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Find the Best Betting Sites in Canada

Finding A Sports Betting Site in Canada Made Easy

The Canadians love sports, taking part in some of the biggest competitions in the world and bringing their A-Game to them. Just as popular as sports are, the sports betting scene has a similar scene that’s only flourished over time with sports betting sites in Canada.

Betting Sites Ranking prides itself on creating a complete collection of the best betting sites, including Canadian gambling sites. We’ve reviewed several sports betting sites in Canadathat offer the best value for sports bettors and online gaming aficionados to try their hand at it. You no longer have to be afraid of falling for scams or getting the short end of the stick due to a bad deal.

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We Do the Heavy Lifting

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve got dedicated teams on board that analyze the various betting sites available online. They rigorously test and experience the overall experience so that bettors pay attention to the profit-making factor and not the other aspects that don’t concern them.

No longer do you have to scour the internet to find a reliable option among a sea of choices as we make the decision-making process much simpler for you. We regularly update our sports betting Canada lists to keep them appealing.

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of online gambling sites being used in Canada and the United States. As a result of the widespread popularity of athletic events, sports betting has remained one of the sector’s most sought-after commodities.

When it comes to gambling-related activities, some regions/states in Canada are still trying to ban it, but others have witnessed a rise in interest in sports and new revenue sources for the local economy as a result. Since the mid-1990s, when commercial live casinos first opened in Ontario, more people have been able to find work and make money in the region.

As in the United States, betting laws in Canada differ depending on where you live, with the legality of certain betting activities still up for debate, and sports betting, in particular, is frequently criticized for the difficulties it can pose in juggling multiple aspects of one’s personal life at the same time.

As gambling websites have evolved, gambling has flourished, with sports betting among the most popular assets offered by numerous online gambling sites. Since then, betting sites have been launched and are entirely dedicated to giving the finest odds and the most up-to-date information on upcoming athletic events in a range of leagues and tournaments to passionate bettors.

The History Of Sports Betting In Canada

Until 1892, all forms of gambling in Canada were officially prohibited, except for horse betting. This was the status of affairs in Canada until 1969, once the Criminal Code got passed. It permitted local administrations to hold sports lotteries, with the earnings going to charity.

It was only through time that the federal government of Canada came to understand that gambling could provide a sizable infusion of revenue. As a result, limitations that had been put in place in the past began to loosen as the code underwent even more changes. They considerably increased the jurisdiction of local bodies to control sports betting.

In 1985, a law was established that legalized gambling in the form of a lottery. As a result, it was feasible to buy a ticket that had between three and six winners on it. Bookmaker companies, however, were nonetheless prohibited from operating in the manner we are used to seeing them in.

After a while, tickets began to incorporate over/under and spread options and the option to choose a total. These bets included a wide range of sports, including basketball and baseball.

What’s The Current Betting Scene In Canada Like?

With the high level of excitement, broadcasting, and public attention that athletic events can generate, Canada’s sporting business remains one of its most popular and valuable assets. Hockey, and notably the National Hockey League (NHL), is still very popular among Canadians. However, football betting and basketball betting have grown in popularity as a result of the country’s increased success and interest in sports over the previous few decades.

Fans’ interest in the NBA and the sport as a whole has grown in the wake of the Toronto Raptors’ championship season in 2019; they now want to see more games and campaign for the arrival of a second NBA team in Canada.

According to a recent estimate, the Canadian online gambling sector is now worth $25 billion annually, which includes both retail and internet sports bets. All in all, such wagers show that operators produce approximately $2 billion in betting money each year and, depending on the regularity of those structures, between $200 and $400 million in tax revenue each year.

When it comes to the highest yearly income from placing bets wagers in Canada, the province of Ontario has the largest and most important market, as well as one of the most beneficial across the continent. The province of Ontario has reaped $11.1 billion in wagering revenue and at least $800 million in annual operator revenue.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Canada?

Canadians can bet now on sports without a problem. Provincial lotteries have offered sports wagering as a parlay option for several years now. For Canadians, this changed in August 2021, when new, more robust alternatives were available.

C-218 was passed by the Canadian parliament that month to permit single-game sports wagering in the country’s Criminal Code. The term “single-game” refers to the form of sports betting available in Las Vegas and many US states.

Despite its wide implications for Canadian gaming, Bill C-218 is a concise and straightforward piece of legislation. If a province desires, it has the authority to regulate the sports betting business on its own. It is possible to place a wager on almost every sporting event. Exceptions to this include horse racing bets, which are governed by their own set of rules and regulations.

The law’s primary goal is to allow Canadians to bet now on single-game wagers. Up until that point, Canadians could only wager on parlays that were made available through provincial lotteries. Online and retail sports betting are both included by the law’s broad definition of “gambling.” A provincial government may theoretically refuse to permit sports betting to commence, although this hasn’t happened yet.

The essential aspect of the law is that it placed the new online sports companies within the jurisdiction of provincial governments. Certain provinces, such as Ontario, may permit commercial betting applications to compete, although there is no mandate.

Within a few months following the legalization of sports betting, every province had retail sports gambling websites, and many had a corresponding online service. As a result, in April 2022, Ontario will be the first jurisdiction to have a commercially viable online betting market.

The only way to gamble on sports was through a provincial lottery parlay product, which was only offered in certain provinces. To change Canada’s sports betting laws, the Canadian Gaming Association fought for more than ten years. After the opening of the US betting market in 2018, the initiative picked up momentum.

Casino Gambling Canada

More than two-thirds of Canadians have engaged in some form of gambling at some point, whether that is done through online gambling sites or sports gambling. Visiting a Canadian casino is a favorite pastime for them, as they adore betting and gambling. However, which of the many well-known casino games is the most popular?

As you may expect, there are a few possibilities, and most of these gambling activities can be found in any Canadian casino or on the best online gambling sites. Let’s take a look.

1. Slots

Online slots are by far the most prevalent casino activity among Canadian online casino users. Gamers can select however much they want to gamble and the number of possible pay lines they want to replicate their stake in this thrilling game, which can be played in casinos all over the country and on online gambling websites.

There are countless versions of the classic casino slot machine game, making it one of the most accessible games in any online casino.

2. Baccarat

For high-rolling gamblers, baccarat is an ideal choice because of its reputation as a game of refinement and opulence. When playing this game, participants can place significant wagers on who will have a hand closest to nine, whether that be the banker or another player. Establishing a strategy for this gambling game is essential because your winnings are directly related to your wager.

4. Poker

In Canada, online poker is played throughout the country. Whether they’re playing online poker with friends or on poker websites, it is a highly popular game. Instead of relying on luck, players in this game must rely on their abilities to succeed. Canadians appear to appreciate Hold’Em the most out of all the varieties of the game.

3. Blackjack

blackjack is a popular casino game in virtually every Canadian online casino. There are several causes behind this. It’s easy to get started, and it’s one of the most renowned games which can be learned in a matter of seconds. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll understand what we mean.

Because the house has a small advantage, your chances of winning money online are increased. Many games were invented a century ago, and this is only another example of that trend. To beat the dealer, you should acquire a card count that is at least as near to 21 as feasible without going over. That’s why it’s advised to make yourself aware of blackjack strategies, blackjack rules, and blackjack odds.

The Top Sports To Bet On In Canada

Canada has a flourishing scene when it comes to sports, with more people involved than ever. The best betting sites in Canada are highly involved in creating a good experience, and one of the key factors for that is how they’re incorporating some of the most heavily watched and played sports in the region.

They’ve curated a collection of many tournaments and fixtures for Canadian sports fans, helping them get in on the action.

Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is easily the biggest sport in Canada. The Canadian team national team is one of the most successful ice hockey teams in the world, having won 27 titles on the highest stage of the game. They produce exceptional talent for the sport, many of them playing for various teams across the world, and the talent is genuinely praised.

It has made the sport popular among the public and a great option to bet on. The best betting sites in Canada focus on giving the best hockey odds, as well as covering as many ice hockey games as possible, everywhere from the NHL to the minor leagues, to give Canadians a chance to profit.

Lacrosse Betting

When it comes to Lacrosse, the Canadian national team is the second most successful team in the world. The Canadian public has followed the game more seriously as Canada would defeat the US, the most dominant team in the sport, to break their long-standing streaks.  

Whenever the biggest competitions roll in, the amount of people betting on the sport goes up, and the best betting sites in Canada are a great option for people to earn some money while the hype is real. Lacrosse has different major and minor competitions, including different leagues, offering bettors various options to choose from.

Basketball Betting

Canadian teams haven’t always been the best at the sport, but it’s a game that the general public has always enjoyed. There have been remarkable performances in recent years, especially the NBA title-winning run from the Toronto Raptors in 2019 that increased the popularity of the game tenfolds in Canada.

Even when they’re not putting their money on Canadian teams in league games, the best betting sites in Canada are still an outlet for Canadian bettors to bet on many teams in the NBA and the NCAA basketball competitions, offering them many choices.

Baseball Betting

While Canada doesn’t have the same level of hype for baseball as in the US, the locals do enjoy the MLB. Many of the bettors for the league are based in Canada, making the most of the huge market and hype for the league to make good money by betting on Major League Baseball. With the number of resources available for the sport, it’s become more accessible than ever to bet now on it.

Most of the best betting sites in Canada have maintained a solid list of options for baseball betting, updating their site to reflect the different leagues as fixtures take place.

Tennis Betting

In recent years, Canada has emphasized its focus to take Tennis betting sites to the next level in the country. They’ve produced exceptional youngsters that will be noteworthy names in the future of the sport, and the general public has deviated its attention towards the sport as well.

Similarly, bettors are now focusing on the game and not just Canadian players but many of the tournaments and fixtures around the world. The majority of the best betting sites in Canada facilitate tennis betting by providing players with a complete selection of matches to choose from throughout the year.

eSports Betting

The North American region, in general, is considered an underdog in the world of eSports, capable of pulling off some big wins but generally choking at the main stage. But it has produced some exceptional players for Valorant, CS: GO, League of Legends, DotA, and more.

More of the best betting sites in Canada are understanding what a big deal these games are as the betting flourishes and veteran bettors shift their interest towards eSports. Bettors have numerous options online, along with the choice to line-shop and look for the best odds to make the most profit. It’s the new wave, and others are likely to follow.

Tennis Betting

In recent years, Canada has emphasized its focus to take Tennis betting sites to the next level in the country. They’ve produced exceptional youngsters that will be noteworthy names in the future of the sport, and the general public has deviated its attention towards the sport as well.

Similarly, bettors are now focusing on the game and not just Canadian players but many of the tournaments and fixtures around the world. The majority of the best betting sites in Canada facilitate tennis betting by providing players with a complete selection of matches to choose from throughout the year.

Betting Market Strategies To Be Aware Of

Let’s take a look at different forms of betting that are legal in Canada:

1. Moneyline

It’s a basic wager in which you predict which team will win a game. The betting website calculates the odds, and your gains are based on those odds. In a Moneyline bet, selecting the underdog pays out more than taking the favorite.

3. Total

You wager on the total amount of goals or points scored in a match, which is also referred to as the over/under bet. The total is established by the bookmaker, and your wager is on whether the two sides will finish “above” or “under” the total.

4. Prop Bets

Prop bets are a great way for gamblers to bet now on variables that may or may not have an impact on the result of a sporting event. This might be as simple as who gets a goal first or as complex as deciding the length of the national anthem.

5. Futures

Future sports bets have a wide appeal to bettors of all experience levels, from the most seasoned to the most inexperienced. Bettors can forecast long-term sporting events like the Super Bowl champions, Conference Championships winners, and MVPs in a variety of sports with this option.

6. Parlay Bets

This type of wager was previously allowed and is expected to stay popular. You can place many bets on different sports or the same one if you like. These wagers can be a little trickier and more difficult to win than other bets on the market. You can lose your entire wager if you make a mistake in either one of your match predictions. However, if you manage to hit all of them, you’ll be in for a nice payoff.

2. Spreads

Using spreads as a basis for your sports bets means you can wager on the difference between the points spreads that sportsbooks set for winners and losers to win by. To put it simply, if you gamble on the winner, they must win by a larger margin than the betting sites have predicted, whereas the underdog must either lose or win by the same margin as predicted.

7. Live Betting

Even though it occurs after the game has already started, this type of wager is becoming extremely prevalent. Examples include how many goals will be netted in a half of a football match, as well as who will get the next goal in a soccer match.

Betting in real-time gives the audience a monetary interest in every second of a contest. If you’re in Canada, you can now put live bets on your favorite sports teams while you’re watching them play on the top online gambling sites or the best betting apps.

How Do We Rank Canadian Betting Sites?

In the Canadian gambling market, there is fierce competition for betting sites. There are more and more online betting websites vying for customers. As a result, choosing the finest Canadian sports gambling sites is not a simple task. The good news is that we’ve already done much of the legwork for you.

According to our criteria for rating the greatest gambling websites in Canada, the following characteristics are taken into account:

Customer Support

Our top-rated betting sites are of such high quality that they don’t necessitate regular support. The fact that assistance is available is, nonetheless, reassuring. Customer service representatives can be reached via chat, email, or telephone. Some online gambling websites even use technologies like Skype as well as WhatsApp to communicate with clients.


Having the best markets, payouts, and features is of little use if the legal betting site can’t be used effectively. All of the betting sites we’ve selected for Canadians are user-friendly across all platforms. A creative design with little visuals and pictures is frequently the key to achieving this result.


Legal betting sites can undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of bettors by providing new features. There are a wide variety of online sports betting alternatives available today, including live streaming, bet builders, and cash out. Today’s Canadian betting sites routinely provide access to outcomes and statistics pages as well as other useful information.


Most betting sites will show odds in American, fractions, and decimal numbers. The quality of the odds, on the other hand, is far more crucial to consider. Bettors should have a steady stream of profitable wagers to choose from. It’s not uncommon for some of the greatest sports betting websites in Canada to specialize in a single sport, while others prefer to price their bets across the board.


For bettors of all budgets and ambitions, incentives can be a huge benefit. Bonuses are a great incentive to sign up for betting sites, but they shouldn’t be the sole reason to consider when choosing a betting website. The welcome bonuses and free bets that come with each of our top picks for Canadian betting sites are quite handsome.


When it comes to online transactions, security is of the utmost importance. This is especially significant when gambling on online betting websites.This means that all of our suggested top online betting sites are authorized and licensed by the highest authorities, making them completely legal in Canada.

When you sign up with one of our suggested betting sites in Canada, you can be assured that your confidential and financial information is safe. Additional security measures, such as SSL encryption as well as firewalls, help keep your data safe.

Mobile Friendly

Betting on sporting events is becoming increasingly popular via mobile devices. Nowadays, sports gambling sites should be accessible regardless of whether you use an Android phone or iOS. Some bookmakers have even developed apps for betting. In either case, betting markets and certain specifications must be easily available on mobile devices and tablets.


Canadian punters have a wide range of interests in terms of sports. Although many people like sports like ice hockey, soccer, baseball, and basketball, top sports betting sites must also cater to those who want to gamble on rugby, golf, tennis, and lacrosse, including other sports. As a result, all of the top-rated Canadian betting sites offer a wide range of markets.

How To Choose The Best Canadian Sports Betting Site?

Sports bettors from across Canada can now compare and evaluate the top-rated sports betting websites in Canada. It’s up to you, however, to make the final decision. The following guidelines will assist you in making your final decision on a top sports betting site. Before registering, users should do the following things:

Betting Site Review

It has taken some time and effort on the part of several reliable sources, including ours, to evaluate suitable betting sites for Canadian gamblers. By employing our extensive experience in the field, we have put betting companies to the test. Thus, bookmaker evaluations of the various Canadian top online betting sites can frequently provide a more accurate assessment of the gambling site’s legitimate offerings.

Look At Other Betting Sites

Betting websites don’t have a demo mode like online casinos, but punters can still check them out before they place their money. This will enable them to view all accessible betting markets and specs, guaranteeing that their requirements are covered if they decide to sign up.

Consider Customer Feedback

Customer feedback might be just as important, if not more so. Even if you prefer to focus on the drawbacks, this is an excellent method to learn about the positives and negatives of the greatest betting sites in the world of online gambling. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource, which is easily available at a variety of online sports gambling sites today.

Do Canadian Sports Betting Sites Accept Cryptocurrencies?

More people worldwide are getting into Bitcoin betting, and Canada is no exception. Bitcoin wagering is legal in Canada, so you can do so without fear of prosecution if you want to acquire cryptocurrencies and then use them to place bets on various platforms.

There was a point in the country’s history when gambling was outright prohibited, but fortunately, circumstances have changed for the better. Although it is crucial to remember that under Canadian legislation, Canadian-based businesses cannot provide fiat currency wagering facilities to residents – but this isn’t a big concern because Canadians can still wager freely on foreign dealer sportsbooks.

How Does It Work?

Betting in Canada isn’t all that different from betting in other nations, and it’s done in the same manner as anywhere else. To begin crypto sports betting, you’ll need to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency of your choice. This can be accomplished using an e-wallet or any online platform that provides similar services.

If the Canadian cryptocurrency online betting website has this feature built-in, you can even buy cryptocurrency directly from it. Bitcoin may be the most widely used cryptocurrency right now, but there are always others that may be more appealing to some people. Other cryptocurrencies, the list of which is long, might be used to begin your online gambling journey.

On several crypto-top betting websites, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether are some of the most popular cryptos.

Sports Betting In Canada Using Mobile Phones

The majority of sports wagers in Canada are now put using smartphones. To guarantee that their consumers have a good experience, the best Canadian gambling websites must ensure that they serve mobile users. The majority of betting websites have been designed to work well on smartphones and tablet computers. As a result, all marketplaces and features are accessible, and websites are optimized for the appropriate screen sizes.

Several online betting sites in North America, on the other hand, have taken things to the next level further by establishing their apps for betting. For the most part, mobile sports betting apps may be found in the App Store or Google Play. Through our suggested Canadian online gambling sites, you can easily place wagers even if you’re constantly on the road or simply prefer to use your portable device.

The best betting app must incorporate all of the best features, such as the following:

Easy Navigation

When using the sports betting app, it should be simple to access the most crucial menus and place a wager. The finest sports betting app should also be simple to use so that bettors can quickly sift through the many sports and other vital features, including support and online payment, among others.


The sports betting applications should load quickly and be free of freezes and other glitches, such as the lag time when moving between menus. You can expect it to load quickly if you have a good internet connection. In addition, you should be able to easily install and download it on your tablet or smartphone.

Fully Functional

The best betting app should include all of the essential features. When you’re on the go, you should be able to get help or claim a bonus, open an account, and make a payment. This is critical if you wish to obtain a time-limited welcome bonus or make a payout while betting live.


When you place a wager with your favorite mobile sports betting app, you can rest assured that the information you provide is protected. The best sports betting app must ensure that the site is bug-free and that cybercriminals can’t access and jeopardize your personal information.

Bonuses And Promotion

As a way of saying thanks for their patronage, the majority of Canadian sports gambling websites offer large welcome bonuses to new customers. Complimentary bets and cash back incentives are available to new sports bettors as sign-up incentives, so they should take full use of them. Online betting websites in Canada frequently run specials for their loyal customers.

In some cases, you may be eligible for bonuses like cashback, casino bonuses, money backs, and loyalty points if you place a lot of wagers on the site. However, before collecting the sports bonus, be sure to read the bonus terms and restrictions. A sports bonus’s terms and conditions include the amount that must be wagered, the odds at which it can be used, and how long you have to obtain and use it.

No deposit Sign up bonus

The majority of top gambling sites in Canada offer a free bet to new customers to get them acquainted with their sports betting options. This is normally given to you when you register for an account and before making a deposit. The complimentary wagers are mostly intended to persuade new customers to sign up for the site without putting their money at risk.

Sports Reload Bonuses

The best legal betting sites for sporting events in Canada frequently offer deposit and reload incentives to regular customers. You may use the reload bonuses to extend your sports gambling experience because a tiny percentage of your investment is returned to you as a bonus that you can use to gamble on sports at the website.

Additionally, Canadian gamblers can benefit from free bet incentives, cash backs, and refunds based on the amount of money they’ve invested in the platform over a certain period.

Banking Options

There are numerous banking alternatives available to Canadian bettors at the leading betting sites. Internet banking, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards are all safe ways for Canadian bettors to pay in their local currency.

Deposit match bonus

Many Canadian online gambling websites offer these as the most frequent welcome incentives. You earn a bonus equal to the amount of money you put into your account when you first join the betting site. First-time depositors may be eligible for a 100% bonus up to C$100, which means that when you deposit C$100 at the site for the first time, the sportsbook will double your money.

Registering And Withdrawing Your Winnings

As of now, sports betting site registration and withdrawal procedures are lenient, but this could change in the future. This is due to the fact that zero online sports betting sites are operating in Canada, as every online sports company accessible to Canadian sports bettors is an offshore business.

As a result, it is up to the various bookmakers in Canada to set their laws regarding authorization and withdrawal. A utility bill or government-issued ID may be required before your account can be authenticated. You’ll notice that betting websites licensed in the Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, UK, and Kahnawake are more stringent than those licensed in Antigua & Barbuda or Curaçao.

Processing Time

The processing duration, including how quickly payments can be deposited and how quickly winnings can be cashed out, should be taken into account while looking for the perfect gambling websites for your gaming needs.

Payment Limit

It’s important to pick a banking method while gambling online that lets you deposit the quantity of money you want, given your specific gambling preferences and requirements. Transferring large quantities of money via bank transfer, for example, is an excellent choice for high-rollers.

Convenient Payment Methods

Payment options should be simple to use so that bettors don’t have to spend excessive amounts of time setting them up. When compared to credit cards, which require a credit score, e-wallets merely demand the creation of an account online and linking it to the funding source.

Deposit Options

Secure banking alternatives are available at Canadian sports gambling sites, so your funds will be credited to your account quickly. This means that players can start betting immediately.

How To Win Big From Online Betting In Canada?

Newcomers to sports betting in Canada can benefit from some advice from an experienced professional. It’s important to keep yourself safe while also increasing your odds of succeeding. Let’s look at some professional betting tips to help you win big money by gambling online in Canada.

1. Ensure You Are Using The Right Betting Site

One of the most critical aspects of making a wager is deciding where to put your bets. Sticking to the top gambling sites we recommend is the best way to ensure your safety. If you choose to tackle it alone, that’s great, but be sure the site you select has credible licenses.

Additionally, look at the variety of bets that the platform has to provide. It’s pointless to join a new gambling website if the market you’re most interested in isn’t well covered.

2. Effective Bankroll Management

The greatest professional betting tip anyone can offer is to handle one’s bankroll effectively. It’s a good idea to do some budgeting for your yearly sports betting budget before putting your initial wager. Using this amount, you can calculate your daily and monthly limits.

No matter how poor your luck maybe, you should never try to make up for a bad streak by betting more than the maximum allowable amount. Keep in mind that the money you have set aside for gambling should not be used to pay for mortgages or rent, electricity bills or groceries, and fees.

3. Make Use Of Promotions and Bonuses

There are a variety of bonuses and promos offered to sports gamblers in Canada, and intelligent bettors can enjoy their benefits. Indeed, you won’t make a fortune this way, but one should never turn down a free sports bonus reward. The more betting sites in Canada you join, the more freebies you’ll receive!

Once you’ve discovered a favorite online gambling site and settled in, you can take advantage of the loyalty programs offered by the best of them to make some extra cash.

Get Your Start

From our website, it’s only a few clicks, and you’ll be transported to the sports betting site of your choice. You can easily find the best betting sites in Canada without having to spend too much time. You can also filter between options if you’re picky using the tools on our site, helping you assess the various criteria that matter to you when you’re gambling online.

Many of these sites also feature casino games, casino slot machines, and live casino game sessions, allowing you to take part in online gambling as well.

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