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Reasons You Need to Bet On Six Nations 2022


A major highlight of the sporting world, each year, a new chapter is added to the stories of zealous rugby rivalries, a few of which started over a century ago. The battles between the Northern Hemisphere’s biggest rugby-playing nations are immensely gripping and intense, and so is the online betting action that comes with this historic tournament.

What is the Six Nations?

With the love and passion for rugby at the center of its heart, the Six Nations is one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar.

Since Italy joined the tournament in 2000, it has been referred to as the Six Nations. Rugby fans in France, Italy, Great Britain, and England cherish and value the tournament’s long-standing history and ancient sporting rivalries that are refreshed each year.

Most Popular Betting Odds for the Six Nations

The question all online gamblers are asking right now is who will win the Six Nations outright in 2022? According to bookies, England has a strong chance of winning the title.

They made it to the Six Nations Final in 2019 and finally won the championship in 2020. That being said, France is also a strong contender with high chances of winning their first title since 2010. After their disappointing loss in 2019, France was resurgent again in 2020, and they also boast some of the world’s best young players.

The reigning champions and 2019 Grand Slam Winners, Wales, won only two games in 2019 and will try to avoid a repeat. Meanwhile, Ireland has shown some promising signs and may get back to their 2018 winning form.

Betting Tips for Six Nations

There are various ways you can place your wagers on the Northern Hemisphere’s biggest annual Rugby tournament. You can bet on the winner of the tournament, the winner of each match, the top scorer, and point soccer odds.

Look for sportsbooks with a good reputation and a broad range of markets. You should be able to choose your market quickly and easily place bets. Many online betting sites will offer promotions to attract gamblers.

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Reasons to Bet on Six Nations

The Six Nations Tournament is unique in the sense that there are relatively small numbers of teams and fixtures that result in high-quality action for viewers, fans, and online gamblers alike. It’s one of the best attended and watched sporting events globally, following the likes of the NHL and UEFA tournaments.

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