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What the 2021–22 Liiga Season Has in Store for You


Formerly known as the SM-Liiga, now, the Liiga, is one of the most significant ice hockey tournaments held in Finland.

Earlier, the 2021 tournament was canceled due to the pandemic as Finlad saw a surge in the COVID-19 cases. Now that the pandemic has lost some of its intensity and governments have become more efficient at tackling it, there’s a beam of hope.

Report shows that the Finland-based Liiga ice hockey championship will be held at different purpose-built locations with a huge amount of audiences, coming to enjoy and bet on the Finnish ice hockey matches from around the World. The Finnish ice hockey season also gave online punters a stream of rewarding bet volume.

This top-level ice hockey tournament has a lot in store for the online sports bettors.

Regular Seasons of the Liiga Ice Hockey Tournament

Typically, there are six teams chosen by the end of a Liiga season. These high-performance teams are sent straight to the quarters.

Liiga tournaments have a rule that the two team ranking at the 7th and 8th positions play a wild card round. This round decides the fate of one successful team that joins the group of six in the quarters.

Liiga Pointin Systems

It’s fairly easy to bet on Liiga matches as they have a simple point system. However, like betting on any other sport for the first time, online bettors must first do their homework. In the Liiga Ice Hockey tournament, each winning team earns three points per match. Moreover, in each instance, like the regulation and shootout, teams receive extra points.

Online gamblers can use this as an opportunity to bet on the best teams or go bold by betting on the season’s favorites.

Standings and Expectations

The 2019/2020 Liiga ice hockey season was quite an elite and functional affair in terms of pointing systems and competing teams. While highly-coveted and anticipated to win teams like the Lukko and Ilves made it into the qualifying round, none of them finished the affair.

Online punters are expecting this year’s Liiga season to be very different and much more interesting. The original Liiga match arrangements are expected to go back to normal, thereby creating high hopes and maximized results for online sports bettors.

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Which Liiga Teams are the Season’s Hot Favorites to Bet On?

Right now, the Ilves is leading the list, with IFK Helsinki, Tappara, and Jukurit following the topper. This season of Liiga will be the 46th season of the tournament, and it’s expected that the games will be played with very limited spectators.

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