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What Makes Betting On The Indian Premier League So Exciting?


The Indian Premier League has come a long way in terms of international popularity. It’s considered one of the biggest cricket events in the world. Each year, the league hosts several reputed international players along with an audience of about 400 million.

But what makes the tournament so exciting is the chance to bet on the matches and make some extra cash. Because of the high viewership, top sportsbooks specifically set up special bonuses and rewards for IPL. Here are a few more things that make this cricket an exciting event to bet on.

Easy Betting Lines

When it comes to betting on cricket, several different betting lines are available. Cricket is a relatively easier sport to understand compared to many other sports and is preferred by bettors. In addition to the regular betting lines, you can also bet on the series winner, series score, man of the match, total wins, innings, and wickets in cricket. This gives a lot of room to new bettors to get a chance to make some easy cash without the need to know everything about the match.

Bonuses And Rewards

Like all top sports, betting sites offer a number of bonuses and rewards for cricket as well, especially when it comes to live betting. Punters can win bonuses, free bets, and even rewards with each win. There are signup bonuses for first-time bettors, such as a 100% deposit match and free bets. While for loyal customers, the percentages of bonuses are higher. The bottom line is that if you bet carefully, you can significantly increase your winnings.

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International Players To Wager On

IPL has a total of 8 franchises representing one state of India. In each franchise or team, the players are a mixture of national and international players. As a result, international bettors get additional chances to bet on their favorite cricketers and watch them play in the field once again. This unique mixture of different players makes the match much more exciting and engaging to watch with friends.

International Betting

Despite being held in India, you can bet on the IPL matches from anywhere in the world. Due to the league’s popularity, many international betting sites offer IPL betting in several countries. This makes it easier for international punters to wager on the matches without worrying about legal issues and banking options

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