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Top Tips For A Better DFS Golf Roster


The DFS Golf games have taken the world by storm in recent years. The games are played through DraftKings, and like most fantast games, it involves you creating a team. You’re allowed to create a team of 6 players with hypothetical values. The total value of your team should not be higher than $50,000. This format is a huge hit among sports bettors and allows you to win a decent amount of winning with little effort.  Here’s all you need to know to pick your rosters for the DFS Golf tournaments.

The Course Preference

Unlike most sports that are played on a standard field, golf courses vary significantly. The performance of the players depends on their preference of the course; certain players will suit a course more than others. That’s why when picking your roster, you need to keep the course in mind. Parkland is one of the most common courses; the course is filled with lush grass and big trees.

It’s a bit difficult to pick players for this course as there are so many, but looking at the recent streak will surely help you out. Some other common courses are the desert course, the stadium course, and the links course. The links course is usually found in Europe, while the former two are picked based on the nature of the event. The Stadium course is most suited for in-person events.

Take A Look At The Odds

Most payouts for games for the DFS golf tournaments follow the pooling format, meaning each of the participants will get a portion of the winning. Some of the common types of games are Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs), Cash Games, and 50/50. Some of these games only pay out the top players even if everyone wagered the same amount.

However, depending on the side of your investments, you should consider wagering on betting sites as well. This will help you secure money if you end up losing your DFS games. It’ll also give you a chance to wager on top players you couldn’t include in your roster due to the game’s limitations.

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Pick The Players Carefully

The best advice is to pick good players, not only the top ones. You should remember that you have a $50,000 limit in selecting players; if you go for only ht top players you won’t be able to form a decent team. The best thing to do is to look at mid-level players that have great performance and a lower ‘value’. The best player on any given day for golf is the one who scores well on the field, not the famous one.

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