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Looking To Bet On The 2022 English Premier League? Here Are The Facts You Need to Know


The English Premier League is underway, and football fans from around the world couldn’t be more excited. Football is one of the most betted-on sport in the world, attracting millions to wager on their favorite team for a chance to win real money.

However, even if you’ve been betting on different sports for years, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to football. To get you up to speed, here are the facts you need to know if you’re looking to bet on the 2022 English Premier League.

Why Bet On The English Premier League

It’s hard to find a case against betting on the EPL. The tournament is one of the most popular competitions in any sport, not just football, which means that you’ll find almost every online sportsbook with games featured on their platform. The wide availability means that you’ll also find a wide range of bet types to choose from, including single-game, multi-gam,e, and prop bets.

This leaves you with many bet types to choose from and the potential to help you place high-stakes bets with greater winnings. The English Premier League betting market has matured significantly over the years, and the tournament gives bettors a golden opportunity to make free, enhanced, and money-back bets.

A football matchThe Teams To Watch This EPL

According to experts, reigning champions Manchester City have not missed a step this season and are primed to take the gold once again. They lead the predicted tables, with Liverpool and Chelsea not far behind.

For the longest time, Manchester City was undefeated in the tournament, which significantly added to their confidence. It can be anyone’s game at this point, and with the tournament moving into its final stages, nerves are sure to play a role in this high-stakes competition.

When it comes to choosing a top goalscorer, it’s anyone’s game at this point. Mohamed Salah is currently leading the table, with Jamie Vardy and Diogo Jota not far behind. Top goalscorer is a risky bet, but just as rewarding as it often comes with competitive odds and large winnings.

Where To Bet On The English Premier League

Oftentimes, picking the right betting site is just as important as choosing the right team. No two betting sites are the same, and each provides different benefits. To find a site that’s best for you, Betting Sites Ranking has compiled a list of the best football betting sites from all over the world, ranking them based on multiple variables, including their crypto acceptance, bet types, and customer services.

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