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Top Casino Gambling Websites in the UK


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, betting sites in the UK have increasingly looked to expand and shore up their online offerings, with lockdowns shutting down almost every betting shop.

However, casino gambling has always been popular in the UK, with gamblers wagering over £5.6 billion yearly. After slot machines and traditional casino games, online versions have also gained much traction with the introduction of online casinos in the UK.

Players in the UK can enjoy gambling from their homes rather than visiting physical casinos. They can even play for smaller stakes and have a huge selection of online games at their disposal, which probably no brick-and-mortar casino can provide.

As more governments are legalising online betting and bettors are becoming more receptive to online casino sites, it seems like the online betting world is not going anywhere soon. However, amidst every temptation an online casino offers, it’s easy to make big mistakes that can harm your bankroll. So, ensure you don’t make the following mistakes. But first, let’s understand what online gambling entails and how you can increase your chances of winning more.

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What is online gambling?

Web-based platforms known as online casinos are the backbone of online gambling. This is where all games are hosted, and you can play against other players to make some money.

To access these platforms, you’ll need three things: money, a working internet connection, and your preferred smart device.

First, you should make an account and deposit some money into it. This will allow you to place bets. From here, it’s similar to traditional gambling. Your winnings are placed directly into your account, and you’ll have two options: add more money from your bank account in case of bad luck and withdraw it if you’ve made some money.

Top Reasons Online Casinos Are Better Than Land-Based Casinos

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Gamble and Win ANYWHERE!

One of the major benefits of casino sites online is that bettors can place bets and win anywhere. Unlike land-based casinos, you don’t have to travel hours to Vegas and wait in long queues before placing your bet for real money. All you need to win online is an internet connection and a device.

Payment Options

The variety of payment options that online casino sportsbooks offer allows bettors to maintain their anonymity. A good casino site offers everything from card and crypto payments to e-wallets and bank transfers, among many other local and globally-recognised payment methods.

Bonuses and Game Selections

Online casinos also offer a diverse game selection. Whether you want to play roulette, slot games, online poker, blackjack, or baccarat, online casinos have it all. Bookmakers also give large bonuses and promotions that bettors can use to practise before playing with real money.

Top Tips to Choose Worthy Online Casinos

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#1- Check For Trustworthiness

It’s important to choose a bookmaker that has an excellent reputation in the market. Trustworthy betting sites keep your financial and personal information confidential and secure, along with an absolutely transparent privacy policy.

The best way to judge whether the trustworthy reputation that’s built is credible or not is to check how long they have been established and been in the market. Based on that, when you verify the reviews, you’ll know whether those are paid reviews to trick people or have been consistent over the years.

Another thing to check here is their license. Credible betting sites are always licensed since that keeps the bettors safe. The jurisdiction ensures they have a solid track record of protecting bettors along with a legit pay-back system.

The world of gambling is based on trust and security. That’s why Betting Sites Ranking provides the most honest reviews for top betting sites. Each review is performed under strict guidelines and only recommended to the client when approved by experts on board.

Betting Sites Ranking’s priority is to keep its clients safe.

#2- Read Terms and Conditions Associated with Bonuses, Promotions, Rewards

Bookmakers love players since they give business to them, and they want them to come back to them as much as possible by providing contests for everyone.

If you want to build your bankroll as a gambler, keep an eye on those incentives. Regularly checking the space before events is essential to explore weekly promotions, mobile promotions, and affiliate programs.

Gamblers can enjoy many types of bonuses, from sign-up bonus to reload bonus, first deposit bonus, and even risk-free spins. However, beware that bonuses and promotion rewards come with stringent restrictions and sometimes misleading and unfavourable requirements. That’s why make sure you check them out before cashing the bonuses to make money rather than lose it.

#3- Rate its Usability

Online gambling is all about a smooth and seamless experience. If the website has glitches and takes ages to load, it’s proof on its own that it’s not a good betting site. A top-notch online betting site for sports will be blazing fast with an instant response rate.

Another thing to look out for is simplicity. Timing is of the key essence when placing a bet or making a move in your favourite casino games. That’s why the website should be super easy to navigate while being compatible with all the browsers.

If your casino website offers a complicated menu and takes too long to load, it’s time to switch. Visit Betting Sites Ranking to view the list of best gambling websites for your next gamble spree.

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#4- Test Their Customer Support Service

When gambling online, there will always be unexpected glitches and errors that you’ll need help with. And since this isn’t just some video game but one that uses real money, having prompt customer service available is necessary.

Today, most gambling sites offer a live chat feature for spontaneous responses to problems, comments, or account issues. However, if the matter seems too urgent, you can always approach them through email or telephone too. Therefore, before you sign-up with them, check their contact us section and see what options are available if there’s an issue.

#5- Learn About the Currencies and Languages they Cater To

Another great tell for a good gambling website is that it’ll always offer services in multiple languages and currencies to accommodate gamblers from around the world.

Even though English is a universal language, many gamblers belong to other parts of the world where other native languages are commonly spoken or understood. Therefore, if they provide services in multiple languages, you know they’re big enough to cater worldwide.

#6- Follow Updates on Social Media Platforms

While checking the “FAQ” or “About Us” section provides an insightful view about the transparency the said bookmaker is willing to show to its registered members, social media helps you unravel things further. This is because actual users follow those accounts and cannot be stopped from posting reviews and commenting. Bettors can verify whether their claims from the website match their services or not.

More than seeing what customers have to say about the company, you’ll also see how it communicates and how long it takes to get back to its customers. Based on this, you can make a fair judgment about the overall experience you’ll have with the bookmaker.

Now that you know about the factors that make a bookmaker worthy let’s learn a few tips before you get started on the journey to win big.

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Top Tips for Playing to Win BIG

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Choosing Your Game

If you’re a beginner who is only getting started, the first step of acing online casino games is to choose your game. There are tons of options available online, and while you can play them all, we’d recommend choosing a specific game and sticking to it. With time, you can learn all the tips and tricks about the game to boost your chances of winning.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

Research well for each game you play. It may not be possible to have a fool-proof game strategy ready if you’re a beginner. However, you can learn risk calculation to minimise the chances of suffering a loss.

Players can also reduce their risk by placing wagers on both low- and high-risk casino games. This will maintain a balance and ensure that regardless of the result, the player makes some profit.


Before starting the game, make a budget and no matter what happens, stick to it. It’s easy to get swayed and spend more than you planned. This is where your bankroll management skills should come in handy.

You can lose substantial sums if you aren’t careful handling money in online casino games. If you don’t have a lot to spend, you can budget strategically and place several small bets. In this case, we recommend avoiding placing one large bet. For instance, if your total budget is $60, you can use $1 to play 60 slot machine rounds. This goes for other casino games as well.

Don’t use money allocated for rent or bills as gambling money if you can’t afford to lose the money.

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New User Rewards

Online sportsbooks give out big bonuses and rewards to attract new bettors. Use these promotions and bonuses to your advantage and try to profit from them. Pay special attention to all the deals that online bookies offer.

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High Award Games

When it comes to casino games, always aim for high roller games. The higher the risk, the more chances of winning big you have. Check out the VIP programs in your chosen online casino site and take advantage of all the perks offered in the program, such as loyalty awards or cashbacks. It’s wise to learn all about bonuses, cashback deals, and other policies before signing up for an online sportsbook.

Beat Casinos at Their Own Game

Every casino game is different. If you want to become a professional bettor, you need to learn how to beat live casinos at their own game. For instance, you can use smart strategies for games like blackjack and easily whittle down the online bookie’s chances of winning.

However, the bookie almost always has a 5–6% edge over the bettors for casino slot games, making it difficult for gamblers to beat the house.

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Avoid Alcohol

Many online gamblers like to play while under the influence. Alcohol increases the risks of losing money, as you wouldn’t be able to decide with a clear head. This is one of the major reasons why many bettors lose money on the gaming floor. To make a profit, you have to stay sober and alert.

Steer Clear of Shady Casinos

With the emergence of online casinos, it’s difficult to recognise a legitimate online sportsbook from a scam website. Scammers use the same technologically advanced software and give rewards and bonuses to users. This makes it difficult for bettors to differentiate between legit platforms and fake websites.

If you’re searching for the top casino gambling websites in the UK, you’re at the right place. Betting Sites Ranking compares, reviews, and ranks betting websites and promotions—for your benefit.

They share casino reviews for bettors to find safe and trustworthy websites to gamble on their hard-earned money. Explore the listings and choose a bookmaker that suits you best. Or keep reading to find the top gambling sites of 2022.

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Top Picks For Gambling Sites Offering Services in the UK

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Betsson was established in 2001, and today it has become one of the leading casino sites enjoying amazing popularity worldwide, especially in the UK. The Swedish gambling company rapidly gained expansion after the high-profile takeovers of some renowned rivals.

The aggressive moves enabled Betsson to grow its sports betting options, leading to it becoming one of the top 10 betting sites trusted by players today. All in all, there’s no reason a gambler wouldn’t love trying their luck on the website.

Finding flaws is quite difficult when it comes to Betsson. Undoubtedly, lots of effort have been put into the functionality and design of both the Betsson website and the app. The smooth navigation is proof that speaks for itself.

The exclusive promotions for online betting games are delightful on top of the incredibly generous signing-up offer. Whether it’s their banking, security, or customer service, Betsson has proved its professionalism and dependability across all aspects. Read the detailed Betsson review to find out more.


1XBet is one of the oldest casino websites operating in the UK and has more than 400,000 active players. Despite being a UK-based site, it offers different language options and international payment options as well. 1XBet’s special software allows users to get a premium casino gaming experience. Their automatic sign-up for their pooled jackpot is one of the website’s best features. However, there are plenty of other exciting things about the casino that we’ve discussed in our exclusive 1XBet review.


Betway is one of the best options for online casino gaming in the UK. The website offers over 400 games to its users, including table games, live casinos, and card games. Moreover, the website releases a new game each month to keep the players interested. The website also has downloadable games to offer players convenience and several baking options. Visit our review site to find out more about Betway.


Specifically made to serve the interests of gamblers, the Melbet gambling site is among the best online sites in the region, providing great promotions and bonuses, an eccentric sportsbook, and many other incredible features for casino gaming and sports betting.

There’s simply a lot to admire about Melbet. The generous bonuses and promotions grab the player’s attention right away. Be it the Melbet casino or sportsbook; players can find an array of exciting promotions.

When a player signs up on the Melbet betting website, they can gain access to top-notch betting features such as live betting and cash out. The gambling site offers easy and fast payment options and accepts diverse currencies.

Although this gambling website is intuitive to use, if a player has any queries or ever loses their way, they can always get in touch with Melbet’s round-the-clock customer care. Read our Melbet review to learn more about the bookmaker!


Intertops is one of the most legitimate betting sites out there. It’s popular among professional online sports bettors because it started off as a famous sportsbook. However, it now has an online casino as well, where players can play casino games like blackjack and poker. Intertops are the place to go if you want to enjoy the Las Vegas casino experience from the comfort of your home! Browse through our Intertops review to find out more details.

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William Hill

Established in 1934, William Hill is one of the best online betting sites in the world. Based in London, William Hill is a British global gaming company and is available in several countries worldwide, including the UK. The bookmaker has offices in different regions, including the Bulgaria UK, Gibraltar, and Israel.

On this site, you can find an online casino as well as a large number of sports betting options and much more. With more than hundreds of online casino games, there’s no doubt that William Hill online betting offers a lot of entertainment to all its players. There are also a huge number of markets available. Irrespective of what type of sports betting you’re interested in, you can find something here. Find out more in our William Hill review.


MyBookie began taking bets in August 2014 and is one of the recent additions to the offshore industry. With its long-standing reputation, the bookmaker quickly became one of the best betting sites offering services in the UK.

At MyBookie, you can find plenty of withdrawal options and safe deposit methods. These come with high payout amounts and a low minimum deposit limit. The bonuses for both new sign-ups and current members are also commendable. In addition, they provide outstanding 24/7 customer support and accept bettors from many other countries around the world. Looking for a more thorough assessment? Read our MyBookie review!


1xBit is a top casino with a great sportsbook section. It is one of the few crypto-only online casinos operating in the UK. Besides crypto, the casino also has a seamless user interface, making it convenient for people of all ages to use.

The website also offers new users great deposit matches and bonuses for regular customers. It also has a low deposit and withdrawal limit, along with live customer support. Looking to learn more? Head on to the 1XBit review curated by our industry experts.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an emerging betting site based in the UK and has several great wagering and deposit options. One of the best features of this website is its bet builder option, where you can create your own wagers depending on the sports and the amount you want to wager. This option is great for new bettors and those who don’t like wagering a lot of money but want to participate in mainstream bets.

The site is known for having up-to-date sports odds and its extensive collection of online casino games. You can claim some great welcome bonuses on the site on your first deposit. You can also play a wide range of live casino games from world-class developers.

Apart from that, you’ll get a live betting option, fast payouts, and great customer support. The website also has an app if you’re used to making bets on your smartphone. Learn all about the bookmaker in our comprehensive Paddy Power review.


Launched in 2018, 22Bet follows a simple user interface and has outstanding features. The website has a vast collection of online casino games, and new sign-ups receive a 100% deposit match. Players can also receive bonuses up to $250, but they need to win a few games before accessing the bonus. Apart from that, the casino offers convenient banking options and quick customer support. Find out more in our detailed 22Bet review.

Top Way to Find More Trusted Gambling Sites

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Betting Sites Ranking is a website that lists the top gambling websites from all over the world. You can check the websites, compare them with others, and even read their reviews.

Moreover, Betting Sites Ranking also lists sportsbooks according to categories, allowing you can check out no verification betting sites, top crypto betting sites, and local betting sites in your region with just a click!

All the top betting and gambling site lists are updated every 45 days to present you with the best online gambling experience. Gamblers can even find exclusive guides for the top casino games, sports betting, and e-sports betting options available at their disposal to improve their betting skills and increase their winning chances.

To stay on top of your game, you can also join the exclusive group on telegram to stay updated with all the latest industry news, best practices, tips and tricks, and more resources pertaining to the gambling world. Whatever you do, don’t forget to gamble responsibly while you enjoy some thrilling action in live or online casinos.


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