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The Top 10 Sports Betting Events Loved By Professional Gamblers


Online sports betting is getting more popular day by day, and enthusiastic punters from all over the world and placing bets in a bid to win big. That’s not all. Many of these punters are looking to become professional gamblers. But becoming one isn’t easy.

There are thousands of sports categories to choose from, not just that, but each sport has several different kinds of bets available. Mastering all of them and becoming pro gamblers isn’t easy nor practical.

This is why betting enthusiasts should focus on a few top sporting events to start their online gambling careers. Besides that, picking the sport is another hassle because each of them has different rules when it comes to betting. So we’ve listed the top sporting events pro sports gamblers love so you can understand each one and start betting.

Why Betting On Certain Sports Easier Than Others?

The profitability of a sport to sports bettor depends on several factors. The major one is the betting markets it offers. For example, top sporting events such as tennis, football, and basketball are loved by millions, and hence they have huge betting markets. This helps novice gamblers make winning bets without wasting a lot of money.

On the other hand, region-specific sports have small betting markets and usually aren’t available on leading online bookmakers. This makes it difficult for punters to find suitable betting markets that can help them make profits.

Another thing is the payouts. Popular sports tend to have higher payouts compared to lesser-known ones. So even if punters make smaller wagers, they can still win some money.

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The Top Sport Betting Events Lived By Pro Gamblers


Commonly known as football, the National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports worldwide. The game’s final, The Super Bowl, is watched by millions and features top celebrities during the halftime show.

But that’s not all. Online bookmakers offer thousands of betting markets during each NFL season. The markets contain bets that are suitable for novice as well as pro gamblers. Most of the pro-American sports bettors start their careers in NFL. Here’s why you should bet on it.

Wide Betting Markets

Since this sport is so popular, punters enjoy a wide selection of betting markets. In addition to the usual outright bets and point spread bets, the NFL offers certain game-specific bets, such as multi-game and teaser bets. The multi-game bet spans several games, and the payouts depend on the outcome of each game. On the other hand, the teaser bets are low-risk bets that allow more than one pick for each bet.

Multiple Bonuses

Due to its popularity, several top sportsbooks offer additional bonuses to bet on NFL matches. By using these bonuses, you can save money and reduce the risks of losing bets. These sportsbooks also offer special free bets to novice bettors, and you can use them to get the hang of the game before you start betting.

Several Team And Players To Choose From

From the start of the season till the end, the NFL features 32 teams with a total of around 1696 players. This gives you a wide selection of teams and players for your bets. You don’t have to bet on the same team all the time. Instead, you can make bets depending on the stats of the players. This way, you’ll have better chances of winning.

Power Rankings

Power rankings help online betting sites set their odds, but they can also be useful if you want to make long-term bets. These rankings show the top 4 most-likely winners based on their performances and lineup.

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Right after the NFL, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular sport in the US. It’s also substantially popular worldwide. This is why sports bettors can easily find a vast betting market to kick start their online gambling career. The season features 30 teams with 82 games, giving plenty of opportunities to make winning bets. Here are some more interesting features of the game.

Individual Players

Even though the NBA games are played in teams, the bets focus more on the players. That’s because the game is very calculated, so there aren’t many options to place bets. This leads to a smaller betting market. But by focusing on the players, online bookmakers offer several additional bets. So even if you’re new to the game and don’t know much about the teams, you can still make winning bets by focusing on the player’s stats.

Live Betting

With live betting, sports bettors get many challenging betting options. Live betting requires you to be quick and analyze the situation properly because the bets are made in real-time. But once again, they are focused on the individual players. But with a little practice, you can get the hang of it. The best part about live betting is that you get a higher payout.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is available in a multitude of sports. With the NBA, you can actually make some decent profits with it. Because the game depends on the players, it offers more chances for prop bets than other sports. For example, you can bet on who’ll miss the goal or which player may get carded during the game.


Unlike the NBA and the NFL, golf has four major tournaments in the year; The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship. As a result, sports bettors get several chances to wager and win. Each major event has several betting markets. Moreover, if you master one betting market, you can use it on all the events. This saves time and improves your betting skills while giving you ample chances to win.

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The Masters

The Master’s Tournament is the first major golf event of the year and starts in the first week of April and lasts till August. It’s played at the Augusta National Golf Club. Punters generally get three different categories of bets; the golfer who wins the event, the top three golfers, and the golfers who score the highest. Punters can find different bets within these categories, but the most common and profitable one is the head-to-head bet.

The US Open

The US Open is another annual golf championship held at The Country Club in Massachusetts, US. the championship is an official part of the golf PGA tour. The top players for the 2023 championship are Scottie Scheffler and Jon Rahm, but the official odds will be displayed n leading golf betting sites a week before the start of the championship. Due to the venue’s unique design, the US Open championship is much more challenging. As a result, the betting becomes exciting too.

The Open Championship

The Open Championship is one of the oldest golf champions, often referred to as the British Open championship. The championship starts in July each year and is held at different venues in the UK. The current champion is Collin Morikawa from the US. He’s also the one with the highest odds this season. The unpredictability of the venue makes the game challenging for the players and the sports bettors alike.

The PGA Championship

The fourth and final men’s major golfing championship, the PGA Championship, is played in the middle of May. The PGA winners are automatically selected to play all the major golf events the following year. The PGA tournament is popular for its prop bet selection and outright bets selection. Punters can find all the bets from regular golf tournaments plus special PGA ones. Making it easier for them to win.


Football is perhaps the most popular sport in the world, which is why it, in addition to the domestic leagues, includes several top championships. But due to the unique nature of each championship, sports bettors get a plethora of betting markets to choose from. It’s also one of the best ways for novice bettors to become pros. Check out the top events.

FIFA World Cup

Perhaps the biggest championship in the world, the FIFA World Cup, grabs the attention of millions of fans worldwide, including sports bettors. Not only does the World Cup feature the top players from each league, but you also get to see several new faces enter the championship.

Moreover, almost all betting sites offer special odds and betting markets for the FIFA World Cup. Newbie punters can polish their skills by betting on the earlier matches, so it’s easier for them to make winning predictions when the tournament is in the final leg.

UEFA Champions League

Besides the World Cup, many club competitions are quite popular in football as well. The most popular one among them is the UEFA Champions League, in which different players from different countries play in clubs to compete for the championship trophy. The good thing about the championship is that most of the time, one of the top-ranking leagues is the winner. This makes it easier for punters to make winning bets.

Africa Cup Of Nations

As the name suggests, the Africa Cup of Nations involves African Nations. Among them, Egypt is the one with the most wins. The tournaments happen each year in January, and many African players from top leagues take part in them. This is why it’s easier for bettors who follow football leagues to make bets because the players’ stats are the same.

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Tennis tournaments are divided into four categories, and together they make the Grand Slam. Players who win each category are crowned the Grand Slam champions. The tournaments start with the Australian Open in January, followed by the French Open and Wimbledon, and finally close with the US Open in September. These championships differ because of their courts. Generally, the top tennis players such as Djokovic or Nadal are the winners.

Australian Open

Held each year at Melbourne Park in Australia, this tournament sets the tone for the Grand Slam Championship. The game is played on hard court surfaces, which increases the ball’s bounce and makes it challenging to hit shots. Moreover, the Australian Open has the highest viewership of all the Grand Slam events, so punters get a huge selection of betting markets. Because of the nature of the matches, outright bets are the most popular ones.

French Open

The second event is the French Open, that’s held in Paris. This tournament is held on clay courts. As a result, the ball’s speed is slowed, generating a higher bounce. This court is good for players who use spin when serving. So you can increase your winning chances by betting on such players.


Considered a royal tennis championship, Wimbledon is the oldest tournament held each year at the All-England Club in London. The tournament is the only one with a grass court that makes the ball skid, and only fast players can hit properly. So on grass courts, even the top players fail to score because it’s all about speed.

Us Open

The final leg of the Grand Slam Tournament, the US Open, is another hardcourt tournament in the series. It begins in August and continues for 2 weeks. The best part about this tournament is that it’s easier for punters to judge the players’ performance because they’ve played most of the past tournaments.


Rugby is pretty similar to American football; it’s just a bit more aggressive. Rugby is primarily popular in Europe, and most of its viewership comes from there as well. Another thing about Rugby is that the season continues without any breaks, even if other rugby tournaments are being played. This gives punters a better chance to assess the players’ and teams’ performance and make informed bets. Here are a few more things to keep in mind.

Competition Rules

Some tournaments follow a format that leans towards attacking. So the teams get more points for scoring four tries. But this rule isn’t implemented in all tournaments, so whichever one you’re betting on, make sure you check the rules. Otherwise, you’ll end up making the wrong wagers.

Form Of The Teams

Unlike other sports where players have to be fit, in Rugby, players have to be physically strong too. A team with weak players is at a disadvantage of losing. You can make accurate predictions in outright bets if one of the two teams has a weak player.

Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are a way for betting sites to make fixtures more even. This gives one team a higher chance of winning. Because rugby matches are heavily one-sided, handicap bets are the most popular form of betting.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Formula One Grand Prix includes a series of 3-day races all over the world. The unique thing about these races is that they are held on public roads and circuits. At the end of the series, a point system determines the winner.

Different Race Tracks

Since each circuit is different, you need to understand the driver’s style and the car to determine whether they’ll win or not. Some circuits are made for cornering, so a car that’s good on the straight stretches will perform poorly on the corners and vice versa.

The Point System

The Grand Prix betting markets are based on the point system of the races. For each win, a driver is awarded 25 points, so when making your pick, you can check out the odds and the driver’s points before betting. These points are helpful in all bets, whether outright or over/under bets.

The Drivers

F1 doesn’t have teams, and it’s just one driver throughout the race. That’s why each driver’s fitness and driving style are important for every race. Even if the driver has given good performance in the past race, they can still lose their touch and perform poorly in the next ones. So checking out the practice rounds will give you an idea of the driver’s form.

Ice Hockey

Just like football, ice hockey has several tournaments throughout the year. However, betting on them isn’t as straightforward as football. The game can get aggressive, and it may be difficult to determine which team has the upper hand. But the thrill and betting markets make ice hockey a favorite of pro online gamblers.

Outright Bets

You can make two types of outright bets in ice hockey at the international or national league levels. For beginner sports bettors, outright best is the easiest, given the nature of the game. You can bet on the game-winner or the league or tournament winner but be careful with game-winners because the game can change at any moment.

Handicap Options

A unique ice hockey betting market is the puck line handicap market. This allows you to win no matter which team wins. For that, you’ll have to understand the favorites and the underdogs and the points by which they have to win or lose for you to win the bet. It’s tricky, but if you get the hang of it, you can easily place winning wagers.

Hidden Value On Bookmakers

This comes in handy during home and away matches. Online sportsbooks always favor the home team. This gives them the advantage to win. Normally the sportsbooks would assign higher odds to the home team, so if they win, you’ll get a higher payout.

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Horse Racing

Horse racing is where sports betting started. It first began in England, but horse racing events are now held worldwide. Since horse race betting is so old, most of its original betting practices remain intact. This is why punters love horse racing betting, and it remains one of the most popular forms of betting. Take a look at some of its key points.

The Proper Tools

Whether you’re betting online or offline, you’ll need a few things to start horse race betting. You’ll need a racetrack program, the racing form, handicap selections, and the odds. All of these things are available on online sportsbooks. You’ll need to go through all of them to prepare yourself.

Exotic Wagers

Unlike regular wagers, where you can only wager on one horse at a time, exotic bets allow you to bet on multiple horses using a single bet. So obviously, they’re harder to win and are expensive. However, with some practice, you can learn to nail them and get more payouts per bet.


In simple terms, e-sports refers to betting on video games. E-sports betting is relatively new, and the betting markets still haven’t fully developed. Not just that, but with e-sports, the betting markets tend to change a lot due to the volatile nature of the games. The in-play bets depend highly on the type of games you wager on. You need to be well up to date on the current e-sports trends and leagues to be able to bet. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Pick The Type Of Games

You can either go for fantasy games like DOTA 2, sports games like FIFA, or adventure games like CS:GO. The types of bets available aren’t that important because each game has different rules. So you should focus on understanding the game instead of looking at the betting markets.

Study The Teams

Instead of the betting lines, the team’s performance will help you win. You need to look for good coordination and response. Whichever team has better teamwork will be more likely to win the game. Other things like the setup, experience, and previous wins aren’t important if the team doesn’t have good coordination.

Don’t Make Big Wagers

Unless you’ve been following the tournament from the beginning, making bigger wagers is a bad move. That’s because the lineup changes in the teams and the pressure of the tournaments make it difficult to guarantee victory. Not to mention the players don’t receive any formal training to play in esports matches.


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