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What Is Tote Betting: The Best Online Bookmakers To Place Tote Bets


Tote bets are most popular in the UK and Ireland and are preferred by beginners and seasoned bettors alike. The bet is great for anyone looking to turn a minimum wager into a sizeable payout. In this, the odds aren’t fixed before the bets, and you’ll only get to see an approximation of the wins. This blog will explain tote bets and suggest gambling sites that are popular for totes.

What’s Tote Betting?

Tote bets are popular in racing. The bet is placed on events where all bets are put in a pool. Once the race is finished, all those who wagered on the winner will get a share from the pool. The share is determined by the wager each person has placed, the winning tickets, and the amount that’s taken by the organizers. In contrast to traditional bets, you don’t pick specific odds with tote bets, and the returns are higher if there are fewer bettors. To wager on tote bets, you simply need to select the runner you’re going to support and submit your wagers.

The Best Bookmarker

Since this style of betting is widespread in the UK and is placed on bets that take place in Europe, European bookmarkers are the best choice. These bookmarkers have the experience as well as the latest bets.

The first one is Bet365, This gambling site is pretty popular among sports bettors, but it also offers tote betting on horseracing. The site offers hundreds of races available for tote betting along with bonuses and promotional offers. The site also has a great signup bonus and deposit match option for newcomers.

The second one is Ladbrokes. This site is quite popular with horse and dog racing enthusiasts. The website is a simple user interface and offers the full schedule for horse races happening in the UK and Ireland. The tote betting option has a player-friendly format that lets punters place wagers easily.

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Some Useful Tips

Consistency is the best tip for tote bets. Look for performers that have shown consistency throughout the races. If they had bagged a few wins, they’re a solid choice. You can even consider their form as well as their age. Younger and fit contenders have higher winning chances of winning the races. Finally, you should only wager small amounts. In the end, if you end up winning, you’ll get good returns, and if you don’t, you won’t lose a lot of money either.

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