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NFL Week 7: A Quick Preview


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Football placed in the middle of the ground.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans

Patrick Mahomes didn’t have the most glittering start to the 2021 season, but he remains at the top when talking about the passing touchdown charts while entering week seven.

With the Chief’s defense faltered, Mahomes’s passing performance forced the team out of precarious holes as the start quarterback. While this did cause a few uncharacteristic mistakes, it has also helped produce some exceptional results, which we only expect to continue on their route to Nashville.

Tennessee is another great team that hasn’t been performing the best this season, especially against the pass. While there were many question marks all around the Titans long before the season began, the questions will only increase if the performance remains as it is.

Washington Football Team vs. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has proven to be the best bet in football this season, with their recent performance under observation. While being under the stewardship of Matt LeFleur, the Packers have lost only seven games in the regular season, of which two have come at Lambeau Field.

The Packers have been devastatingly good and even notched up 16 – 2 records in the past 18 games played on their home soil.

However, when speaking about Washington Football Team, they have been somewhat of a disappointment till now. Even though they headed to the season with many promises, they lost their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick quite early on. Even after tedious efforts from Heinicke, he hasn’t yet recovered.

The major problem with Washington Team has been their poor defense that should have been much better at this point.

Houston Texans vs. Arizona Cardinals

Even though Halloween’s long gone, this match remains one that could have been watched from between the fingers as it was the biggest mismatch of the season.

With a 17.5 handicap to reflect, this game wasn’t appealing as a contest but rather a transactional history between two franchises. With Houston allowing two of their mega players to leave for some refreshments, the past 18 months have confused everyone in the game.

Player running with ball

What To Expect Next?

While the seventh week of the NFL series was a rollercoaster of surprises and disappointments, we are all hoping to offer something much better in the coming weeks.

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