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NBA vs. NFL Betting Differences


Online sports betting has been increasingly popular in the past few years, and while there are many sports options to bet on, two of them have been leading the ranks consistently. NBA and NFL are professional basketball and football leagues, respectively, for men.

Both these sports have similar strategies for betting, but there are certain differences that exist in the games that a sports bettor should know about. Here are some of the differences you should consider before choosing which one to bet on, NBA or NFL.

The Schedules

NBA and NFL teams have different schedules. NBA teams have to play 41 road games per season, and this is why they’re often on the road. For NBA players, traveling is strictly penalized. Whereas in NFL, the teams play eight road games per season, and in between the games, they can go back home.

Because of the miles and excessive traveling involved, it can take a toll on the NBA players’ health. According to studies, excessive travel can lower testosterone levels in players and also distort their circadian rhythms. There are often “scheduled losses” in the NBA because players need adequate rest to restore their health.

Bettors need to consider this before making bets. NFL can be considered more relaxed and less grinding when compared to NFL.

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Style Difference

One of the key differences and a major concern for bettors when choosing between the NFL and NBA is the number of scores. In NFL, the points come in slowly. Whereas in NBA, you can look at the points total and decide which team to bet on because the points adjustment happens regularly.

A simple change in NBA points won’t affect the bettors much, but NFL’s point changes can make a huge difference.

NBA Lines Have Far Less Variance

In NFL, the lines and details about the game are available before the week starts. On the other hand, NBA lines are only available the day before the game and sometimes on the game day.

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