Cricket stadium at night.

Want to Bet on Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022? Here’s How!


The holy grail of women’s cricket, the World Cup brings in a different kind of excitement to the sport. While it does get less coverage than the men’s event, it’s no slouch in terms of popularity, especially with the excellent displays of athleticism over the years. The betting scene has popped off to and you too can participate in it:

Cricket stadium at night.

Select a Market

Betting markets are various betting categories that you can opt for. Every sport has different kinds of markets and cricket has various options to choose from as well. While there’s no one size fits all option that works for everyone, some are better than others depending on the risks, payouts, and other aspects.

A common example would be a top batter market, where you pick who will be the top-scoring batter in the match. There’s also another market where you pick the top-scoring batter for the tournament. Other options include outright winner of the tournament, best bowler. There are various options for team and player-based markets along with living betting options that vary differently.

Focus on The Stats

The more data you can gather, the more concrete the foundation on which your wagers will be based. Luckily, there’s a lot of information readily available on websites regarding women’s cricket. It can help you determine major factors beforehand and some bets that you’d aim to make.

Panoramic view of a cricket stadium.

From looking at the teams, players and what their chances are, and what markets you’d want to pay attention to, all of that comes through research. Whether you’re betting once for fun or plan on taking it professionally, there’s a lot you can achieve by research.

Pick a Suitable Website

Despite being one of the most popular sports in the world, many major countries don’t have a great local betting scene for cricket. Fortunately, there can be various foreign options that cater to bettors from your country that will offer cricket markets.

Because the Women’s Cricket World 2022 is such a major event, any website that allows bettors to bet on cricket will also feature as many fixtures and markets from the event as possible. Ideally, you’d want to do your research but many websites will offer reviews, making your search more convenient.

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