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Most Popular Sports Betting Systems People Use


Sports bettors don’t just throw money blindly. They’ve developed detailed systems with rules to ensure their money isn’t being tossed in the fire. Sports betting systems seem a bit complicated from the outside looking in, but they’re fairly simple once you pay attention to the details:

NBA player in mid-air

D’Alembert Betting Theory

The D’Alembert betting theory operates on four rules:

Set a Base Unit

Before beginning, set a base staking unit and stick by it. While this can vary from bettor to better, it’s wise to never go above 5% of the entire bankroll. A good option is to stick with 2%

Begin with One Unit

For the first wager across any cycle, only use the base unit that you started off with when you’re utilizing the D’Alembert System.

Raise Stakes Upon Loss

Each time you lose a wager, raise the stakes by the base staking unit. Starting off with $5 means that you bump it up to $10 upon loss. $15 after that and so on.

Reduce Stakes Upon Win

For each winning wager, decrease the stakes by one base staking unit. If you win a wager for only one unit, keep it as is for the next wager.

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Martingale Staking Plan

The Martingale staking plan works similarly to the D’Alembert betting theory, but rather than adding the stakes based on the staking unit, the stakes are doubled. Starting off with $1, you increase it to $2, then $4, $8, and so on. While being a risky technique, the goal here is to make up for any of your total losses.

Parlay System

The parlay system is the easiest one, but it’s also fairly risky. A bettor opts to bet on outcomes for different games and each of their picks needs to be correct. If they guess all of them right, they win the bet and can net substantial profits. Get even a single one wrong and you lose.

It’s fairly risky and most bettors stay away from parlays, but many big bettors have made a name with parlay betting.

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