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Is It Better to Have High or Low Odds in Sports Betting?


As a sports bettor, your goal is to opt for optimal approaches that provide profitability regularly to maintain a good run. Even if you’re a novice or play for fun, a basic understanding of how odds work can make a big difference in your experience. High or low odds are some of the fundamentals and ones that people generally get wrong.

Two red dice on the surface.

Low Odds

Despite what the name might suggest, low odds don’t mean that the probability of winning with these odds is low. In fact, these actually have a significant chance of being successful. The “low” in low odds comes from the fact that these odds are not as profitable.

Another misconception is that you can’t make a decent winning from opting for low odds. While they won’t result in an instant payday, they’re much safer as they give some yield, if not the best ones. A common example would be to bet on a team that’s highly likely to win the format and the other team doesn’t stand a chance.

High Odds

On the flip side, we have high odds. As is the case, the high in high odds doesn’t refer to the probability of these odds, but the expected payouts. You can expect a more substantial return from these options but like most big schemes, these have a high risk, high reward mechanism that bettors need to be aware of. The payout may be big, but the chances of these being successful wagers might not be so.

A great example would be of a heavily favored team that’s expected to lose to a much weaker opponent, with the odds skewed towards the former.

Which One is Better?

In all fairness, both of them aim for the same goal but with varying measures. Low odds are great for newcomers to sports betting, helping them understand how the system works and becoming familiar with all the aspects before they can opt for more risky plays. High odds are excellent if you’ve done your fair share of research and have it on good authority that it’s the right option.

Two red dice on the surface.

For some, it’s smarter to compound low odds and call it a day while others will prefer the one-shot approach high odds offer.

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