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Looking To Bet On The 2022 Master’s Tournament? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Betting on golf legally has always been a popular pastime for participants and the spectators of the game, and Masters Tournament wagers are no exception. First played back in 1934, the Masters Tournament has been one of the most prestigious PGA tour events. Sports fanatics anticipate its arrival every year as April approaches to see which golfer would etch their name into the history of being a green jacket winner.

The 2022 Masters Tournament begins April 7th as part of the PGA Tour Season that’s back in full swing! Tiger Woods made his mark in the 2019 Master tournament as he made the improbable comeback to win the green jacket. Currently, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm are the players with the highest odds of winning the Masters championship. They’re both listed with +1000 and +800 odds, respectively. While the defending champion, Hideki Matsuyama, is further down the line with +2500 odds, putting him somewhere in the middle of the favorites list. However, Tiger Woods’ ranking has fallen – he’s currently at +6000 odds, considering he’s still rehabbing from the injuries caused by a catastrophic car collision. The world awaits his commitment to the 2022 PGA Tour. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other things fans can focus on for their 2022 Masters picks, best bets, and predictions.

Golf Bet Types

Much like other major sports, there are plenty of options for punters looking to wager on the Masters Tournament. While picking the outright winner is the most popular market, you’ll find several other options, including props and head-to-head matchups. Here are a few ways to make the most of your golf betting journey.

#1 Each-Way Odds

This allows punters to wager on the players likely to win the tournament but also finish with a particular standing, such as Top 8 or Top 3. Each-way bets are technically two bets with separate payouts. When a player wins the tournament, they’ll win both sides of such bets. However, if they couldn’t win but finished fifth, only the Top 5 side of the bet would win. These bets are typically placed before the event starts and are graded on the final leaderboard at the end of four rounds. You can wager on the outright winner during live play and between rounds on sportsbooks offering live golf odds.

#2 Three-Way and Head-to-Head Odds

Rather than wagering on a particular play vs the entire field, punters can bet on the player vs another in head-to-head golf bets, just like moneyline wagers. Oddsmakers often set odds on the player who is likely to post the higher finishing position. Punters can pick the player they think will witness a better tournament. Three-way golf bets add a third player to the mix, allowing punters to wager on the three players involved by picking which of them will finish higher at the end of the tournament.

#3 Round Totals

Oddsmakers set a projected final score for the player for the round. Punters can wager on whether the player would finish with an actual score under or over that round total.

Betting golf props is unarguably the fastest-growing market, with odds on everything from hole-in-one, hole-to-hole results and whether or not a player would make the cut. Punters can also place live bets using mobile apps or online sportsbooks that constantly adjust the odds to the results on the course. This included odds to win the round, outright winner odds, and hole-by-hole odds for selected players, among many others.

Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Masters Betting

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A robust wagering strategy and odds in sports betting are crucial for determining the amount you’ll win if the bet is successful. Research the history of golfers on a particular course and the weather during the Masters tournament to check whether it affects the probability of your target golfer’s winning.

Don’t forget to dig deeper to understand the game’s mechanics and how to bet on golf like a pro. Instead of betting only on a specific market, try diversifying your wagers by including different betting lines and markets. Browse the list of the top local betting sites in your region at Betting Sites Online to make sure you choose a bookmaker that’s legal, safe, and offers the best odds helping you maximize profits.

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