This was, and is still considered the introduction of modern horseraces. Soon enough, US-fans and horse riders started following the English horseracing practices, and we saw the first ever horseracing tournament in 1867, known as the Belmont Stakes in 1867.

This event was followed by Preakness Stakes Race and the renowned Kentucky Derby. These three races combined, make up the American Triple Crown horseracing games.

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The Ultimate Comeback

Throughout history, horseraces were a rewarding and lucrative medium for bettors to earn big. Due to the rising horserace betting trend, different governmental bodies in the 1920s, started to legalize horseracing betting at state avenues. This activity was initially legalized to promote charity-based horserace bets and to create a pool of money for social and welfare causes.

And it was long after, we saw millions of horseracing fans wager on their favorite breed, horse, jockey, and match. Horseracing was an elite sport in the US during the colonial period and only the country’s most affluent people were tied to betting on horseraces. However, with time, different types of lies and connotations were highlighted as a part of this unique sport.

However, no rumor or false stories about horserace betting became an obstacle for horseracing bettors. On-site horserace gambling boomed through the years and soon became a favorite activity for gamblers and punters.

Interesting Facts about Horserace Betting

Unlike different types of sports that have teams and groups, horseraces have different jockeys with their one horse participating in an event. This makes wagering on horseracing extremely easy, more fun, and very rewarding for the bettors.

In teaming sports, there’s always a fifty-fifty chance of winning or losing a bet, but in horseracing, there’s always a horse scoring second, third, and so forth positions. While more than one third races have betting favorites and odds, as much as 60% of the bettors end up winning somehow.

If you’re interested in betting on horseraces, you should continue reading since we’ve uncovered all the details and best-practices that can maximize your success chances.

Betting on Horse Races—an Unaltered Trend

Horserace betting isn’t something new. It has been long associated with noble as well as middle class communities in the ancient eras. With technological advancement and globalization, horserace betting has taken over the world.

Punters from different countries with different betting expertise can now easily bet on their favorite horseraces from the comfort of their home. For example, at Betting Sites ranking, you can find reliable online bookmakers that are offering lucrative and accurate betting odds. They can help you wager on the right horse, in the right match, at the right time. Moreover, there are many online betting websites that offer live streaming bets on horseraces.

There are innumerable ways to bet on a horserace; however, before you get into the details of betting practices, it’s time to learn about different types of horseraces.

The five of the most popular and widely held horseraces include:

  1. Flat racing: On a straight, circular, or an oval racetrack
  2. Steeple Chasing: Horserace with hurdles and obstacles
  3. Harness horseracing: With sulky racer and trotting horses
  4. Endurance horseracing: Long-distance horseraces
    Saddle Trotting: Under-saddle horse trotting toward the finish line

The most popular horse breeds among sports bettors are Appaloosa, American Paint horse, AQPS, thoroughbred, Quarter horse, and the Mule.

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Types of Bets in Horseracing

Now that you know all about different types of horseraces and horse breeds worthy to bet on, let’s talk about the types of wagers that result in rewards and lucrative wins:

1. Standard Wagers

This one’s the easiest and most classic type of bet horserace bettors usually put on their favorite horse. These wagers can happened before and during a race. Standard wagers are the simplest form of horseracing bets that prove extremely suitable for beginners.

To make a standard bet on a horserace, you need as low as 2 dollars only. Standard wagers are further classified into win bets, play bets, and show bets.

2. Exotic Wagers

Next to standard bets are exotic wagers. These bets are a bit complex than the alternative mentioned above and can be made on more than one horses and races. For example, you don’t have to choose a jockey or a horse that you think will win. When placing an exotic wager, you can also pick the second, third, or fourth favorite.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that exotic bets increase the chances for every bettors to win something at the end of the game. While play and show bets can be a bit harder to win, playoffs can always come in handy to make up for them.

The exotic wagers on horseraces are further divided into two classes:

Single-Race Exotic Wagers

These include the following types of bets:

  • Exacta Bet
  • Quinella Bet
  • Trifecta Bet
  • Superfecta Bet
  • Super High 5

Multi-Race Exotic Wager

These fun bets can be placed in myriad ways, thereby giving every sports bettor a chance to try their luck during or before a horserace. Multi-race exotic bets include the following types:

  • Double
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 5
  • Pick 6

Horserace Betting Best-Practice by the Experts at the Betting Sites Ranking

Thanks to global tech advancements, you can wager on different horseracing events online. However, there are certain tricks that you must learn and work through to maximize your success rate and become a pro at betting on horseracing.


  • Understand the type of race and the race track conditions
  • Get hints and collect odds about best-performing horses and jockeys prior to the event
  • Collect speed statistics and arm yourself with the figures that are most likely to help a horse reach the finish line before other
  • Always trust reliable online betting websites. Check out our ranking to uncover the online sports betting sitesthat are trending among bettors these days
  • Don’t forget to keep tabs on jockey forms, trainer forms, and lone speeds of participating horses
  • Leverage tipsters like Betting Sites Ranking to learn about industry trends and news
  • Create an excel sheet or keep a diary to note down reliable bookmakers’ information
  • Manage your money with care to maximize betting opportunities and their rewards

You’re all caught up on horseracing history, betting trends, and betting strategies!

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