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Sports Betting Rundown – How to Bet on Golf


Golf is a popular betting choice for many sports bettors; however, it’s a complex sport and not that easy to grasp quickly, especially when it comes to betting. This makes golf betting a lucrative investment, and if you get the hang of it, you can earn a lot of money.

The Golf tournaments like the PGA Championship and the US Open provide sports bettors with opportunities to cash in on the predictable outcomes. PGA Tour is popular amongst bettors around the world, as well as the Presidents Cup.

Basic Bets

The basic bet you can place on a golf tournament is the one where you bet on who you think would win the entire competition. It’s a futures bet that you usually place before the tournament kicks off. However, these bets are now available online after each round.

Another common bet is where you bet on a specific player and how much they will fare against other players. This is usually placed on the tournament’s favorites. Head-to-head bet is wagered on the matchups between the best players in the tournament. You bet on the golfer you think would score more or less.

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Live Golf Betting

Live betting has become increasingly popular. Most sports bettors choose to bet during the games. This has been facilitated by the online sportsbooks and betting websites as they offer various live betting options with different bonuses and perks.

With live, in-game betting, you can analyze the players’ performances and place a bet after the game has begun. When you go on various online websites, you can see the top bets and different bets, including head-to-head and props bet.

Golf Betting Strategy

Golf bettors should carefully study the field and know everything about the golfers. Know not just the star players but also the new players. You can find some valuable picks that can land you huge payoffs. Place smaller bets that can pay well.

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