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Sports Betting in New Zealand: The Ultimate Resource

New Zealand has a rich and flourishing sports industry. The country has cultivated the grounds for a variety of sports and continues to thrive in the athletic arena. As is the case with most Commonwealth countries, most of the popular sports played in New Zealand reflect the country’s regime under British colonialism. From rugby, football, basketball, and netball to cricket, horse racing, and water sports, the athletic activities organized and celebrated in New Zealand largely reflect the British colonial heritage that the nation has inherited.

In addition to the aforementioned sports, Kiwis also have a profound appreciation for squash, tennis, golf, rowing, and cycling. Winter sports, too, is a popular category and the cold season brings together all the skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating enthusiasts.

Given New Zealand’s love for sports, it isn’t surprising that there’s a growing market for sports betting. New Zealand law permits specific types of gambling, including sports betting and racing. This means that sports bettors have the freedom to indulge in online betting and can participate in national as well as international sports betting activities. While most online betting in New Zealand is regulated, there are several betting sites that operate illegally and can land unsuspecting bettors in some serious trouble. This is why it’s imperative that you find a suitable and legal platform when diving into sports betting.

At Betting Sites Ranking, we take immense pride in the work we do. We work closely with the top industry professionals to help gaming fans and bettors access the best betting sites in New Zealand. Whether you want to place your bets on popular sports such as cricket and rugby or are looking to experiment with other sports betting ventures like the NFL and NHL, you can count on us to provide you with an option that works best in your country.

Getting Started

Confused about the whole online sports betting process? Here’s how it works:

Our team at Betting Sites Ranking collaborates with industry experts and drafts the latest betting trends and requirements. We do thorough research before listing sports betting platforms on our website and ensure that each option we mention is 100% legal and authorized to conduct betting activities. We also ensure that our team has a sound understanding of every platform that we mention so that bettors can reach out to us for details or concerns.

Betting Sites Ranking lists the best betting sites in New Zealand and highlights platforms that best match local betting preferences and needs. This helps in reducing the amount of time it would’ve taken New Zealand bettors otherwise to find authentic and reliable betting platforms. We provide honest and objective reviews on our website to help you gauge users’ experiences and decide for yourself and opt for a platform website that offers you the ideal betting experience.

The Top Sports to Bet on in New Zealand

So, which sports and athletic activities should you choose to bet on? Most betting platforms cater to various sports categories. When you use a reputable betting site, you’ll find options to bet on local games and competitions as well as international ones.

Word of advice: it’s always a good idea to diversify your interests and expand your betting opportunities. Through our platform, you can find the best betting sites in New Zealand and dive into the following ventures:

Cricket Betting

Cricket is almost synonymous with New Zealand sports. It’s a popular summer sport but is played year-round at a national level. The New Zealand national cricket team has several accolades to its name and is universally believed to be one of the most consistent and formidable sides in all three cricketing formats, i.e. Tests, ODIs, and T-20s.  

Unsurprisingly, cricket betting is a popular sports betting option for Kiwis. There are plenty of opportunities to choose from such as league matches, national-level games and tournaments, and local matches. The best betting sites in New Zealand feature most of these tournaments and competitions so that bettors can make the most of the opportunities available throughout the calendar year.

Football Betting

Football is another popular game in New Zealand. Administered by New Zealand Soccer (formerly known as New Zealand Football), the game has attracted several local teams to participate in league matches nationally and internationally. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most widely watched tournaments in the country and has viewers’ eyes glued to TV screens throughout the 90-minute games.

Naturally, there’s a thriving sports betting scene for football in New Zealand. You can find details about noteworthy fixtures and tournaments on the best betting sites in New Zealand and place your bets on the most promising and exciting games.

Rugby Betting

New Zealand won its third Rugby World Cup in 2015 and became the first team to defend its title in the tournament. Suffice to say, rugby has a massive following in the country and has inspired athletes at amateur and professional levels alike.

The best betting sites in New Zealand offer exclusive opportunities for rugby betting. You can browse through the tournament, competition, and league game details and place your bets on your preferred matches.  

US Sports Betting

Kiwi bettors are all too familiar with the local sports competitions that take place in the United States of America each year. If you want to diversify your betting options, we recommend that you consider betting on competitions such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and the NCAA divisions.

With the best betting sites in New Zealand, you can find sports betting options that would bring in more profits. You can also easily find all the major tournaments and games in the United States on these platforms.

Place Your Bets

Ready to get started with sports betting? You’ve chosen the best platform to kick-start your online gambling journey. Our website provides bettors with comprehensive lists, tools, and reviews that help them shortlist the best betting sites in New Zealand and make an informed decision.

Get started on your betting and gambling journey with us today.

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