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Sports, Live + Streaming, Casino, Casino Envivo, Slots, Casino Envivo,

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Mexican Republic,

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Visa, Mastercard, paysafecard, Todito Cash, SPE, Dinero Mail,

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Hipódromo de Agua Caliente S.A. de C.V. Blvd. Agua Caliente 12027, Col. Hipódromo. CP 22420 Tijuana, B.C Mexico.

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get $ 400 MXN Free​

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iOS, Android,

Minimum Sports Bet :

The minimum bet can vary from $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the event.

Minimum Casino Bet :

The minimum bet can vary from $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the event.

Maximum Winnings/Withdrawals :

The maximum win that will be paid for a single bet is $ 1,500,000 MXN and $ 3,600,000 MXN for a multiple or parlay bet.

Caliente Review


Why Caliente?

Many people know of Caliente thanks to its successful chain of casinos in the Baja California region. But did you know that the business also runs a fairly successful and popular betting website for Mexicans? They’ve taken the knowledge they’ve gathered from their casinos to provide a unique betting platform.

Caliente also has an adequate sportsbook betting section, allowing people to make the most out of their sports knowledge to turn a profit with successful betting. The website is fairly popular among Mexicans, being one of the top performers in the region. It checks all of the boxes with its offerings for bettors, and it’s easy to recommend the platform. read more

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

Caliente knows very well that fast payment and verification are crucial to having recurring customers. If you’re using an e-Wallet on their platform, you can expect payments to be in your account within a few minutes or an hour at max. Their bank transfers and credit card payment options can take up to a few days, which is generally the norm for most betting platforms.

For many bettors, just the surety of getting your payment is enough but Caliente honors the customer and focuses on speed where it can.

Daily Offers of Sports Events That Will Be Held Soon in Your Country

Compared to some of the betting sites available online, Caliente’s support is a bit lackluster. It only offers access to bettors in parts of Mexico, Europe, and Central South America. Fortunately, Caliente is hard at work on expanding its support for different parts of the world. The business is developing partnerships with various authorities and big names in the betting industry, which will only make it more viable for bettors.

Legal Licenses for Activity of Betting Sites

Caliente is an established name in Mexico and is fairly popular. It has been certified by the General Office of Gaming, licensed under the Mexican laws and parts of the interior ministry. The General Office of Gaming is a strict authority, creating stringent laws that all betting platforms have to follow. Caliente provides a fair and safe gaming experience that operates on random numbers and has software support to prevent any form of rigging from taking place.

They also pay extra attention to the technical side of things, creating a secure environment with a detailed Privacy Policy so that bettors can rest easy knowing their data is taken care of. Caliente also verifies the player’s age before registration, strictly abiding by the General Office of Gaming’s laws.

Customer Support

If you’re having any issue figuring out anything on the Caliente website, they have agents available at all times on their live chat option. They do a decent job of guiding you and providing links to the relevant pages for quick access. Caliente’s email response time takes a bit of time, which is generally the case for most betting sites but they’re adequate with their responses.

They’ve also listed down their number where you can get in touch with a customer representative on the phone. In our experience, Caliente’s customer support was friendly, supportive and took time to provide detailed answers. It’s quality customer care like this that’s made them such a loved name in the Mexican betting scene.

The Attractiveness of The Website and Ease of Use

For our Caliente review, we believe that the site doesn’t reinvent the formula for betting sites and uses a traditional layout. But that’s not bad at all because it focuses heavily on functionality and ease of use. It’s easy to understand for newcomers while veterans will feel at home.

The various options available online are split into different tabs available both on the main page and the header. It greatly reduces the learning curve and input cycle. Caliente uses a bright white and red theme which is easy on the eyes. They’ve integrated iconography to ease the clutter as well.

Extension of Betting Site Options

After you’re finished with the Caliente sign-up process, you can head on over to any of their platforms to start betting. While Caliente is famous for its casino roots, you’d be surprised at how extensive its sports offerings are. Caliente offers more than 20 sports to bet on, ranging from popular options like NBA, MLB to niche options like Gaelic Sports.

They’ve also expanded their reach towards eSports, covering a variety of the most popular games on the online circuit. Their gaming options aren’t any slouch as expected, and whether you’re looking for simple online casino games or the live casino experience with other players, you’ve got it all under one umbrella.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

For our Caliente review, we focus on the deposit and withdrawal methods, their conditions. Caliente offers withdrawal and deposit via Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Todito Cash, SPE, Dinero Mail. Their minimum requirement is $20 MXN except for bank transfers, which require $100 MXN.

Minimum Money for Betting On A Match

Gambling limits depend on which games you choose to play, but the minimum stake that can be placed on a single event is $100 MXN.

Registration Limitations

At the moment, Caliente has fairly limited support available for registration. People from Mexico, Europe, and Central South America can register on the site. Currently, Caliente is working to expand its domain and allow people from other parts of the world to take part in online betting.

Language of The Site

The website is accessible in only Spanish.


All you need is a stable internet connection on a computer or mobile device to place bets at any time and place. Apart from their website, Caliente’s app is available for Android and iOS devices and allows user-friendly navigation.


In our Caliente review, the only real drawback of the website and app is its limited availability. If you’re in parts where Caliente is available and prefer using a site in Spanish, betting on Caliente is easy to recommend. We hope that it expands to other parts of the world, allowing Caliente sign-ups for more less

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