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Why Tennis Has One Of The Most Exciting Betting Experiences In The World


Tennis is one of the most prestigious and respected games globally, with some players being few of the highest-paid athletes in the world. As fun as it is to watch, it’s even more exciting if you’re a bettor. The excitement of the game goes up significantly when you know how high the stakes are.

Tennis provides one of the most diverse and mature betting markets of any sport, with multiple bet types, stakes, and wide coverage on almost every reputable sports betting website. Tennis is so popular to bet on because of the sheer diversity of bets that it provides. Rather than just bet on a winner, points spread, or prop bets, Tennis betting allows you to bet on a wide range of events that occur in a typical match.

Seeing as how this year’s edition of Wimbledon is just around the corner, here are a few reasons why tennis is one of the most exciting betting experiences in the world.

Match Bets

Match bets are a popular betting market due largely to their simplicity. All a bettor has to do is choose who will win the match. Since tennis has a few elite players, the bets are often one-sided, and bettors can easily find safe bets. However, that also means that safe bets don’t pay off very well. Tennis betting encourages you to bet on the underdog and gives you the chance to win big by taking risks.

Handicap Bets

A popular betting method in many sports, handicap betting involves betting on the favorite but only if they win by a significant margin. The player that’s more likely to win must win by a significant number of points, or sets in the case of tennis, for the bettor to receive their winnings. Handicap betting is very popular in the betting industry because it allows gamblers to bet on their favorite player while raising the stakes to have greater winnings.

A tennis playerCorrect Score Bets

If the aforementioned betting types aren’t your cup of tea, you can always go for correct score bets. These involve the bettor correctly guessing the score in each of the sets in the game. While highly profitable, this can be risky and takes a significant amount of expertise to correctly predict. Only opt for this bet if you’re confident in your tennis knowledge.

To make a calculated bet, you can also consider how the two athletes like to play. Djokovic, for example, is highly defensive and implements a calculated approach, so his sets are usually even in the beginning and, once he tires the opposition, starts to attack with his final sets being very one-sided.

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Apart from the above reasons, the primary reason why tennis is such a beloved sport among sports bettors is because of its mass availability. Tennis is one of those universally loved sports that’s seen around the world, which is why sports betting websites ensure that it’s included in their portfolio.

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