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NFL Betting 101: Everything You Need To Know


Placing bets on NFL games has become almost as popular as watching the games! The league draws millions of bettors every week who log onto their favorite betting website and win big. However, the world of betting can be complicated, and it’s not surprising to see a newcomer get a little confused over the jargon being used and the complexity of it all.

Whether you’re a newbie in the world of gambling or are a seasoned professional, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics. Here’s everything a bettor needs to know about betting on the NFL.


A linesmaker or an oddsmaker is a person who works in the Sportsbook to set the spreads, total, and futures lines for a specific sporting event. Their job is to make a winning bet on that game.

Points Spread

The point spread is a line that shows the number of points that the better team is favored to win. It can be presented in several different ways, such as: “14 points favor the Patriots over the lowly Browns.” Or “the Browns are a 14 point underdog against the Patriots.”

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Opening Line

The opening line is often the first point that the public places on a game. It can then move up or down depending on the reaction from the public. The favorite team is typically the team that the public believes will win the game outright. For instance, in Super Bowl 51, the Patriots were 3.5 point favorites.

The underdog is a type of team that the public expected to lose. In Super Bowl 51, the underdog was Atlanta. If you believe that the favorite will cover the spread, then you are taking the points. If you are laying 3.5 points on the underdog, you expect the opponent to win by 4 points or more.

Moneyline or Straight Up

Before betting on the game, you know that you are not taking on the spread. It only shows the number of points that the favorite team is expected to win. To win $100, you would need to wager $300. On the other hand, if the game is evenly matched, the Moneyline on both sides is -110. This means that if you bet $100 and the underdog wins, you would win around $91. A game with a +100 money line would not work as long as the casino makes money.

The vigorish or juice is the margin the house uses to take advantage of both sides of the game. Sportsbooks try to set the lines to take equal action on both sides. For instance, imagine that the winning bettor puts down $100. After taking the bet, the house will give him $91, while the losing side will lose $100. When the underdog covers the spread, it shows that the team could win by more points than it was expected to.

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