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Swing Away with These Betting Strategies for the CME Group Tour Championship 2021


The CME Group Tour Championship 2021 is just around the corner, so it’s best to start polishing your betting skills. Golf is played all over the world, but the people in Europe and the UK are big fans of the game. Golf is now rising in popularity in North America as well.

Whether you’re new to betting online or an expert at it – you definitely need a few tips to get started with golf betting.

Betting Strategies for CME Group Tour Championship 2021

From betting on golf to basketball, it’s important to read the numbers first. Unless you have done your homework, you will never be able to bet with certainty. Golf is a relatively predictive sport, but you still need to follow a few strategies to win big bucks.

Bet on the Favorite

Riding on the hot golfer is an excellent way to win the bet and earn great profits. It’s important to pay attention to each player and keep track of their previous game wins to see how they are expected to perform in the next game.

Measuring the golfer’s performance in the last few matches will give you a reasonable idea as to how they will perform in the CME Group Tour Championship.

Read Stokes Gained Golf Stats

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Another analytical approach to bet on a winner is by reading the Strokes Gained (SG) number. Mark Broadie introduced the SG data in 2011, which was a remarkable breakthrough in golf betting.

SG suggests how many shots a golfer will take to reach out to a hole in a specific place compared to other golfers. The data is based on numbers, which is why it’s more reliable than making assumptions. The golfer’s strengths and weaknesses are taken into account to prepare the data.

Picking Winners at the Majors

If you want to win big from golf betting, it’s best to get your bets in early. You will see a lot of dark horses in a golf game, but the trick is to not only rely on them to win the bet. Often the players who are tanked outside the top 50 wins the game; however, it’s not the case every time.

You can rely on the top-5, top-10, or top-20 markets, but the sleeper often wins the show. Know that anything can happen in a golf tournament.

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