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Top 4 People Who Got Rich from Football Betting


Sports betting is a billion-dollar industry now. Ever since the US supreme court ruled sports betting legal in 2018, the interest in sports betting has only grown. In New Jersey, sports bettors place bets worth $1 billion every year. Many people have gotten rich through sports betting and made it into a full-time job.

Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Many bettors experience losses and failures, but some have beaten luck and become millionaires through this activity. Let’s take a look at some big names that have made money from football betting.

William T. ‘Billy’ Walters

William T. ‘Billy’ Walters is known as the “Great White Shark,” as oddsmakers in Nevada think he’s one of the most dangerous, smart, and feared football bettors not just in the US but in the world.

He has been gambling for over 40 years now, and he has earned millions of dollars. He employs staff who post his bets on American football, all remotely. He has earned a total of $300 million through sports betting, real estate, and the stock market. However, his story has a sad ending because he was imprisoned in 2017.

Tony ‘Lizard’ Bloom

Tony Bloom is the richest bettor in Britain. He owns Starlizard, which is a betting consultancy company. He has earned around $3.3 million through different tournaments, and now he is focused on football betting. He earns more than $1.5 million for a football match during the weekend and more than $150 million on average per year.

Haralabos ‘Bob’ Voulgaris

Bob is considered the richest and most creative sports bettor worldwide. He discovered the secret to successful sports betting at 25, as he earned million dollars a day on his bets. His prolific success has earned him millions of dollars, and his winning percentage is almost 70%.


James ‘Jeopardy!’ Holzhauer

James was a mere sportsbook manager till 2019. At 34, he earned his fame through football betting as he earned $2.4 million in over 32 Jeopardy games. He helps people have a career in sports betting and has become an ambassador.

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