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Will Real Madrid Win This Year’s LaLiga, Or Will They End Up Bottling It?


When it comes to wagering on football, one thing is for sure; you can never go wrong with Madrid. The team has proven time and again that it’s the top team in LaLiga. Madrid has a record for winning the most titles as well as capable players that make the team unique and their performance enjoyable. For sports bettors, the team’s the golden ticket to winning several complex bets.

How Is The Performance Of The Team Thus far?

Madrid holds a record 34 LaLiga titles along with several other wins in different leagues, so it’s clear that the team has a strong winning pedigree.

Moreover, Benzema’s spectacular hat-trick against Chelsea in the first leg of the quarter-finals has further solidified the team’s presence in the league and their performance. Given their current performance, it’s highly likely that Madrid could end up winning the title once again.

Who Are The Top Players?

Currently, the best player in Madrid is Miguel Gutierrez, with a performance index of 86. Despite that, he scored 0 goals and only has one assist.

On the other hand, their best defender is Casemiro, with 166 total pass interceptions. He ranks at number 8 among all the top 5 European league players and 96 in the overall LaLiga rankings.

What Chances To They Have For Wining?

Madrid is currently the highest-ranking team, with a team rating of 84.2 and a 99% probability of winning the season. However, Barcelona and Sevilla are currently in the lead.

Madrid needs to up their game to reach the finals. In addition, they could end up facing their long-time rivals Barcelona in the finals as well.

Who Are Their Top Rivals?

With 13 titles under their belt, it’s hard for Real Madrid not to have a few rivalries. But sometimes, these rivalries can cost them a match. You need to keep the rivals in mind when betting on real Madrid because they can shift the odds and predictions.

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