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Who’s Most Likely To Make It To The Finals Of The 2022 UEFA Championship?


The 2022 UEFA Champions League is entering its quarter-final stage, and the atmosphere is getting intense. Fans and UEFA bettors alike are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who’ll take the trophy home. But with such a fine selection of teams ready to battle it out for the trophy, it’s tough to determine who’ll be this year’s winner. However, we’ve gathered some expert predictions to help you make winning UEFA bets.

Who Are The Favorites?

Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich have the highest odds to win the 2022 UEFA Champions League.

While Manchester and Bayern have shown great performance during the season, let’s not forget that Madrid is the current leader of the LaLiga season, making them a tough opponent to beat. So as of now, it’s anyone’s race.

Who Else Is In The Running?

Chelsea may have been victorious last year, but their rankings have slumped a lot this year. However, after going against Real Madrid in the quarter-finals, it’s certain that the team hasn’t lost its flair.

So they can be a tough nut to crack in the upcoming matches and can very well end up winning these matches.

Who Are The Outsiders That Might End Up Winning?

Last season’s Europa League winners Villarreal might turn out to be the victorious underdogs for this season’s UEFA Champions League. Their previous wins show that they have the talent to step up their game and list one of the most prestigious football trophies in the world.

Their biggest challenges right now are Bayern Munich and their free-scoring players. If they contain them, they can guarantee their spot in the semi-finals.

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What Do The Odds Say?

The odds are mainly based on the player and team rankings. For example, Liverpool is listed with the highest odds on leading UEFA bookmakers, but in reality, the race is between Manchester, Madrid, and Barcelona.

This happens because the correct odds are only available sometime before the match starts. The rest are just predictions based on the overall performance of the team.

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