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What’s NBA Moneyline Betting?


Are you thinking of betting on the NBA playoff series? Then you’re definitely going to come across “moneyline”.

NBA players during a matchIts true moneyline can be intimidating and confusing for first time bettors, but it’s very simple in reality. Here is all the information you’ll need about moneyline before placing your bet.

What is Basketball Moneyline Betting?

In NBA moneyline betting, the bettor here is placing a wager on the team that they are expecting to win a specific match. While people can find this complicated, it’s very simple. You’re either choosing a winning team or the losing team, that’s it!

For example, if there’s a Detroit Pistons vs. Golden State Warriors match, the moneyline will ask you to wager on one of these teams that you think will win. Most online sportsbooks offer moneyline betting as one of their most common bets. In order to make the right call, all the bettor requires are the NBA odds.

Essential Facts About NBA Moneyline

Since only two teams are playing against one another, there are two options bettors have to choose from. The moneyline on the sportsbook website will either have a positive number associated with the number or a negative number. The positive number represents the underdog, whereas the favored winning team has a negative sign.

The key here is that the bigger the underdog is, the bigger payout bettors can expect. And the bigger the favorite will be, the smaller payout they should expect.

What If Both Moneylines are Equal?

Traditionally, both the moneylines can be negative, but they aren’t identical. In this case, the farthest from zero teams will have a “slight” favor over the other. Just remember that the bigger the difference is between the odds, the bigger the difference between the favorite and underdog.

How To Read Decimal Odds?

If the odds are mentioned in decimal readings, such as Golden State 2.58 and Oklahoma City 1.98, it represents a multiplier. Just multiply the amount you’re willing to wager by the decimal, and you’ll know the amount you’ll win.

For example: If you want to bet $100 at Golden State, just multiple 100 by 2.58 ($258) and subtract your initial betting amount ($100). You’ll be winning $158.

The small number here is the favorite whereas the large one is the underdog.

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