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Palpitos Review


Why Palpitos?

Having only been online since 2016, Palpitos is a sports betting website that focuses on Argentinian audiences. The website is named after the word ‘palpito,’ which means heartbeat and is used to describe a fan’s love for their team in Argentina.

Their website logically features football as the main event – with hundreds of different teams and leagues around the world to bet on. However, they also provide more than 25 different sports, with 8 of them accepting live betting and one accepting e-sport.

Plus, they provide 9 different virtual sports – incredibly executed with exciting live animations – and a small casino with live betting, roulette, and slots.

Warranty of money payment to users at any rate?

Palpitos is very secure as it has two-factor authentication and works on an HTTPS protocol. This ensures that bettors have a safe and secure betting experience on the website. read more

Daily offers of sports events that will be held soon in your country:

The website provides daily offers of sports events.

Legal licenses for the activity of betting sites:

Bettors don’t have to worry about the website’s security because Palpitos has a license from Caja Popular de Ahorros de la Provincia de Tucumán. However, since the website is unavailable in other countries, it’s not licensed by any other regular international bodies.

Online support:

The customer support at Palpitos isn’t available round the clock – it’s only open between 8:00 am and 12:00 am. However, honestly speaking, they don’t need it because they’re active when their public is awake. Bettors can get in touch with the representatives at PAlpitos and convey their problems and get a solution almost instantly.

The attractiveness of the site environment and its ease of use:

The website of Palpitos is quite similar to other online gambling bookies. Their user interface, as well as their accessibility options are based on the needs of the local user base they’re trying to capture.

As soon as you enter Palpitos’ website, you’re greeted with two of the most important figures in Argentina: Manu Ginobili and Leonel Messi. While it may be just a design decision, it also represents the intentions of its creators—to make the Argentinean audience feel at home, and there’s no doubt they’ve been successful in doing this.

Everything on the website, from the type of sports available, illustrations, to wording, screams Argentina at the top of the lungs. It’s evident that the team at Palpitos knew what they needed to do to please their audience.

Palpitos also offers a number of promos to ensure their punters keep coming back. For instance, they recently ran a promo that allowed players to close their betting positions early, irrespective of whether they were winning or losing. This way, they had more control over the final outcome.

Extension of betting site options:

The range of sports available at Palpitos must be lauded. In fact, the website has a total of 35 different sports, including baseball, rugby, MMA, basketball, tennis, football, etc. However, their e-sports section only has one game, which is League of Legends. This is probably because League of Legends is quite popular in Tucuman.

Palpitos’ works on HTTPS protocol, ensuring it’s safe. Plus, they also offer two-factor authentication to improve security for users when they’re logging in. Their customer support isn’t available 24/7, but they’re still available from 8 am to 12 am.

Palpitos run a variety of promotions and also offer weekly giveaways for their players. The former has a point system – the more points you accumulate, the bigger the rewards you’ll get. This alone keeps a lot of bettors coming.

When it comes to purchasing credits to play, Palpitos provides a very interesting system, and it shows how close they’re to their Tucuman audience.

Firstly, you should know that they have a number of offices spread out throughout Tucuman where they provide in-person credit purchasing. You can purchase credits from there and get your own Palpitos card. With their card, you can purchase credits easily and bet on their website.

They also enable players to deposit money into their cards from the web. However, it’s important that before doing this, they already possess a Palpitos card.

Deposit and withdrawal methods:

Palpitos allow bettors to deposit money into their cards using the web. However, they need to have a Palpitos card. As this review clearly indicates, Palpitos has kept it simple when it comes to their methods for depositing money – all of them are classic methods. There’s no bank transfer and no support for cryptocurrencies – only prepaid and credit cards are accepted. But that’s not a major drawback as that’s all they need.

Minimum and maximum money for betting on a match:

Palpitos doesn’t mention the minimum and maximum money for betting on a match on their website.

Registration possibility from most countries in the world:

Registration isn’t possible in most countries as it’s available in Argentina only.

Language of the site:

Palpitos only supports the Spanish language.

First deposit bonus and the convenience of using the first deposit bonus:

Unfortunately, Palpitos doesn’t offer a first deposit bonus.

Speed of site rising and availability of the site with a variety of platforms such as laptop, mobile, tablet, and home computer:

Palpitos has an incredible mobile-optimized website, which protects your sensitive data from improper access – thanks to SSL128 encryption. Plus, Palpitos does a good job of accommodating the complete portfolio, including virtual sports, live casino, and casino on this mobile-optimized website. We urge you to pick up your smartphone and go to Palpitos sign-up page; we’re sure you won’t regret it.


In conclusion, Palpitos is a website focused on a very specific niche. They put at their disposal a variety of offices that allow the in-person transaction and certainly know how to please their public. They also provide a decent selection of sports. Unfortunately, their banking options aren’t great. But that doesn’t stop us from recommending it. Give Palpitos a try, we’re sure you won’t regret the experience. read less

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