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How to Prepare Your Bets for the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals


When you think of ice hockey, which tournament comes to mind first?

For millions, the answer will be “the NHL!” The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the biggest ice hockey leagues in not just America, but also the world. Every season, it attracts record-breaking viewership numbers from across the country, and from outside it. The last season of the league brought the much anticipated event back to the screens of sports fans and sports bettors after a long postponement.

The 2021-22 NHL season is in full swing right now. Here’s how you can get in on the NHL betting action!

What are the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup Finals are the last chapter of the NHL playoffs. After the teams are done competing in the playoffs, the qualified teams then get the chance to fight for the Stanley Cup trophy in the finals. The 2021-22 NHL Playoffs are scheduled to run from May 2nd to June 30th. The team to settle as the most successful by June 30th will be declared the winner of the 2022 Stanley Cup.

How to Bet on the Stanley Cup Final?

If you’ve never bet on the Stanley Cup, or even on any NHL games, then the prospect of doing so might intimidate you. However, betting on the NHL and Stanley Cup Finals is actually quite easy. All you have to do is follow these basic steps.

1. Find a Good Sportsbook

The first thing you need to do is find a good online sportsbook that lets you bet on the NHL. Luckily, there are a lot of betting sites that cater specifically to US online bettors, and thus, let you bet on the NHL. You can read reviews of these betting sites to see which one is the most trustworthy.

2. Look for NHL Odds

As the games progress, online bookmakers continue to release new and updated NHL odds. You can either register to a great betting site, and access NHL odds there. Or, you can visit portals like Betting Sites Ranking to find the latest daily NHL bets whenever you want.

3. Decide and Place Your Bets

If this is your first time betting on the NHL or the Stanley Cup Finals, start by placing small bets. You should take some time to analyze the different NHL odds at the top online sportsbooks. Then, use these odds to smartly place your bets. Hint: the rule of thumb for beginners is to only bet what you can afford to lose!

Which Sites Let You Bet on Sports in America?

Any betting site that allows American bettors to bet on it will likely have NHL betting options. Some of the best online sportsbooks for NHL betting are as follows:

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How Can You Find the Best Betting Sites?

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