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Venture Out of Your Betting Comfort Zone by Betting on the Cup Tour of Thailand


Cycling isn’t really the first sport that comes to many people’s minds when you mention “sports betting.”

That’s due to multiple reasons. Firstly, when other sports like football and cricket are so enthralling, who would focus on cycling? Secondly, cycling tours and races are generally more popular in Asia, mostly in Japan. And thirdly, sports bettors just aren’t aware of the great betting opportunities that cycle race betting presents for them.

To get into the world of cycle tour betting, you need to start off with The Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn’s Cup Tour of Thailand.

Cup Tour of Thailand

The Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn’s Cup Tour of Thailand is an annual bike racing tour held in Thailand. Every year, incredible bikers from all across the country join the tour as professional cyclists. The race recently started allowing participants from other countries as well, which makes it enjoyable as an international event, too.

The 2021 Stage 1 of the Cup Tour of Thailand has just wrapped up with a winner not many anticipated. In 2022, sports bettors are going to gear up for a more exciting race. The fun and often the worst part about betting on cycling races is that you can barely ever make sound predictions about who will emerge as the star player or winner. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

How to Bet on Cycling

If you’re willing to step out of your betting comfort zone and experiment with a niche sport, then here’s how you can start betting on cycling.

Futures/Winners Betting

Much like with every sport, you can bet on the future outcome of a cycling race. Many cyclists participate in various bike races throughout their cycling careers. This helps the top sports betting bookmakers assign higher betting odds to players with a good track record. Since there are so many players, it’s hard to bet on a single winner.

Top Finishers Betting

Every race has runner-ups. You can bet on the top three, top five, or even top ten cyclists to finish in a race. These types of bets are comparatively safer than the winner bets since you have more chances of winning. If you’re betting on more than one player, you’re less likely to lose out on large wagers.

Stage Betting

Stage races involve various stages through which the cyclists must go. You can bet on which player will perform the best in which stage. The best online betting sites offer live betting odds for each stage, so make smart wagers accordingly!

A large group of professional cyclists cycling on a road during a tour

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