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Top Legal Online Sports Betting in the US


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Online sports betting has been on an unprecedented rise over the past few years, with many reputed booking websites offering betting and gambling services across the world. People have now become more inclined towards using the internet to bet on their favorite team rather than going to physical betting shops.

The trend is being seen all over the world, with online sports betting growing rapidly year on year. As more people understand the value of the internet, and the number of people with access to high-speed internet increases, it is predicted that gambling is set to become primarily digital.

Why Betting Online Has Gained Popularity

The popularity of online betting can be attributed to several reasons. This medium provides a myriad of benefits that a physical environment simply cannot match. For starters, a bettor can place their bets online at any time of the day, not limited by any working hours. This means that they don’t have to make time to physically go to a place to start betting and can do it whenever they are free.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have been constantly on the lookout for digital alternatives to their day-to-day tasks that they could do from the comfort of their homes, whether it was grocery shopping or going to class.

The same was the case with gambling, and that’s when online websites providing these services took off at an unprecedented rate. Although lockdown restrictions have more or less died down in the United States, the convenience and security provided by digital betting sites continue to reel customers in.

Another factor is the type of payment methods that a bettor could use when gambling online. Whereas most casinos would only accommodate cash or credit cards, most online casinos also accept mobile wallets and even cryptocurrency as well!

Many online sports betting websites even encourage you to choose cryptocurrency as your payment method of choice by providing you with special incentives and bonuses for doing so. This is because crypto usually costs far less to process than what it would take for a card.

Most reputable online gambling websites also provide very quick payout times for your winnings, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your payment to get processed and for you to celebrate betting on a wildcard.

The online world of gambling makes a diverse range of payment methods is made available to you by the online world of gambling while still being immensely secure. Gambling online makes it more possible for bettors to make fraudulent transactions, and these websites realize this. To counter this, they enact enhanced due diligence methods to minimize any risk of illegal activity and keep your winnings safe.

Several online portals have made a name for themselves through their trustworthiness and good practices by following these rules. As internet security has also improved greatly, there’s little to no chance of a site disappearing with your deposited funds or not giving you your winnings.

Everyone that goes to gamble has one thing in mind, to win as much as they can. This may come as a shock, but only gambling websites usually have higher profits for the winners than traditional casinos! The average odds available in online betting forums are better than in traditional betting shops, which will directly help you win more on each bet.

When it comes to gambling on the internet, the most popular form of betting is sports betting, followed closely by casino games and lotteries. This comes as no surprise, as sports gambling combines two things that excite us most as humans; sports and taking risks. Sports betting also provides the bettor with a way to get ahead of the competition by doing their independent research and finding out which player is most likely to go away with the gold.

Some of the biggest sporting events of the year are highly anticipated, and the number of bets goes through the roof whenever it’s time for a FIFA World Cup or NBA Championship.

While many may feel that online gambling has only just started blowing up in the past decade, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Digital gambling has been a mainstay of the internet since its inception, and many major global betting websites have been in the business for over two decades.

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The United States is one of the countries most popular for gambling, with its own Las Vegas being known as The Entertainment Capital of The World. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Americans have flocked in droves to try their luck through digital gambling and are looking to find the best sites to do just that.

However, all betting sites are not the same, and it’s imperative that bettors only use legitimate and licensed gambling entities to entrust their funds with.

But fret not; we’re here to help! Here are some of the best betting websites in the United States:

The Best Betting Websites in the US

Bet Online

Bet Online is one of the most popular and well-known betting entities in the United States, with a global popularity ranking of number 3. This fame isn’t for nothing, as the service provides several features that make it a favorite amongst gamblers in America.

Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it has been in operation since the ’90s, giving it somewhat of a first mover’s advantage in the States. The website boasts a payout time of 48 hours, faster than any other betting site in America.

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BetUS is another wildly popular betting website in the United States. The website is known for its easy-to-understand user interface and a large variety of sports and games to choose from. The website also accepts a wide range of payment methods, including bitcoin, and actually promotes the usage of crypto by giving new customers a 200% Crypto Deposit Bonus.

To keep its customers coming back to the service, BetUS has also introduced a Loyalty program, which provides users with early access, tips, and rewards for continuously using the service.


MyBookie also provides a diverse range of betting options as well as modern payment methods such as cryptocurrency, but what truly sets it apart is its mobile application. Available for both Android and iOS, the MyBookie app makes it easy for customers to place their bets through just their phones through a sleek, mobile-friendly UI.

The website also has one of the most astounding sign-up bonuses, promising to double your first deposit up to $1000, prompting every online bettor to at least try the service once.

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When it comes to digital gambling, it has always felt as if Intertops has been two steps ahead of everyone else. The sportsbook has been in operations since 1986, but that doesn’t mean it’s old-fashioned. Rather, it uses its experience to always be savvy to modern needs.

It was the first to launch a mobile-friendly version of its website in 2000 and is one of the smoothest working sites you’ll ever see. Similarly, it employs different levels and tiers for members based on how actively they are betting and provides rewards and bonuses based on the same.

These kinds of measures have enabled Intertops to gain many loyal fans over the years who use it as their go-to for sports betting.

Sports Betting

Judging by the name itself, you can guess that this website only provides customers with all things related to betting on a wide range of sports. However, specializing in something is better than being a master of none, and Sports Betting is a prime example of this.

Sports Betting provides betting options for almost any sport you can think of, from the popular ones like football and basketball to the relatively newly emerged esports category that has been making waves in the betting world as of late.

Like other websites on this list, it provides crypto support and a 10% deposit bonus for bitcoin.

Jazz Sports

No online betting site has quite picked up on the cryptocurrency trend better than Jazz, providing payments acceptance for not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin and Ethereum as well. The betting site offers a wide range of sports as well as casino games.

Its UI is simple yet effective, providing a diverse range of services on an interface that doesn’t distract the bettor with too many visuals. If you’re no-nonsense and just in it for the gambling, this may be your best fit.

The site also provides a wide range of bonuses for new and old bettors alike and also has contests periodically for bettors wanting to test their skills and go against other experienced gamblers.


XBet boasts a wide range of games targeted specifically at the American audience. Football,  Basketball, and F1 racing are some of the most popular games among American bettors, and it shows them upfront. The service also provides Racebook and Casino services.

The service has been able to expand its reach through lucrative referral programs that are unlimited in number and givers the referrer a 100% bonus when their referral deposits for the first time


While Rolletto is primarily a sports betting website, it also engages bettors that want to play casino games, providing a diverse range of poker, roulette, and dice-based games.

What’s unique about this website, though, is its section on minigames. These include six unique games that can be played quickly for big rewards. As the entire uniqueness of online betting sites stems from the convenience, it gives customers the option to bet whenever they are free, and this gives them a way to play short games when they’re in a rush.

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Betting Sites Ranking Provides On The Best Betting Websites

When comparing different betting websites in the United States, one thing can be said for sure; all of them provide more benefits to the customer than a traditional casino or a betting shop. The convenience of betting online is simply unmatched, and the diversity in payments is what keeps people coming back.

For anyone apprehensive about online betting, usually, the two most common doubts are regarding payment security and payout times. Often, people are worried whether the website will pay the money out at all!

Modern betting websites have tried to address these issues directly by providing payout times under a week, with many even promising settlements in less than three days. Similarly, all transactions are SSL Secured, an industry standard for payment security.

If you’re looking for a betting website that adheres to all the legal procedures and provides you with high-quality service, Betting Sites Ranking provides an aggregated list of all the best gambling sites all over the world.

We are an online platform consisting of a team of experts who represent over 100 countries and use their industry expertise and due diligence to provide their readers with a betting site that meets their requirements.

All of the websites we publish are carefully picked by seeing their accreditations and the value addition they provide their customers in the shape of rewards, discounts, and crypto acceptance.

While the list above was only for the United States, we review, compare, and rank the best online betting sites from 100 countries and list the top sites in the world for every country.

You can find the best basketball, football, cricket, hockey betting sites in the world through Betting Sites Ranked.

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