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The Best Betting Sites in Pakistan

Looking for Suitable Betting Platforms Operating in Pakistan

While online betting isn’t necessarily appreciated in Pakistan, the people certainly enjoy it. All sports are fairly popular there, especially football and cricket. Even if a sport isn’t loved by the general public, people tend to focus on all the games that are trending out of curiosity at the very least, including online betting in Pakistan.

Whenever tournaments roll around, people spend huge amounts of money betting on their favorite teams. It can be hard to find online platforms that offer a safe and intuitive betting experience for people in the country to try their luck. Betting sites that cater to the needs of Pakistani bettors are a bit hard to find, but that’s where Betting Sites Ranking steps in to make things easier when they engage in sports betting on online betting sites in Pakistan.

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The Legality of Betting in Pakistan

Betting in Pakistan is heavily stigmatized and looked down upon. According to the law, Pakistani nationals are not allowed to engage in any form of betting. From the oldest laws of the subcontinent on gaming to the recent regulations, the locals are prohibited from engaging in any form of gaming, but horse racing is a major exclusion in this regard. There are some other exceptions for international visitors with a few tourist complexes that they can take part in.

While there’s no clear indicator that gambling and betting will become legal in the country any time soon, there are certain players that believe that gambling should be legalized. Regardless of the legalities, people still engage in casinos online for real money, and it would be better off if it were regulated and legalized so that people wouldn’t engage in illegal activities and pay their dues to the government.

Facts About Betting and Gambling in Pakistan

For the longest time, most of the popularity of gambling in Pakistan was attributed to horse racing. Betting and gambling are considered taboo due to religious and social reasons because which it is frowned upon and most of the dealings take place in secrecy. Most of the reports of gambling and betting in the country are related to Cricket, being the most popular sport in the nation. Major cities like Karachi and Lahore are generally the places where bettors and gamblers are found as well.

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of online betting websites. With the advent of technologies that help you stay covert online and various sites allowing Pakistanis to sign up, it’s easier than ever for the locals to engage in online gambling. There’s a lot of money to be made and Pakistanis are all in to cash in on the opportunity.


Find Best Online Betting Hubs for Pakistan

No longer do you need to depend on unreliable platforms with poor terms and shady dealings. At Betting Sites Ranking, we cater to the needs of locals, especially those looking for quality betting sites for cricket in Pakistan. We’ve worked with industry specialists to provide a top-notch experience with a curated list of betting and gaming platforms across the best betting sites.

We focus on objectively ranking websites that cater to the needs of these bettors, helping them take part in betting on some of the biggest fixtures and tournaments taking place worldwide, as well as gambling on casinos online. Rest assured that you’ll get your money, and have a good betting experience using our suggested platforms for Pakistan.

The Top Sports to Bet on In Pakistan

Sports get a huge push among Pakistanis, with people of all ages being promoted to participate in it. There’s hardly any shortage of options for the games. Most betting platforms online, including the betting sites for cricket in Pakistan, are understanding the potential that internationally famous sports have, regardless of their standing in the country is, provide to them as they make the most of sports betting site reviews.

Sports bettors are aware that being myopic with their choices can be bad at times, and it’s crucial to increase your knowledge and to profit off of multiple sports without getting too greedy. The local bettors don’t just bet on their own players either and not just regionally, locally popular games. Despite the lack of options, they still participate wherever they can to make it a good market. These are some of the most popular choices for sports betting in Pakistan.

Cricket Betting

While cricket is not the national sport of the country, it rivals the popularity of all as it gets the most coverage. Pakistan’s national team is considered among the most popular in the world, and the country’s strong rivalry with India has also made the game a mainstream option. Pakistan also has a strong domestic circuit for both tests, ODIs, and T20 games.

Pakistan’s cricket betting scene isn’t set only on international or local events, especially as tournaments across the globe are getting more and more exciting, getting featured on the betting sites for cricket in Pakistan with the best cricket betting apps.

Field Hockey Betting

Filed hockey is the biggest sport in Pakistan after Cricket, and is also their national sport. The Pakistan national team had once dominated the world of field hockey quite comprehensively, but they’ve had their glory days in the past more so than now. But whenever the tournaments are taking place, expect the public to bet their money on the sport, making it not only a fun but profitable venture if you make the right call.

After cricket, field hockey is a great option to bet on as a Pakistani. The betting sites for cricket in Pakistanpaying close attention to the most noteworthy sports competitions and events throughout the globe.

Kabbadi Betting

Pakistan has been a mainstay in the world of Kabaddi. In recent years, the country has regularly added more medals to its collection, even winning the World Cup in 2020, continuing its strong form. While it’s not the most heavily played sport in the country, it attracts a huge crowd when there’s a notable event related to the sport. And this interest isn’t limited to viewing as many bettors take this as a great chance to earn some cash.

The betting sites for cricket in Pakistan many big-time betting platforms are providing people a chance to bet on Kabaddi, especially as bettors understand the profitability that they have from the game.

Snooker Betting

When it comes to Snooker, Pakistan is always considered a dark horse as it regularly produces incredible talent. Many around the world including the locals believe that some of the best players can emerge from the country if given proper recognition. Snooker events are fairly spaced out so people aren’t as dedicated to the game but when the tournaments roll up, expect people to hype the game up.

The betting sites for cricket in Pakistan are focusing their efforts, especially as they understand the growth potential of the sport in the country using professional betting tips.

Football Betting

Pakistan’s track record for football isn’t that great and there’s still much to do for the game’s scene in the country. But despite this, it’s fairly popular in the country and people follow most of the major competitions such as the Champions League, EPL, La Liga, and more around the world.

This love for football has also translated into a healthy betting scene for the sport, with people pouring a lot of cash on parlays and more. The betting sites for cricket in Pakistan are fully aware of all of the possibilities for the sport in the country and have added as many fixtures and competitions for the locals to bet on the best football betting sites.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting is one of the most enjoyed activities among bettors in Pakistan. In various parts of the country, it’s regulated and one of the only forms of betting in person that you can engage in legally. But the real scope for it is online, as bettors have access to practically every major horse racing event across the globe.

Many top horse racing events take place internationally, with bettors putting in huge amounts. It’s one of the oldest betting activities and gets its due attention from people around the globe. The best betting sites in Pakistan provide them with many benefits, giving the locals lots of incentives to try out online horse racing betting.

Athletics Betting

While Pakistan hasn’t had the same performances on the Olympics stage as it used to, it still zealously participates in these events. You’ll find participants in various categories, and being such lucrative events from a betting standpoint, Pakistani bettors capitalize on their popularity. Their focus isn’t restricted to fellow compatriots, and they’ll vote on the best odds possible for optimal results.

With the best betting sites in Pakistan, you have access to most of the top athletics events in the world. It’s one of the most profitable gambling markets globally as athletics events’ odds are often much higher, leading to great payouts with professional betting tips. To make it even more appealing, there’s great coverage for all of the fixtures available online, plus websites have in-depth information about all the athletes, so you’re well-informed about the best odds.

Esports Betting

Pakistan is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the esports betting scene. The country has produced noteworthy talent in Tekken, CS: GO, and more, including names like Sumail Hassan and Arslan Ash to name a few. Because of this aspect, the youth and locals, in general, are paying more attention to esports, which ultimately led them towards Esports betting as well.

People are taking advantage of the online betting experience by betting on the professional scene for their favorite esports game. It’s the fastest-growing betting market according to many people and will only continue to gain more traction, making it a worthy investment.

US Sports Betting

The people in Pakistan have always had a strong affinity regarding the sports played in the US. The US is generally considered a great market because of how many sports are played. Each of them has regularly featured leagues on betting sites, making it a goldmine for anyone looking to bet regularly. You don’t even need to watch the game for most sports so religiously as you can readily find information online about them from various sports outlets and pundits to give you your fill of knowledge.

With the best betting sites in Pakistan, you can choose from different sports and leagues, including but not limited to the NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, and MLB. Most sites emphasize these sports and provide people with ample chances to make the most of NHL picks, MLB odds, and more.

Online Casino Gambling in Pakistan

There have always been reports of underground casinos operating in the country, but the locals now have options for safer, reliable online casino gambling options that they can rely on. The online gambling website system is focused on providing the user with a transparent, fun, and engaging experience that offers user security, and privacy while offering them a chance to earn real money.

All of these betting sites offer the players a chance to gamble in games that they’re already familiar with, including Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker to name a few in the lineup for live betting. Compared to the local options, online casino gambling is a no-brainer.

Popular Betting Strategies

Moneyline Betting

When most bettors begin their professional betting training, they will be introduced to Moneyline betting to get them acquainted with how markets work. The main reason for this is because Moneyline betting is applicable for a wide range of mainstream and niche sports, often considered the go-to option for bettors. Next to a team or player featured in the wager will be a number following a plus or minus sign. The plus is given to the favorite for the fixture while the negative is for the underdog

Let’s suppose that a team in a fixture has -150. This means that you need to put $150 on them in the wager to win $100. Suppose the other team has +130, you will win $130 for $100 if you pick them and they win.

Spread Betting

Once you understand how the Moneyline works, you’ll notice a major flaw in it while it pays better to wager on the underdog, they don’t always win and you’re not making that much betting on the favorite team. For this reason, spread betting has taken off which has a spread to even the odds for the wager. For spreads, you’ll see two numbers listed in the spread column. Similar to Moneyline betting, the same sign functionality works here dictating the underdog and favorite handicaps respectively.

If you wager on the favorite, they’re required to win the fixture by more points than the handicap given to them. If you wager on the underdog, they need to win the game or lose by fewer points than the handicap listed by the best daily bets.


Some people also refer to the parlay as an accumulator, which is a giveaway of what the wager is. It’s an accumulation of multiple wagers in one single bet, and each of them has to be correct for you to win the wager.

Here’s how a parlay wager generally works out. Suppose there’s a league with 3 fixtures with Team A vs. B, Team C vs. D, and Team E vs. F, you have to make wagers across each game in either the exact same market or any combination of markets, but making wagers on one kind of market in multiple forums is not allowed. It’s the basic probability that once you start wagering on more independent events, the likelihood of making a successful bet goes down. Regardless, parlays make some of the most opted-for options on online gambling sports sites.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are fairly popular in many of the sports Pakistanis pay attention to, and the concept is simple which makes it a great market to leverage from. Your goal is to wager on whether the total points scored by each team will be greater or lesser than a certain figure dictated by the oddsmaker. Add the total points at the end of the game and see if the score is below or under the number as you wagered accordingly. Suppose you wagered on two teams to score more than 75 points in a game, if they score 76 or more, you win the wager. You’ll see these being utilized (with some variations) across many sports on the best online gambling sites.

Futures Betting

Futures betting bare some resemblance with the outright tournament betting in various parts of the world, but the main difference as the name suggests is regarding the time of making the bet. Well before the tournament, you can bet on the outright winner of the event.

Because of its simple nature, it’s available for a wide range of sports, events, and tournaments. Futures betting isn’t easy as a lot can change over the season, but it’s still a readily available option and a popular market that people enjoy wagering on. You don’t receive your payout until the tournament concludes. People who bet on futures like to make early picks as things change before and after a season, focusing on lineups and analytics.

Live Betting

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s available in a variety of sports that Pakistanis are ardent fans of. Live betting lets you wager on aspects of the game as they unfold in real-time. Most of these markets end up updating as soon as a wager ends, for example, the next bowler to take a wicket. You could potentially bet on that market until the end of an innings. Using the right sports betting odds, you can truly gain great advantages from live betting.

Because they require a strong network system to keep odds and other aspects updated, most sites don’t provide adequate or any live betting choices. Therefore, your options are a bit limited in this market.

What To Look For In A Betting Site?

Experts in the betting scene opt for numerous betting sites to gamble online, as it has many advantages. But before you sign up for any betting site, you should look into several aspects to ensure that you’re opting for a reliable option Betting Sites Ranking generally reviews these aspects for you in our reviews, so you won’t have a lot of difficulty in assessing these aspects. These are some of the crucial elements you need to pay attention to:


With regards to legality, the main issue is that gambling isn’t legal in the country, to begin with, so you won’t find any locally registered and licensed sites at all. In such a case, your approach is to find a website that accepts Pakistani bettors and stick to the best legal sports betting sites. Your only option is to work with offshore betting sites, but you have the option to pick from the best betting sites in the world and many of them are willing to accept Pakistani players.

It’s always suggested that people do their due diligence in varying whether the licensing and regulation numbers sites list are real or not. Many sites publicly list them to ensure and provide their readers with relief that they’re working with a trustworthy business.

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

You don’t want to put your hard-earned money up for grabs for practically anyone, and should only stick to betting apps for real money, ensuring you get your winnings and withdrawals considering the conditions of the site. Most reviews will reflect the right information and updated conditions of the oddsmaker. Each payment method has varying speeds of transfer from account to account, ranging from a few minutes to even several days at a time. It’s best to inquire about the site directly to set expectations.

Each website has different transaction times, and these can vary depending on certain aspects Ideally, the latest comments and forums will give you an accurate idea of what to expect. At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve done reviews for various platforms and you’re likely to find answers to many of your questions.

Choices for Betting

It’s no use if a betting site doesn’t have the sports and games that you want to wager and gamble on. Experts say that your primary betting site should have most if not all the gaming and betting options available, while the others should be there for line shopping and reserved for a rainy day. They should feature most of the sports that you regularly bet on at least.

Many people generally use secondary sites for gambling and casino games, which can be a lot while m maintaining decent cash flow online. These generally include 3rd party gambling games as well as live casino options, which are generally an option on some of the best sites in the world.

Customer Support

Customer support is by far the most underrated aspect of any gambling site and typically the least concern for most players. Customer support can be a huge support if you run into betting software issues, malfunction, or don’t know how to go about any aspect of a betting platform. Each website has a different level of customer support, and you should focus on whether they actually provide the right support or just have a toll-free number that’s inactive.

Judging by the industry standards, decent websites support chat support, communication agents, or bots in the commonly spoken language in the area, along with some kind of email and customer support numbers that you can reach out to directly. You can find varying levels of service in this regard and best to go with reviews for the right results.

Mobile Application

Around 75% or more people in the country own a smartphone, which makes it a no-brainer that betting sites offer people mobile betting options. With the development of better network infrastructure in the country, it’s becoming more convenient for people to access betting portals through their phones.

Many of the top betting platforms in the world provide great mobile versions of their websites, which can help you have the same great betting experience that you might enjoy on a desktop. You might want to look if they have an app for your mobile OS if it’s something important to you.


Promotions are mainly incentives, often financial to help people keep gambling and betting. There are numerous options, such as sign-up bonus amounts, cashback offers, and more. While some sites mainly offer fillers, others generally have great choices that you will enjoy.

While promotions aren’t an issue, the reality is that they should be the last variable to decide on officially signing up for a site or looking at other platforms on the best daily bets.

Things to Know

While the rules and regulations between each platform can vary between each others, certain aspects are almost always constant among them due to similar legal requirements:

  1. No one under the age of 18 can partake in online sports betting.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed funds into your account, you can start betting.
  3. Third-party funding for betting is not allowed, mainly for legal reasons. You need to own any amount you use or use it from your account to bet.
  4. The account users have provided confidentiality and privacy of data. In case of data collection from the site, it’s detailed within the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  5. Many websites have measures to ensure that the person withdrawing any amount is the actual owner of the account.
  6. Despite sportsbooks providing some degree of leeway, they have the right to block any activity on their site that they consider to be illegal or suspicious. They may not have to provide any reasonings or explanations for this.
  7. You aren’t allowed to change your wagers upon confirmation.
  8. Bettors can only bet under or equal to the amount of cash on their current account.
  9. All websites have responsible and legal gaming regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports betting of any kind is illegal in Pakistan. While there are some exceptions for horse racing and foreigners in the country, people are not allowed to engage in online gambling. Because of this, there are no licensed and regulated gambling and betting sites in the country.

Despite this, both online casinos and betting sites are in demand in the country. People simply use whatever reliable offshore website offers services and allows Pakistanis to sign up and start gambling. It’s recommended that you look for those sites that cater directly to Pakistanis, which will be the best choice. People use VPNs and payment methods like crypto to make use of the grey market.

No, players don’t pay any taxes on gambling and betting online. As there’s no system to regulate the gambling and gaming activities of people in Pakistan, there’s no authority to collect taxes from the bettor or gambler on their winnings and withdrawals. It’s a double-edged sword as there’s no warranty of payment but people get to keep whatever they win.

Pakistani bettors will have to mainly rely on offshore betting sites for safe online betting as they don’t have any reliable local options in the market. Many betting sites welcome Pakistani players and facilitate many of their needs. As long as you’re using a website that’s been registered and licensed by a legitimate and reliable licensing authority, you shouldn’t face any issues engaging in sports betting or casinos online. Simply ensure that they have a payment solution that you can use.

Each bookmaker has its own host of options for payments and amount transfer but some of the most common options include Visa, MasterCard, and cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Many sites are still in the process of adding more cryptocurrency payment options. Using crypto has been the go-to approach for many Pakistani users as they want to keep their financial dealings covert.

Yes, many of the betting sites allow bettors to sign up on their platforms to have in-play betting options. It allows you to bet on games in real-time and you’ll see regularly updated odds and markets, including dedicated markets for in-play sports. Because it’s a hard-to-run service, many websites don’t have adequate services for this aspect.Make sure that you verify that a site has this feature before you sign up to gamble online on that particular platform.

The Appeal of Online Betting

Secure Transactions

When you’re betting online, you can use wager money using many of the secure payment options that you might use regularly to make purchases. The best betting platforms feature various options for payments so that it’s more convenient for users to use their platform. Most of these are tried and tested solutions with a high level of security, using a complex architecture of both front-end and back-end security so that you can bet online safe.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the website as well as how swift the payment method is, these payments transfer in both withdrawal and deposit scenarios will differ. Other than that, you can sign up, transfer cash and get to betting right away online.

Ease of Use

A lot of bettors online, especially Pakistani bettors, avoid online betting sites as they’re not tech-savvy individuals and prefer the tried and tested methods. The reality is that betting and gambling platform designers have kept this aspect in mind during development, working on simple, easy-to-learn UX and UI designs that people will have no time in understanding and recollection on repeated use.

Various betting sites follow a similar layout, so you won’t have to remember how each of them works either. This is great for people that use multiple betting casino sites at one time. People that are new to betting and casinos, as well as those with some experience in in-person gaming, will feel right at home with the offerings online.

You’ve Got More Options Than Just Betting

While many of the top online betting sites specialize in providing bettors with a huge range of fixtures across various sports, they have more options as well. They also feature a variety of casino games and live casino options where you can play against other real players, with locally and internationally popular games from renowned vendors. Some of these options include lotteries, virtuals, horse racing, and various other choices that you can go with. Go with a sportsbook with the best odds.

It’s recommended that you use a betting site that offers more than just sports betting so that you’re still engaged while your sport of choice has the season off.

Betting Sites Ranking makes it simple to find the world’s top betting sites. Get access to reviewed and recommended betting platforms from all over the world.

The Payment Options Available

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include Visa and MasterCard, which are generally available on practically all of the best gambling websites. While there aren’t as many options, you still have some websites available where you can add cash to your account using cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Not all of the platforms offer cryptocurrency payment options.

While not a common practice, many betting sites also allow users to make deposits and withdrawals in the Pakistani Rupee, which takes some of the conversion cost out of the equation, making things more profitable for the user.

How to Get Started in Online Betting

After you’ve assessed that a website is worth your time and money, you can get started with registration. Simply head to the sign-up page on the site, using the required instructions for guidance and filling up any forms that they ask you to.

Some websites are more strict than others, requesting some personally identifiable information. But this is a legal requirement and such sites generally have strict privacy policies to ensure your data is well taken care of. While some sites will register you instantly, others can take up to an entire day, but it’s a common requirement for countries with legal sports betting. After all this, you’re generally required to wire cash using one of the provided payment schemes. Using this money, you can engage in sports betting and gambling on the website.

Rating the Betting Sites for Cricket in Pakistan.

As soon as the next big cricket game or football match rolls around, you can head on over to our list to get started on the best betting experience available online. Setting up and trying your first bet is convenient and these sites do their best to guide newcomers as well.

And these sites aren’t limited to a few sports as you can find a plethora of games on them. To make matters better, you can also take part in the gaming section on many of our suggestions, including casino games, slot machines, and live casino gambling sessions against other players. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with online betting today.

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