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La Liga Betting: Tips, Statistical Analysis, Previews & Predictions


The Spanish Premier League has always been a hot event in the sporting world, with fans from all over the world cheering for their favorite teams and players. The event itself gathers a huge number of sponsorships from top brands that invest heavily in promoting their sponsored club and player.

LaLiga is presented in 55 countries across the globe and has generated interaction of more than 2.7 billion people worldwide. For this reason, many top online bookmakers have dedicated promotions, bonuses, and odds that cater to the fans of LaLiga. As a result, many seasoned and novice bettors place wagers in hopes of winning big.

Not only that, but events as big as this have their own statistical analysis, and pro gamblers are quick to make predictions on who’s going to win the match. All this fanfare and spotlight makes the Spanish Premier League an exciting and inviting event for new bettors to try their luck and get a chance to win big.

How Does The Spanish Premier League Work?

The LaLiga championship features 20 teams, each of them playing 38 games. The teams play each other twice, once home and once away. In the end, the teams with the most points battle it out for the trophy. The matches are played each weekend throughout the season. The only exception is when there are other international sporting events. The concentration of the games is on the weekend afternoons and evenings, but sometimes the games start in the early morning as well. During the season, some midweek fixtures also happen, and the games are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Qualifying For The Next Season

The winning team goes into the next season’s Champions League along with the runner-ups and the team at the third spot. The team that finishes fourth is required to go through the Third qualifying round to land a place in the Champions League.

The Points Structure

LaLiga’s points structure differs from other football leagues in terms of ties. For each win, a team is awarded 3 points. If it’s a draw, then each team gets a single point. The losing teams aren’t given any points. The number of goals has no weightage in a team’s scoring, but if they tie with another team, the goals can be advantageous.

The first tiebreaker between teams is their head-to-head records. If those are the same, then the difference in the goals is used. If that’s equal, their goals in the entire season are taken into account.

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Which Team Stays?

The clubs that get to stay in the championship are regulated in a unique way in LaLiga. The clubs which score on the last three spots on the Primera Division are downgraded to the Segunda Division. The three empty spots are then filled by the top three teams in the Segunda Division after their 42-event season finishes.

Teams with more than 40 points are hardly downgraded, and hence the minimum requirement of 40 points is important for the clubs looking to avoid the downgrade. This is also the reason why the top clubs are present each year, and they have better winning chances compared to those at the bottom of the list.

What Teams Are At The Top?

The Top Three

The top of the scoreboard is occupied by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid is this year’s defending champion. The club has 11 LaLiga wins under their belt and is one of the toughest and competitive clubs to face. The club showed great performance last year, but this year things seem a bit different. Atletico who’s usually a tough challenge for the other to 2 is delivering subpar performance this season. Currently, it’s occupying the 3rd spot and has had the most draws this season.

On the other hand, the battle for the title is going strong between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid has won the LaLiga title for a record of 34 times, making it the club with the most wins. The club’s performance in the 2021-22 season has been good generally and the club is ranked 2nd currently. In the first place, it’s Barcelona. This season, the 7-time LaLiga champion has shown a great performance and is all set to battle Read Madrid for the title this season.

The Other Promising Ones

Sevilla has been great for the past few years as the club has emerged as one of Spain’s best teams. The team is currently fighting to maintain its 4th place in the LaLiga championship. The club has managed to retain some of its most talented players despite their players getting better offers from the top clubs. This shows that the team is positive about reaching the standards of the top 3 to become one of the big guns in the game. Following closely behind Sevilla is Real Sociedad. This season, the club had a strong start and has managed to hold onto the team’s best players and has delivered a strong performance.

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Some Betting Tips

Some common betting tips can help you turn your bets into winning wagers.

Bet On The Top Teams And Players

The way LaLiga works, it’s pretty easy to bet on a team as long as the 2 teams are not the top ones. The 2022 winner will most likely come from the top three teams; Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid. So whenever a match has one of these teams, you can easily bet and win. Another good thing about the points system is that the top team will be considered the winner if the match is a draw.

In addition to that, you can even research the top players of each team and wager against them. For example, Benzema of Real Madrid has scored the most goals this season, so you’ll have a good chance of winning the wager if you wager on him.

Use Authentic Websites

The biggest advice would be to stay away from scam sites. These sites have popped up everywhere on the internet and have integrated themselves nicely with the real ones. These sites present themselves as authentic ones, but once you deposit the money, you won’t get any returns, even if you win the wagers. The best way to detect them is to first check the license of the website. If the license isn’t available, then the site is most likely shady. You can also check the customer reviews; if they seem fake or generally negative, it’s best to stay away from that website.

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Maintain Your Budget

The biggest mistakes novice bettors make is not setting a budget. Not having a budget is the first step to falling into gambling addiction because it signifies no control and strategy. Without a proper budget and strategy, you won’t be able to win much and you’ll lose more money than you imagined. The best way is to set a small amount of money aside for betting and stop once it runs out, regardless of how much you won or lost. Sports betting should be a leisure activity that should come with a set of rules and limits.

Use More Than One Bookmaker

Since illegal sites are everywhere, bettors like to find an authentic one and stick to it. This may be safe, but it isn’t economical. Many betting sites have different promotions for each big sporting event, sticking to one site lowers your chances of securing more wins. Since LaLiga is such a huge event, you’ll likely find better odds if you shop around a bit. One thing you can do is keep a list of the top authentic betting sites, like the one mentioned on Betting Sites Ranking, and wager on those. That way you won’t have to worry about getting scammed and you can enjoy the promotional offers too.

Keep Track Of Your Losses

Another great factor in preventing addiction is keeping track of your wagers. Exciting games like the LaLiga make it easier for you to lose track of your spendings and wager more than you can afford. If you have incurred too many losses, it’s better to stop and save the game for another time. One easy way is to maintain a spreadsheet and note all of your wins and losses.

Which Odds Are The Best?

The Moneyline

The Moneyline bet is quite simple. You have 2 teams and you have to predict a winner. The proposed winner is called the favorite and the other team is the underdog. Most of the time, the favorite will win, so it’s a safe bet, but you’ll get fewer winnings. Similarly, the underdogs have lower winning chances, but if you bet on them and they win, you’ll win more.

Over/Under Bet

With an over-under bet, you need to pick either the favorites or the underdog and predict how much over or under a number your selected team will score. For example,an over 3 bet means that the winning team needs more than 3 goals for you to win the bet. Under 3 means that the underdogs need to score less than 3 for you to win.

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Live Bets

As the name suggests, live bets are made when the game is in action. These bets change predictions based on the performance of the teams and the outcome of the game. You can wager on the correct final score, the total number of cards, and the performance of individual players. The good thing about live bets is that you can change your strategy mid-game if you don’t like your original wagers.

Predictions For 2022

As mentioned before, the winners are quite easy to predict because of the points system. So for the title, the winners will be one of the top three; Barcelona, Atletico, or Real Madrid. But since Atletico has struggled to keep its place in the top three this season and only won the title after 18 years, their chances of winning are slim. Barcelona, on the other hand, is a strong contender, but after the departure of Messi and their constant budgeting issues, they’re struggling to maintain their players. This leaves us with Real Madrid. With a total of 13, Real Madrid seems like the clear winner for the 2021-22 season of LaLiga.


Aside from the top 3, Sevilla has shown great performance this season. Closing the gap between the club and the top 3 and currently being the 4th best club. The club has managed to keep all of its main players while others are losing and struggling to keep theirs. The club’s main concern lies in the goalkeeping department. Youssef En-Nesyri was a great goalkeeper last season, but his form is being questioned this season.

For Real Sociedad, the season has been remarkable with them winning Copa Del Rey and ranking 5th in the LaLiga. The club’s strength comes from their young star players like Alexander Isak and Mikel Oyarzabal. On the other hand, David Silva was a good addition but is now struggling due to an injury.

Statistical Analysis

The history of LaLiga has shown that around 40% of the games end in a home win and around 30% of the games end in draws. Another thing is goal scoring. Being a football fan, you’d think that the top players would score goals a lot, but that’s not the case. The 44% percent of games last year had an average of 2.5 goals. This gives an idea of how you can predict the game and wager on it. These statistics combined with thorough research would surely help you make bets that are easy to win.

Since most of the time (around 53%), the game remains goalless for the first half, making it easier for you to analyze the performance of the players especially the forward players and the goalkeepers.

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If you’re a fan of football and want to enjoy the LaLiga championship, even more, try betting on your favorite teams or players. It’ll give you a chance to be involved in the game and feel the excitement as the game progresses. Find authentic online sportsbooks at betting Sites Ranking; a top-notch listing site that ranks all the top betting sites.

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