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Should You Bet on the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League 2022?


When you think of sports to bet on, ice hockey probably doesn’t come to mind. That is unless you’re living in the UK.

The UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is one of the best tournaments in the world. Every season, millions of people across the world tune in to watch the top teams go head-to-head. Since the sport is relatively niche, not many of the largest online gambling markets cater to it. Even if you’re an avid sports bettor, there are still chances you’ve never bet on the EIHL.

Here’s why you’re missing out!

Lucrative Betting Opportunities

Ice hockey involves two teams with six players each. The EIHL is famous for having some of the best matchups and player face-offs in ice hockey. With some players having exciting rivalries and excellent teams putting their utmost efforts into every match, the league becomes a thrilling experience for sports bettors to enjoy. You can bet on many different aspects of the game based on the past player performances, team track records, and ice hockey odds offered by the best online sportsbooks.

Incredible Teams and Players

The EIHL always features some of the best ice hockey players in the world. These players can singlehandedly carry their teams to the top, which makes betting on them highly lucrative. The current standings for the EIHL after the 2021 season ended are as follows:

1. Sheffield Steelers

Every EIHL fan is well aware of the Sheffield Steelers’ prowess in the game. They’re currently standing at number one with 26 total points in 16 games played so far. In the EIHL 2021-22 season, they have 10 wins under their belt, giving them some of the best odds.

2. Belfast Giants

With star player Scott Conway pushing them along, the Belfast Giants are currently standing at number two with 20 total points in EIHL 2021-22. They’ve also won 10 of their 15 games played so far. However, they have more losses under their belt than the Steelers.

3. Cardiff Devils

Coming in at number three are the Cardiff Devils. The Devils have Brodie Reid to thank for their 8 wins so far. They’ve suffered some harsh losses but their 19 total points are keeping them afloat.

EIHL Betting Tips and Strategies

If you’re betting on ice hockey for the first time, you’re bound to make some mistakes. To avoid that, here are some tips:

  • Read up on the sport
  • Use the best online sportsbooks
  • Stay up to date with the matches
  • Access top ice hockey expert odds online
  • Start with small bets that you can afford

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