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Super Bowl Props You Need To Know


Looking to add excitement to your Super Bowl betting spree? Then be sure to pay some attention to prop bets for the added excitement and thrill.

Player throwing ball

Since prop bets aren’t based on who will win or lose the game but other details, there are hundreds of opportunities you’ll come across during the Super Bowl. From choosing the standard player props to the more bizarre player, you’ll have plenty of chances.

But first, let’s discuss the important things.

What Are Super Bowl Props?

As mentioned above, prop bets don’t care about the outcomes of the match but rather how it pans out. You can place a wager on every other thing other than the outcome. From who will make the first fall or the exact number of scores a team will make before half-time, these are just examples of prop bets.

Super Bowl: Common Props

Sportsbook around the world offer many types of prop bets you can choose from. To make this easy for you, it’s best to start with the most basic prop bets, as they are easy to understand.

Game Props

The Super Bowl game props are based on the statistics of the game and the certain scenarios that happen during the game. Even though some of these bets are available during the regular season, they’re more fun when it’s the Super Bowl.

Some examples of Super Bowl game props include:

  • The first offensive play call
  • Who will get the red card first
  • The first score of the game
  • Number of penalties
  • Longest field goal

Super Bowl Player Props

If you have a keen eye for individual player performances and like seeing each player perform, then player prop is a better bet. These bets focus on individual players and their accomplishments while being in a yes/no form, over/under the form, or head-to-head.

Some common player props for the super bowl include:

  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Touchdown props
  • Specific stat over/under for players

Exotic Props

What makes Super Bowl betting fun and unique are the exotic props. These bets are highly entertaining and have nothing close to them in any football event. Since they pop up only during big events, these are considered novelty events.

Some popular examples of exotic bets include:

  • Coin toss
  • National anthem length
  • Who will be thanked first by the MVP?
  • Color of the Gatorade shower

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Who is Offering the Best Super Bowl Props?

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