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Top 20 Sports Events with the Highest Volume of Bets per Betting Website


Sport bets are among the most popular types of bets among bettors worldwide. Sports bettors frequently search for things like “best sports bets today” and “where to bet on sports online” to discover the best sports betting websites.

That’s where Better Sites Ranking comes in. We rank and review numerous betting websites according to factors like the minimum bet allowed on a sporting event. We also review numerous betting websites that offer live updates on everything from NFL to NBA scores. In other words, we ensure bettors have as much information as possible on sports betting odds before they place their bets!

The plethora of sports events taking place in 2022 make it a fantastic year to be a sports bettor. But which sports events have the highest volume of bets per betting website?

If you’re keen to learn the answer to this question, you’re in the right place! Here’s a look at the top twenty sports events with the highest volume of bets per betting website.

1. UEFA Champions League

A soccer stadium

Did you know most betting websites had Liverpool as favorites to win the Champions League? With Mo Salah in the side and new signing Luis Diaz taking the Premier League by storm, Liverpool had smaller soccer odds to win in Paris!

Yet it was the nature of their opponents that made the Champion’s League final one of the most popular sports betting events this year. Real Madrid was eager for a record 14th Champions League trophy—and they got it through a single Vinicius Jr. goal backed by a five-star performance from goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

This sporting event always makes it to our best daily bets—and it’s easy to see why after the heroics of Real Madrid this year. It’s no wonder the Champions League is one of the most betted-on sporting events in the world!

2. The NBA Finals

A basketball going through a hoop

This year’s NBA finals feels like a long time coming. The Golden State Warriors dynasty lives on with Steph Curry at the helm, yet it’s the Boston Celtics that are bearing the fruits of a project dating back to 2016.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum—both of whom joined the Celtics as youngsters—lead the line against the Warriors who swept the Mavericks 4-1 on their way to the finals.

Boston, on the other hand, scraped past Miami 4-3 in the Eastern Conference finals. However, with a rich history of being champions and a first finals appearance since 2008, Boston fancies their chances—and many sports bettors do as well!

The NBA finals kicks off on June 2nd and is already the center of countless bets from bettors around the world.

3. The Superbowl

A football

Where were you when the LA Rams beat the Bengals in their home stadium? We were biting our nails as the clock ran down with just three points in the game!

With over 208 million viewers, Super Bowl LVI was one of the most watched sporting events in history. It also had one of the highest bet volumes of any sporting event this year—as is the case every year!

If you want to compare odds across numerous betting websites for next year’s super bowl, be sure to check out our online comparison tool.

4. FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup trophy

First world cup in the Middle East; First world cup with air-conditioned stadiums. There are a ton of firsts for this year’s FIFA World Cup—but all of them pale in comparison to its November and December scheduling.

Why? Because this is the first time the FIFA World Cup will have the highest volume of bets of any sporting event at the end of a calendar year!

Normally the FIFA World Cup is the most popular event in the summer. But with the world’s eyes on Qatar in November, it’s estimated that the event will be a magnet for sports bettors at the end of the year.

If you want to get in on the action, we recommend using platforms like 1xbet and dafabet, which we’ve reviewed in detail. Both these platforms have Brazil as firm favorites (+500), just so you know!

5. The World Series

: A person holding a couple of baseballs

It was a fantastic time to be a Braves fan last October! Despite the World Series being played on the Astro’s home turf, Atlanta came through with their first World Series since 1995.

This year the Braves are second in NL East behind a Mets side that’s on fire right now with a 0.667% record. If things continue the way they are, we could be in for an exciting run at the end of the year!

Over 11 million viewers tuned into the World Series last year. This year, the number’s expected to grow—making the world series one of the most bet-on sporting events in terms of bets per betting website!

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6. English Premier League

 The football kits of Arsenal and Manchester United

This year’s English Premier League had it all. With Villa leading Manchester City 2-0, the Kop end began to dream until City showed their champions’ mettle and scored 3 goals in 10 minutes. Talk about high drama!

Nearly a million people tuned into the Villa-City game this season—many of whom bet on the event via several betting websites. In other words, the English Premier League had one of the highest per-website betting volumes of any sporting event this year!

With next season just a few months away, make sure you check out our list of top betting apps and browse through the latest premier league odds.

7. The Davis Cup

A tennis player holding a racket and ball

Did you know the Davis Cup was founded over a century ago? In those times, people were still making their way around town on horseback!

Fast-forward to today, and the Davis Cup has become a preeminent team event in men’s international tennis. With the group stage beginning in mid-September, swathes of bettors are already rubbing their hands at the chance of making big wins.

If you want to learn more about the Davis Cup, check out our guide on all you need to know about the Davis Cup.

8. PUBG Mobile Global Championship

A pair of headphones next to a keyboard

If you told the average joe a couple of decades ago that eSports betting would be one of the most popular forms of sports betting worldwide, they’d think you were crazy!

Yet nowadays, events like the PUBG Mobile Global Championship attract more than half-a-million viewers globally. In comparison to the other sports events we’ve covered here, that doesn’t seem like much—but for eSports, it’s a lot!

These days esports betters are using crypto currencies to bet on their favorite PUBG teams. If you want to compare the best crypto betting sites before placing your bets, check out our website now!

9. Wimbledon

 A tennis player serving the ball

Following a COVID-related hiatus, the class and glamour of Wimbledon returns on June 27th, 2022! With GBP 35 million up for grabs, the world’s best players will duke it out for a chance to be crowned in one of the world’s oldest sporting events.

The sheer popularity of Wimbledon makes it one of the most bet-on sporting events ever. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that Wimbledon has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website of any sporting event.

10. US Open Golf Championship

A set of golf balls

With a $12.5 million prize pool and a gorgeous playing course in San Diego’s famous Torrey Pines reserve, the US Open Golf Championship attracts the very best golfers each year.

This year, millions of bettors will be watching closely as the best of the PGA go head-to-head from June 16th onwards. The short, three-day format of the US Open Golf Championship makes it an exciting watch—which is why it has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website of any sporting event.

11. Tour de France

Cyclists at the Tour de France

Did you know this year’s Tour de France will be the 109th edition of the world-famous bicycle race? Sports bettors are promised 24 days of enthralling action as several top cyclists, including Mark Cavendish, will battle it out starting with the first leg in Copenhagen.

The Tour de France has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website because of one key reason—it’s the most famous cycling event in the world!

12. ICC Cricket World Cup

A cricket pitch

If you’re from the sub-continent, chances are you know how massive cricket is in this part of the world! It began as a game of colonies vs colonialists and has since expanded to take the world by storm.

The most popular format of the game—Twenty-20—is also its shortest. Yet it’s the world championship of the original format of the game (the ICC Cricket World Cup) that retains one of the highest viewership of any cricketing event worldwide.

With the next ICC Cricket World Cup being held in India, bettors will be tuning in from around the world to watch an event that has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website.

13. Summer Olympics

A group of women running

The next iteration of the Summer Olympics isn’t for another two years—but this event is simply too big not to mention!

The Olympics has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website because it’s the oldest sporting event in history with origins believed to be in ancient Rome. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this event attracts a ton of bettors every year.

14. Formula One Grand Prix

The Formula One Ferrari team during a pit stop

We haven’t singled out a specific Formula One Grand Prix here because every grand prix is watched by millions of bettors every year!

Formula One has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website because of the money attached to the sport. It’s one of the world’s most expensive sports to partake in and drivers like 7-time champion Lewis Hamilton command salaries as high as $65 million per year!

15. UFC

A man wearing UFC gloves

The UFC has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website because of its immense popularity in a vast number of countries.

UFC fighters hail from every country imaginable from New Zealand to Palestine—and it’s this cultural diversity that has helped the MMA brand establish a substantial worldwide following.

UFC president Dana White is no stranger to betting himself. Therefore, it’s no surprise that UFC events continue to have some of the biggest betting volumes of any sport!

16. Stanley Cup

 Ice hockey players vying for the puck

Did you know more than 28 million people tuned in to watch an unprecedented five game-7’s during the 2022 Stanley Cup? It’s no wonder the Stanley Cup is the most watched event in ice hockey!

The drama provided by series like Lightning vs Maple Leafs made betting on these games a rollercoaster people aren’t likely to forget anytime soon! Series like these exemplify why the Stanley Cup has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website.

17. The Melbourne Cup

A jockey on a horse

There’s a reason the Melbourne Cup is dubbed “the race that stops a nation.” Over a million people watched the last Melbourne Cup—but what’s unique about this event is the emphasis it places on horse betting.

Every person who watches the Melbourne Cup is encouraged to place a small bet on the race. In other words, the Melbourne Cup is by far the most bet-on sporting event in Australia and has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website of any event worldwide!

18. The Ryder Cup

 A gloved hand holding a golf ball

The question of whether European golfers are better than American golfers has been debated for decades. The Ryder Cup aims to answer that question—and the next edition will be in Rome commencing 25thSeptember 2023!

The Ryder Cup is only held once every couple of years, but the standard of golf on offer makes it one of an immensely popular sporting event among sports bettors and viewers alike whenever it’s on.

19. NCAA Division 1 Football Championship

 Football players

Imagine a college sporting event making more money than the big leagues. That’s what it’s like in the NCAA Division 1!

The NCAA Division 1 Football Championship earlier this year drew 22.6 million viewers—nearly 20% more than the previous year. North Dakota went on to win off the back of a scintillating performance by fullback Hunter Luepke that countless bettors relished!

20. AFL Grand Final

An AFL referee

The AFL Grand Final is the only sporting event for Aussie Rules Football. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that it has one of the highest betting volumes per betting website as only a few websites offer AFL bets!

If you want to find out how to win big at this year’s AFL Grand Final in September, check out our top tips for betting on Aussie Rules Football in Australia.

So, there you have it! Now that you know which sporting events have some of the highest betting volumes per betting website, it’s time to browse local betting sites on Betting Sites Ranking.

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