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The Future of Sports Betting


Previously, legal sports betting in the US was limited to Nevada only. However, it has become mainstream, especially in 2018 after the Supreme Court lifted bans on the industry’s expansion. Thanks to this, a multibillion-dollar betting boom is afoot. Compared to Nevada, more money is now wagered on sports in New Jersey. Plus, California is set to become one of the biggest betting markets after voting on legalization this year.

With the expansion of betting, the boundaries that once separated gambling from professional sports leagues and sports media are thin. On mobile devices, sports betting is made possible through digital apps, which gives it a foothold across the US, threatening the business of brick-and-mortar casinos. And this is just the start; the industry is poised for tremendous growth.

Esports is growing

If someone in 1985 told you that the future of sports betting would involve betting on players playing video games, you’d probably laugh it off. However, this is exactly what’s happening now.

However, there are some concerns. First, the age of players (usually minors) has raised many eyebrows. Secondly, the video games’ inherent nature makes them susceptible to match-fixing.

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While it’s too early to make a clear call on what esports betting markets will look like in the upcoming years, expecting it to stick around in a big way in the future makes a lot of sense.

Micro-betting, big bucks

You know about totals betting, money line betting, live betting, futures betting, etc. Now, there’s something new as well: micro betting.

Micro-betting is much easier to understand compared to other betting forms. Simply put, it’s gambling on short-term events – it’s much shorter than live betting quarters.

While this betting type may sound exciting, there are certain limitations that one must take into consideration. For example, punters must either be locked into the live event or risk missing out on potential wins. Moreover, live TV broadcast tape delays may affect the timing of the bet offerings.

Although micro-betting is still in its infancy, it has exciting potential for sports gambling’s fast-paced world.

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