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Reliable, Feature-Friendly Betting Sites in Australia

Online betting has taken off in Australia. Sports have always been popular in the country, and with sports followed sports betting. In the past, betting would take place in brick-and-mortar locations, the bleachers, or even the parking lot of a sports ground. But gone are the risky days of shady dealings where you were likely to lose your cash to some frauds as online betting is the new wave.

Despite the surge in popularity, people often had difficulty finding betting options for NBA, NFL, and NHL as well as other sports not predominantly played in the country. With Betting Sites Ranking, that’s a thing of the past.

Curated List of the Best Betting Sites in Australia

At Betting Sites Ranking, we value your time and believe that you should spend it betting on sports and online gaming. No need to go through an exhaustive list of websites anymore. We’ve shortlisted the best betting platforms that operate in the country, so no going through several pages to find out it doesn’t work down under.

Whether you’re into sports betting or gambling, we’ve got something for you. You can head to our local betting sites page and check out the section for Australia, helping you find all of the great sites you can access from down under, offering you your shot to have fun and turn a profit with sports betting.

The Top Sports To Bet On In Australia

There’s no shortage of sports betting options in Australia, and there are choices in the local scene as well as on international levels. Many of the platforms that cater to Australian bettors include the best betting sites in Australia which provide access to betting on a large scale, including various niche options. Some of the most popular choices include:

Cricket Betting

Cricket isn’t just one of the most played sports in Australia, but also a beloved staple of the country. The national team’s success along with the strong domestic circuit has increased its popularity tenfolds. Because of all this, the betting scene has become fairly lucrative for the sport.

With a great number of options to put your money on, various kinds of odds to bet on, cricket betting is a great way to get your start for sports betting in Australia. All of the best betting sites in Australia offer cricket betting.

Australian Rules Football Betting

After Cricket, the most popular sport in the country is easily Australian Rules Football. It was common to see a group of mates huddling cash to bet on their favorites for Aussie Rules matches, but all of that has started to transition towards online betting. One of the pros of betting on the sport is how easy the betting options are, as you only have to bet on the outcome of the game.

It’s common for Aussie Rules die-hard fans to bet parlays as well, moving their chances of payday up. Head to the best betting sites in Australia to take your chance at Aussie Rules betting.

Soccer Betting

Despite the prevalence of Aussie Rules football, Australia has its fair share of love for the beautiful game. Soccer is gaining more prominence, especially with the likes of the Socceroos and A-League Men, which is the major soccer league for Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, fans love the game in other parts of the world, from the Premier League to Serie A.

Because of its global scale and the variety of options when it comes to betting, soccer betting is no slouch in the region. Each of the best betting sites in Australia offers soccer betting across all of the major fixtures in noteworthy competitions.

Tennis Betting

Australia’s Tennis circuit, especially in the women’s category, has attracted many locals towards the sport in recent years. Apart from just increasing the view count for the game, bettors are opting for tennis betting as a viable option. Tennis has a relatively easy betting system and is an easier-to grasp learning curve, making it optimal for newcomers as well as veterans of the game.

The tennis scene is generally packed across the year, giving you many chances to turn some profit with betting. The best betting sites in Australia offer an excellent gateway to betting on tennis and its various competitions taking place across the globe.

Racing Betting

When it comes to betting, horse-racing betting is as old as it gets and the tradition continues. The odds are easy to learn, getting acquainted with the competition does take some time but the scene has been jam-packed forever and there’s a different level of excitement to it.

Competitions take place in different parts of the world and there’s hardly a dry spell that doesn’t allow bettors to make some cash. The best betting sites in Australia generally have options for horse-racing betting options for users, and it does bring a sizeable audience.

Golf Betting

Golf gets a lot of love from the Australian public. Down under, it’s not just a game for the elite and is more of an accessible sport that people enjoy. For this reason, the interest has also translated towards the betting side of things, offering locals the chance to bet on the biggest competitions in the world.

People don’t just bet on local competitions either, having their go at the biggest games in the world across tournaments around the world. Have your go on golf betting by signing up for betting sites online.

Objective Ranking of The Best Platforms

Looking for a place to get started on your online casino or sports betting journey? Betting Sites Ranking has you covered. The best platforms are available online, ranked, and listed with the help of industry experts so you can rest easy you’re using the best options. Don’t fall for any scams or false promises as you get your money’s worth with our picks.

We look for and review all of the crucial aspects that sports bettors care about and should look for when searching for their next betting platform online.

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