Australian Football League


Australian Football League is a professional league following the Australian football association rules. Eighteen teams from different parts of the country join this national competition, and every day more and more people based in Europe, America, and Asia start following this league. These teams battle it out for the Premiership cup, and AFL is the most popular and most-watched sport in Australia.

The league starts in March and continues till September, and many sports bettors or enthusiasts love gambling on this sport. It’s a unique, fast-paced sport filled with great athletic talent and countless betting markets allow bettors to place bets on AFL odds every season. People can bet on AFL players or the match outcomes.

Bet on AFL


AFL Betting market is saturated, and finding the best betting sites is a true skill. Luckily for the sports bettors and enthusiasts, we have reviewed, compared, and ranked different sites where you can find the best AFL odds on AFL lines and AFL spreads.

In AFL, you can bet on multiple things. A simple AFL bet would be a winning bet where you bet on which team would win a particular game. The AFL lines or AFL spreads are bets where bettors choose to bet on the points the oddsmaker has predicted and issued. The AFL lines bets are a popular way for betting sites to even out multiple teams.

There are also AFL predictions on these betting websites where you can predict and bet on the first player who you think would score a goal in a game. Bets on the medals and most goals scored by a player in a game also exist, but they have the lowest AFL odds in a betting market. Bets on medals can be very high risk but also are lucrative.

In recent times, AFL Women’s Competition has found a strong fan following too, and so women also bet on AFL, inspired by the women’s team. Our team at Betting Sites Ranking understands the intricacies of this sport, and we find the best online betting sites to ensure profitable returns and the best AFL betting tips for our audience.

Betting Sites Ranking is a hub for the winners, and the information we gather with the help of our insiders allows us to design the best ranking system and provide you with resources that can help you bet on AFL and other sports smartly. Find knowledgeable sources on our site and continue to place your bets.