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The Top Sports Betting Events That Can Help You Win Big!


If you’re a sports fan, you must’ve seen the betting fixtures for your favorite sport. For many, sports and gambling go hand in hand. Many top gambling sites even sponsor sporting events to generate more traffic on their sites. As a result, the two industries have become integrated. Any time there’s a huge sporting event, online sportsbooks run promotional campaigns to get people to bet as much as possible.

This means the sporting event will get better viewership while the gambling site gets more wagers. Even so, some sporting events get much more fanfare and viewership than others. Most betting sites try to capitalize on that by offering better wagers, bonuses, and other promotions. So if you master sports betting for certain big sporting events, it’ll increase your chances of winning big by a lot.

However, before you can start placing online bets, you need to learn about the top sporting events and strategies to ace the bets. Here’s a guide that lists the top sporting events in the world and how you can win big by betting on them.

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Why Do Betting Sites Favor One Sporting Event Over The Other?

Despite offering pretty much the same services, each online bookmaker is different. The main reason for the differentiation is the audience. If a site is preferred by football fans, you’ll probably find better football odds and promotions on that site.

Even though betting sites usually have multiple sporting categories, many have one or two major categories. This preference is also country-specific. For example, sportsbooks in the US would have better NFL odds than odds for cricket.

Similarly, betting sites in Europe would have better football odds since football is more popular there. The reason why sites prefer one sport over another is that it generates more revenue for them. If a region has more football fans, offering better odds for football will attract more punters.

Besides that, sometimes, online bookmakers have a deal in place for certain sporting events. They get a commission by advertising these events and showing better odds and promotions.

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Top Sports Betting Events

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a football championship in which men’s national football teams participate. The teams can only play if they’re FIFA’s member nations. The championship is held every four years, and the current defending champion is France, who won the championship in 2018 after defeating Croatia.

The FIFA world cup starts with the qualification phase, which takes place over three years and 32 nations qualify for the final tournaments. The World Cup is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world and accumulates hundreds of millions of views. The 2022 World Cup is set to begin in November in Qatar.

Betting Strategies For FIFA World Cup

Explore The Betting Markets

Football betting markets are quite versatile. Besides the common betting lines, you’ll also find special football betting lines such as goals, top scorer, and corners. These betting markets are difficult to understand and predict, but they offer better payouts. On the other hand, if you’re new to football betting, it’ll be better if you stick to outright bets or prop bets.

Understand The Team Stats

As a team sport, the results of a match depend on the individual players and their performance. Even if one team has an exceptional player, it doesn’t guarantee a win unless the rest of the players are considerably, if not equally, good. You can monitor the team’s and players’ performance though watching the qualifying matches to get a rough idea of who you should bet on.

Go For Live Betting

The way a football match is structured, you get a lot more betting options during live betting. For example, you can bet on the penalty shootouts, the number of goals in the next 10 minutes, and even the players most likely to score a goal.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the final stage of the annual NFL (National Football League) championship. The championship determines the league winner after the playoffs. The game is played on the second Sunday of February. As a result, the day is often called ‘Super Bowl Sunday.’ The NFL is the most popular sport in the US, overtaking FIFA and tennis, and all major sportsbooks in the US offer special NFL odds and promotions during the season.

You also get many more betting options with the NFL due to the nature of the game. If you want to practice your betting skills before the Super Bowl, betting on the divisional playoffs is a great way to learn some betting tips and tricks.

Betting Strategies For The Super Bowl

Don’t Ignore The Underdogs

In the past eleven Super Bowls, the underdogs have won six. So ignoring the underdogs during the playoffs makes sense, but in the final, it sounds stupid. You’ll be wasting money if you blindly pick the favorites without researching the team and its potential. So if the underdog team has better stats than the favorites, don’t hesitate to bet on them.

Pick Prop Bets

Prop bets focus more on the events in a game than the game itself. You get many more options to increase your winnings without taking any hard risks. For example, you can bet on which team will score the first touchdown or which player will score the highest touchdowns. These bets are fun and a great way for beginners to polish their skills before they move on to more challenging NFL bets.

Go For The Outright Bets

If you’re new to the online sports betting scene, outright bets are your best option. These bets are cheaper to make, and you can make accurate predictions easily. The easiest outright bet is the moneyline bet, in which you only need to pick a winner and wait for the game to finish. You will also find several outright betting options in NFL live betting, but those bets require undiverted attention and a proper understanding of the game.

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Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is held every four years and is a men’s rugby union tournament. Twenty of the top international teams participate in the tournament. The qualifying teams are selected based on their performance in the last world cup. The tournament has two stages and lasts for six weeks. The teams are divided into four groups equally at the start of the tournament.

The winners of the semi-final matches play the final, while the losing teams play a match called the ‘Bronze Finals’ to determine the third-place winner. Rugby is mostly popular in Europe, so punters looking to find good rugby odds should look for betting sites in the UK or other European regions. Moreover, bettors are likelier to find better promotions and bonuses with European sites.

Betting Strategies For The Rugby World Cup

Research The Teams And The Players

Proper research is how most seasoned bettors make money. Rugby relies on team efforts, so researching a team’s past performance, lineup changes, and stats will give you a rough idea of who to bet on. This can make all the difference in turning a regular bet into a winning rugby bet.

Understand The Game Properly

Compared to most sports, rugby can get rough, which is why normal sports rules don’t apply. If a player runs into another, you won’t see any umpire giving out warnings or yellow cards. That’s because this is how the game is played. As a result, these things aren’t counted during bets either. If you’re waiting for an event or an injury to turn your bet around, you won’t have much luck with it. So make sure you review the game’s rules before placing any bets.

Understand The Rugby Bets

Given the nature of the game, outright bets are the safest option. Bets like Moneyline bets, futures bets, and live betting will significantly increase your winning chances. However, if you love the thrill and taking risks, you can go for the spreads, but make sure you know about the teams well.

Look For The Best Odds

Rugby odds are a bit tricky to understand. If you’re a beginner, you should focus more on outright odds to increase your chances of winning the bets. But if you’re a seasoned better, you might want to look for higher odds to improve your winning chances. Go for betting sites that have a wider selection of rugby bets. They’ll have more accurate odds and several rugby betting options.

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The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is the championship series held annually by the National Basketball Association. The Finals include the eastern and western conference champions taking part in a best-of-seven series to determine the NBA Final’s winner. The championship is held from late May to early June in the United States and Canada. To date, a total of 19 teams have won the championship from a total of 30 teams. Of these 30 teams, only one is from Canada.

It’s the most popular sporting event in the US right after the NFL and is also quite popular in the rest of the world. Millions of viewers tune in to watch the matches. Another great thing about the championship is that it gets sponsorship from leading betting sites making it easier for punters to find good NBA odds and make winning bets.

Betting Strategies For The NBA Finals

Pay Attention To The Players

Basketball is a game that mostly depends on the performance of certain players. If a team has a star player, you’re better off betting on that player than others. That’s because the rest of the team members also strategize to give the star players a chance to score a goal.

Go For Live Betting

In basketball, a team might go for 10 points in a row and then ruin their performance. This significantly affects the game’s outcome, making it difficult to make outright wagers. Live betting, on the other hand, allows you to bet and win on certain events during the match. This way, you can increase your winnings without taking any major risks.

Track The Line Movements

You can start easily by tracking the line movements if you’re more comfortable with regular odds. The basketball odds are usually available 24 hours before the match giving you plenty of time to check the lines and pick your bets. However, you need to factor in any unforeseeable injuries when placing the bets.

Go For The Prop Bets

Try prop bets if you’re new to betting or NBA but still want to place bets. These bets aren’t directly connected to the game. Instead, they focus on special events in the game, such as an injury, individual player performance, or the total number of goals. You can polish your betting skills by making prop bets.

Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the men’s One Day International (ODI) championship organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The championship is held every four years and includes preliminary rounds and the final championship. The ODI championship is one of the most watched events in the world. However, most of the audience comes from Europe and South Asia.

The championship involves a qualification phase that lasts over three years, and the top 14 teams that rank the highest during the qualification phase enter the championship. The next championship is set to take place in India in 2023. Cricket odds are among the most exciting, and you also get several wagering options. For beginners, cricket is a good sport to start with because of the wagering options and easy bets.

Betting Strategies For The Cricket World Cup

Pitch Conditions Matter

How the ball bounces off the pitch will determine the match’s fate. This is why pitch conditions matter a lot. If the pitch is too dry, the ball will bounce more. Similarly, for a wetter pitch, the bounce will be less. You can use this information to predict the accuracy of the hits the batsman makes.

Pick The Right Betting Site 

Since cricket is so popular, you can find odds for it on almost all major betting sites. However, some betting sites will offer better wagers and wins compared to others. European betting sites will undoubtedly have better cricket odds and promos for cricket compared to US betting sites. So make sure you shop for odds properly before placing bets.

Stick To The favorites

If a team is performing well, it’ll likely win the match. The top teams such as England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa always have a higher chance of winning against their opponents, making it easier for you to place your bets.

Go For Live Betting

Live betting, in most cases, is quite tough, but it’s comparatively easy for cricket. You can easily predict the bowling performance during an over or a runs partnership between two batsmen. Moreover, live betting is more exciting and offers a higher payout.

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Golf PGA Tour

The golf PGA tour organizes various men’s golf events in the US and North America. These events are held annually and include several championship events such as the Player’s Championship, the FedEx Cup, The Tour Championship, and the Presidential Cup. The great thing about these events is that you only need to understand one of them because the rest follow the same format making it easier for you to wager on them.

Moreover, the tour also generates a sizable viewership that allows punters to find good golf betting odds and make winning wagers easily. Another great thing is that the events span two calendar years, allowing you to bet on the events using essentially the same betting strategies.

Betting Strategies For The Golf PGA Tour

Shop For The Odds

This is true for most sports betting events; however, with golf, you really need to be sure of a bet before wagering your money. That’s because golf bets can vary drastically between different you need to find odds that offer better payouts for the same bets compared to other sites.

Get The Right Timing

Golf is all about timing. There aren’t many exciting events in a match, so timing is everything. You need to properly asses the tournament and the players and pick the best time to place your bets on the players. If you bet too early, you might regret it after seeing the player’s performance and lose the bet.

Avoid The Favorites

Since golf events don’t have a lot of players, it can put golf betting sites at a disadvantage. As a result, they set the odds in a way that doesn’t favor the favorites. So if you’re used to betting on favorites, you won’t be able to win big. You’ll have to learn about the players, understand their form, and then pick one to bet on.

Embrace The Uncertainty

Golf comes with a lot of uncertainty. A good round can turn into a bad one with just a few shots, and there’s no guarantee who will end up winning. If you get disheartened by the uncertainties, you won’t be able to stay level-headed and make good bets. A good way to do this is to stop thinking about the bets you’ve lost and focus on the future.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse racing event held in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. The event is usually held on the first Saturday of May and lasts for two weeks. The competition involves a Grand I Stakes Race for thoroughbreds that are three years old and includes a course of 2.0 kilometers. The race usually lasts for approximately two minutes. This event is the first of the triple Crown event.

The remaining events include the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. However, the Grand Stakes is undoubtedly the most popular race of the event. It’s also dubbed as the ‘Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports. The event attracts millions of viewers from across the globe, and this is why many online sports betting sites list attractive odds for the Derby in a bid to rope in more punters and generate higher revenue.

Player holding a rugby ballBetting Strategies For The Kentucky Derby

Starting Position And Speed

The starting position of the horses is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding. There will be 20 other horses in the race, and where they stand and how fast they can go will surely affect the race’s outcome.

Class Of The Horse And The Stamina

Some horses will just be better trained than others. Looking at the horse’s racing history, you can easily predict its performance in the race. But just because they’ve won in the past doesn’t mean they will win again. It all comes down to their stamina. Certain bloodlines have better stamina than others.

The Jockeys

Three-year-old horses won’t have much racing history, so the jockeys can make them win or lose a race. But people often don’t pay much attention to the jockeys, leaving them disadvantaged. The jockeys have been racing for years, so they know how to handle a horse, and if they’re good at it, the horse has a higher chance of winning the races.

The Favorites

Favorites always have better betting odds than the underdogs. Especially for novice punters, it’s better to go for the favorites to increase your winning chances. However, if an underdog has shown great performance in other races, they might be worth the wager. Ultimately, it comes down to your knowledge of horse racing.

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