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Why Bettors In Uruguay Are Transitioning To Online Betting In 2022


Gambling has been legal in Uruguay since 1819. The government has regulated the industry, which has evolved tremendously. However, there are still no licensed operators that provide betting online.

Currently, the only legal way to bet online in Uruguay is through a wide range of safe foreign betting sites. Here’s everything you need to know before you start betting.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Uruguay?

In most Latin-American countries, land-based casinos and gambling houses have been legal for many years. However, there are no regulations regarding the operation of online gambling in Uruguay.

Since there is no legal framework governing the operation of online casinos in Uruguay, only one company is currently licensed to operate. This is La Banca’s Supermatch. The company only offers sports betting and virtual sports betting.

Due to the lack of regulations, FENAJU and other groups have been advocating for the establishment of a framework that will allow the government to regulate the online gambling industry.

Types Of Online Gambling In Uruguay

Sports betting is allowed in Uruguay through a wide range of foreign betting sites that provide the following markets:

Casino gamblingSports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular type of online gambling in Uruguay and other Latin-American countries. Through its partnership with the NBA, 1xBet offered its customers the chance to bet on the league’s games. Aside from professional sports, the company also accepts bets on various other forms of entertainment.

Virtual Sports Betting

Aside from professional sports, 1xBit also offers a wide variety of virtual sports games. In Uruguay, the company accepts bets on various types of games, such as soccer betting, basketball betting, and motorsports betting. Due to the nature of the games offered by betting sites in Uruguay, the company plans to launch more virtual sports offerings.

Online Lottery Betting

One of the first types of gambling products that Uruguay allowed to be conducted is the lottery. This is a state-sanctioned monopoly that allows its players to purchase and withdraw their winnings online. Although the regulations have changed, the lottery is still considered a state-sanctioned gambling product.

Casino Gambling Online

Online casinos in Uruguay offer various types of games, such as poker, blackjack, and slot machines. Also, bingo halls are known to offer various types of games. Although the country’s government doesn’t allow the operation of offshore gambling sites, Uruguay citizens can still access many of them.

Despite the lack of regulations, the US and UK-based online gambling firms still provide their customers with a wide selection of games. Unfortunately, there’s no licensed operator that can provide these games in Uruguay.

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Due to the lack of regulations, online gambling is not allowed in Uruguay. Also, since the country’s government does not allow the operation of online casinos, players in the country rely on offshore sites. Aside from sports betting, La Banca also offers other products, such as scratchcards and the lottery.

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