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Why Do Sports Bettors in Ireland Stick to Gaelic Sports?


Sports betting in Ireland has been a very common practice. Some of the most popular sports, such as the Gaelic sports, are almost 3,000 years old.

These games are full of excitement, fun, and opportunities for sports gambling enthusiasts. However, we notice that the Irish bettors tend to only bet on Gaelic sports. Today, several online betting websites offer Gaelic sports betting odds and pools.

But why’s that?

Why is online sports betting in Ireland limited to Gaelic sports only?

Let’s find out!

Online Sports Betting on Gaelic Games is Extremely Rewarding

Gaelic games are some of the most rewarding and lucrative games to bet on. Online sports betting sites offer bonuses and promotions that make Gaelic games more attractive to punters.

In Ireland, online sports bettors are able to access easy and accurate Gaelic game betting odds with lots of online betting resources to make smart bets. This has resulted in their confined yet growing interest in Gaelic games online betting. Do you want to bet on a Gaelic sport too? Check out the best online betting websites in Ireland now!

It’s the Biggest Sports Event in Ireland

The Gaelic games consist of several sports events, among which the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is the most famous one. It’s the premier event in the Gaelic sports season and is played among the top domestic teams.

A player holding a sliotar ball and a hurling bat

Online sports betting websites offer several Irish football odds and predictions that allow punters to gamble online.

Different Online Gambling Preferences

Irish people are extremely patriotic and love to bet on their national sports events. Hurling is the country’s official national game, and therefore, punters are big on betting on it.

Even though England and Ireland are in close proximity, their online gambling and sports betting preferences are quite different. While the Gaelic sports are all the rage in Ireland, they’re not as popular in the global online sports betting community.

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