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Why Ice Hockey Needs to Be the Next Sport You Start Betting On


Gambling is one of the most popular passions around the world. From baseball to ice hockey, people bet on all types of games from different geographical locations. The names of new games are entering the gambling list, and ice hockey is one of them.

Ice hockey has a huge audience as it’s the second oldest game in the world. The game holds great popularity in North America, Canada, Central Europe, and Scandinavia. Almost all bookmakers around the world offer ice hockey betting.

Since sports online betting has also received legal status, more and more people are turning to it. If you’re new to betting and want to try a different game to bet on, then ice hockey is the one for you.

This guide mentions all the details regarding why it’s the perfect betting game and how you should start betting on it.

What is Ice Hockey?

An ice hockey player

Ice hockey is a game that involves two teams having six players playing the game wearing skates on an ice rink. The players have to throw the puck using the ice hockey into the goal line, where a goaltender stands to stop the goal.

Ice hockey is considered an international and an Olympic sport. Canada is at the top of the list, where ice hockey is quite popular, with more and more players registering themselves to play the game each year.

The match consists of 3-periods of 20-minutes each. The team changes their ends after every period, and the clock keeps running until the puck is in the rink. Just like any other game, ice hockey also has a few guidelines to declare a winner if there is a tie in the end.

The ice hockey team has six players, including a goaltender, three forwards for the attack line, and two defensemen for the defense line. The goaltender stands at the goal line wearing ice hockey gear to stop the opposite team from striking a goal.

The Ice Rink – Where It All Happens

Ice hockey has evolved throughout from a simple game to the one played in well-organized rinks. The ice rink is usually 61 meters x 30.5 meters along with an 8.5 meters corner radius. These specifications are given by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to play the game.

There is a 4-meter distance between end boards and the nearest goal line. Furthermore, there is a distance of 17.3 meters between the nearest blue line and goal lines and the same distance between both blue lines.

It’s a dangerous game with a lot of risk of injuries, which is a reason why more and more people are interested in betting on it.

Why Should You Bet on Ice Hockey?

The beginning of an ice hockey match

The main question is – why should you consider ice hockey as the next best game for betting? The game has received a lot of attention since 2013, but why is it so popular among bettors?

One of the main reasons is because it has a wide and diverse audience. If you’re wondering more, then here are a few reasons why ice hockey gambling is gaining attention with each passing day.

1. A Long List of Events

When there are more games, there are more chances of profits. Bookmakers also offer wide lines for ice hockey betting for famous tournaments. As a bettor, they can choose from a range of games to receive more profits than ever.

If you’re a serious gambler and always searching for betting sites, then trying out ice hockey betting can be a great deal for you.

2. Great Comebacks & High-Efficiency

Another top reason you should go for ice hockey betting is great comebacks and high efficiency. An ice hockey game changes in a second, and no one can actually guess what will happen next.

Hockey is an interesting game with more chances of comebacks and flips. If you love watching a great game with lots of twists, then ice hockey is the one for you. Since it’s a twisted game; therefore, the chances of winning profits are more.

3. Huge Number of Matches

Unlike football, ice hockey has a huge number of matches throughout the year. There is a constant field for betting, and a bettor can better predict the next match. If you’re looking for a constant stream of profits, then this is the game for you!

4. Dangerous Game

Where there is a risk, there is a high chance of profits. People are more interested in a game with ups and downs than a regular boring game. Ice hockey involves a huge risk of injuries, which is why it’s considered a relatively dangerous game.

Is Ice Hockey Betting Profitable?

Why should you bet your money on ice hockey? Is it even profitable? Well, yes!

If you want a game to bet on regularly with increased chances of winning, then this is the game for you. Some of the online sports betting websites offer live broadcasts, high odd markets, live betting, and so on.

Types of Ice Hockey Betting

Two teams playing ice hockey in an ice rink

Before you start to bet on ice hockey, it’s important to be aware of all its types. Where this game is fun, it’s also a great way for bettors to gain some profits. Here are some of the types of ice hockey betting that you need to be aware of.

1. Future Betting

Future betting begins when the season of ice hockey betting is about to start. A person bets on the upcoming games based on their research and analysis.

If you want to bet on future games, the best way is to research the previous ones first. Don’t be too quick to place your bets when you’re trying your luck with future betting.

2. Betting on Regulation Time

Regulation time betting involves betting on the first three periods of the game. Remember that overtime and shootouts are not included in this betting type. Make sure that you’re aware of all rules before betting your money on it.

3. Score Spread

Point spreads offer a large margin of victory to the bettors. They are slightly different from the puck line, which involves both positive and negative lines. Ask a pro to get started with this type of ice hockey betting.

4. Defeat/Exceed

This type of betting involves a total goal bet, the combined number of goals scored by the playing teams. The goals scored by the teams can be either +5.5 or -5.5 points over or under the margin.

5. Flow of Cash

Another type of ice hockey batting is Moneyline, which is an excellent start for beginners. All you have to do is pick a team that you believe will win the match. You win the profits if the team you bet on wins the game.

6. Game Aspects

Ice hockey does not have point spreads as compared to other games. It has puck line betting, which involves betting on the favorites. If you see a team that is everyone’s favorite in a season due to their performance, then betting on them is considered puck line betting.

7. Parlay Bets

Parlay bets involve betting on more than one team. You can only win a payout if all those teams win the match. As exciting as it looks, it has a more chance of losing money because of higher risk.

Tips to Start Betting on Ice Hockey

A happy player after winning an ice hockey match

Now that you’re aware of ice hockey and why it’s a great game to bet on, along with its types, let’s discuss some tips to help you get started with it.

Remember that every game has its ups and downs, and these tips will only help you win some advantage over others. Here are some tips to start betting on ice hockey.

1. Follow the Latest Odds

Don’t rely on past information. The game changes every minute, and therefore, it’s important to pay attention to what the new odds are saying. Almost all betting sites provide the latest odds during a game, which is why it won’t be of any trouble for you.

Follow the latest odds and avoid relying on wrong information as it can cost you your money. To make sure that you’re not scammed, try the best betting sites online to gamble on ice hockey.

2. Bet When You Find Value in Game

If you doubt that a bet might not come off as you expect it, then the best thing is to back off. Do not waste your money on long shots that will not get you any profits. Make sure that you’re betting your money on a game that has value.

3. Specialist in One Area

There are a lot of betting markets available for ice hockey. You cannot bet on all areas, which is why you need to specialize in one. Focus all your attention on one type of hockey betting and bet all your money on it to gain profits. If you keep experimenting, then you can increase your chances of losing. Make sure that you’re not making this mistake.

4. Get Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

Betting with only one or a few bookmakers is a mistake. There is no restriction on how many betting accounts you can use, so why limit yourself?

Online betting sites offer different odds on the same ice hockey bet, so making various bookmaker accounts can guarantee you success. Try to get as many bookie accounts as you can never to miss a chance to win.

5. Always Keep a Record

What else can make you a pro at ice hockey betting? A track of record.

Keeping a record of the previous bets can save you from making the same mistake again. Always keep a record of your bets to see how well you’re progressing in the betting game and how you can improve your predictions.

6. Don’t Forget to Research

Before the start of the ice hockey season, the team engages in intense training and friendly games. This is the ideal time to check which teams are expected to perform well and which teams might suffer in the game.

All you have to do is do a little research to ensure that you don’t bet your money on the wrong teams. Increase your chances of profits by betting on the right team through a little research.

7. Head-to-Head Matchups

What are head-to-head matchups?

The results of both teams’ matches in the last six months. Checking head-to-head is an important way to assess both teams and bet on the win with more chances of winning.

The head-to-head matchups tell you how the teams are performing, which one is a weak team, which team has seen more setbacks, which team is performing better, and so on. The head-to-head matchup will give you a lot of information about the playing teams.

What Games Actually Give You Real Money?

Two teams playing ice hockey

Be it ice hockey or football; any game can help you make money through betting if you’re using the right tricks. If you’re learning how to bet online, then you need to make sure that you’re not wasting your money in the wrong place.

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