Full stadium during baseball match

MLB Betting Guide for Sports Bettors


Major League Baseball is a world class baseball event with some of the world’s oldest and major professional sports teams. The tournament consists of 30 teams, out of which one team is from Canada, and 29 are from the United States. The winner of the previous MLB event was the Atlanta Braves, making last year’s win their 4th title to the collection.

Full stadium during baseball match

Moving on to the MLB event of 2022, whether you’re a new or a professional bettor, there are some special MLB bets in the play that can help you win big. If you’re eager to learn more, here’s all you need to know.

Baseball Moneylines

The traditional system of point spreads can’t work with baseball due to the nature of the game’s scoring system. That’s why oddsmakers use moneyline odds instead. They work exactly like the other standard moneylines, which means bettors will place bets on the outright winners.

MLB Run Lines

A good alternative to traditional baseball moneyline betting is MLB run lines. The difference here is that there’s no fixed odd here for favorites and underdogs. For example, if the Yankees are at +1.5 (-155) and Red Sox are at -1.5 (+135), then that means Sox must win by at least two runs or more so that bettors can cash their tickets.

The standard run used is 1.5, but it can also vary based on the odds.

Baseball Totals

Unlike other sports, the total score in baseball matches is relatively much less. That’s why the total bets in MLB consist of the total scores made by BOTH teams. And if the total doesn’t have a half-point, it can lead to pushes.

The average totals set by oddsmakers are seven runs, but if the match consists of two strong starting pitchers, the total can be dropped to 6.5 runs.

MLB Parlays

The parlays for MLB baseballs are quite different from the fixed odds parlays that you find in other sports. Even though the parlays for both football and basketball have payouts independent of the matchup or point spread, baseball is much different due to the moneyline odds.

All online betting sites use a standard calculation system that determines the payout for baseball parlay bets. This allows bettors the opportunity to get the “true” odds for their bets rather than a fixed amount.

MLB Futures

The highest paying bets for every sport are the future bets, including MLB. These bets are long-term wagers that are placed way ahead of their time. The sooner you place the bet, the higher amount you’re expected to win. And since baseball consists of a large field of contenders, you can generally expect a higher payout.

Baseball match during Rangers game

Ready to Place Your Next MLB Bet?

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