A person holding betting money.

Sports Tech 101: Your Guide to Sports Betting Terms


The jargon of sports betting can seem complicated and all the numbers you see on screen don’t make things easier. Don’t fret, as much of it is fairly simple and with a bit of background, you’ll understand it easily. If you’re looking to get into betting and want to learn the essentials or want to jog your memory a bit, here’s the info you need:

A person holding betting money.

The Moneyline

If there’s a term you’ll constantly hear, it’s the Moneyline. The Moneyline is just a three-digit number, having either a plus or minus sign before it. If a  team has a minus sign in the Moneyline, it’s considered the favorite to win the fixture, while the other team is the underdog and generally weaker.

Suppose you see a -200 for the Chicago Bulls; for every $200 that pitched in, the winner gets $100. On the contrary, you win a lot more betting on the underdog and if they win. Suppose the Cleveland Cavaliers have +200 on their Moneyline. If you bet $100, you gain $200 if it’s a successful bet.

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The Spread

It’s easier to understand the spread once you’ve understood the Moneyline. The plus or minus sign indicates favorites and underdogs the same way Moneyline does. The spread denotes the number of points that the underdog starts the game with or the deficit the favorite starts the game with.

Suppose the Knicks are taking on the Warriors. If the Knicks have +4.5 points and you bet on them, the Warriors must either win or lose the fixture by less than 5 points for you to win the bet. On the flip side, they must win by 5 points or more for you to win.


A parlay is generally simple but its rules can vary between places, so make sure you read what applies on the platform. You make multiple calls across different games, and if every single bet you made is correct, you win. Even if you lose one call, you lose it all. Parlay betting is fairly risky, but that’s how some of the most successful bettors make it big in betting.

People tend to get attached to the idea of success, but it’s better to accumulate small wins.

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